Fly Dubai vs Wizz Air – Comparing Budget Airline Experiences

When booking a flight with a budget airline, every traveller wants to ensure they’re getting the best value for their money.

In the dynamic skies of the United Arab Emirates, two low-cost contenders stand out: Dubai’s own Flydubai and the Hungarian-based Wizz Air, specifically through its subsidiary Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.

Both airlines offer a gateway to the region and beyond, providing an array of options for frugal travellers seeking to explore the Emirates, the Middle East, or even farther afield without breaking the bank.

Choosing between Flydubai and Wizz Air can be quite a task as both airlines promise cost-effective travel experiences. Flydubai, known for its comprehensive network in the Middle East and Asia, pitches itself as a bridge between full-service and low-cost flying.

It offers two classes of service even within the realm of cost-conscious travel. On the other hand, Wizz Air, celebrated for its rock-bottom prices, connects Abu Dhabi with Europe and various other destinations, championing the ultra-low-cost model. With its no-frills approach, the airline is recognized for putting budget travel within the reach of many.

As you contemplate your journey, you’ll find that both Flydubai and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi offer competitive fares and extensive route networks. The final choice may come down to personal preferences, such as flight schedules, additional services, and overall travel comfort.

Remember, while both airlines can get you to your destination without a considerable expense, the nuances in their offerings could make a significant difference in your travel experience.

Comparative Overview of Fly Dubai and Wizz Air

When choosing a budget airline for your next trip, you may consider Fly Dubai and Wizz Air, two contenders that offer a balance of affordability and service. Let’s take a closer look at what sets them apart.

Airline Profiles

فلاي دبي is a budget airline based in Dubai, known for its cost-effective fares and diverse route network. Established by the government of Dubai in 2008, this low-cost carrier has rapidly expanded its flight operations across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. It serves as a convenient option for travellers looking to explore these regions without exhausting their budget.

على الجانب الآخر، Wizz Air, with its origins in Hungary, has made a name for itself in the European budget airline market since 2003. Also recognized for its competitive fares, Wizz Air boasts a robust presence in Central and Eastern Europe. This carrier is beautiful for those travelling to or from its main hubs in Budapest and Bucharest.

Flight Destinations and Routes

  • فلاي دبي offers a wide range of destinations, with over 90 destinations in 46 countries. It includes not only significant hubs in the Middle East like Dubai and Abu Dhabi but also extends to many secondary cities, providing comprehensive access to the region.
  • Wizz Air flies to more than 140 destinations in Europe and beyond, focusing on connecting smaller or under-served airports with larger cities to offer travellers more unique travel opportunities.

Both airlines enable passengers to explore variety without a hefty price tag, a testament to their profiles as leaders among low-cost carriers.

Air Fleet and Seats

The Fly Dubai fleet consists exclusively of Boeing aircraft, particularly the Boeing 737 model, which is favoured for its reliability and suitability for short to medium-haul flights. Their aircraft come with a range of seating options, including an Economy Class with standard amenities for a budget carrier.

في أثناء، Wizz Air operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft, including the A320 and A321 models. These are known for their fuel efficiency and capacity, making them ideal for the low-cost business model. Seating on Wizz Air is typically arranged in a single Economy Class configuration, though certain services and seats can be purchased at additional cost for extra comfort.

Each airline prides itself on a fleet that meets the operational needs of a budget carrier whilst endeavouring to offer a comfortable experience for passengers.

Booking and Onboard Experience

When choosing between Flydubai and Wizz Air for your travel needs, it’s critical to consider their booking interfaces, onboard offerings, and luggage policies. These factors will significantly impact your travel experience from start to finish.

Ticket Booking and Check-In Process


  • Booking Interface: Navigate their website with ease or use the flydubai app, which is designed to make your booking process seamless.
  • Check-In: Online check-in is available, and you can save time by downloading your boarding passes directly to your mobile device.

Wizz Air:

  • Booking Interface: Wizz Air provides a user-friendly online booking experience. Booking through their app often includes exclusive discounts.
  • Check-In: Offers both online and mobile check-in options to streamline your departure day procedures.

In-Flight Services and Amenities


  • Food and Drinks: Enjoy hot food and a selection of beverages, including alcohol, available for purchase. In-flight services are carefully crafted to enhance your travel experience.
  • Entertainment and Comfort: Personalized entertainment systems with a wide range of movies and TV shows are available to keep you engaged during your flight.

Wizz Air:

  • Food and Beverages: Wizz Air offers various food options and beverages for purchase. However, note that the selection might be limited to shorter flights.
  • ترفيه: It does not typically offer in-flight entertainment systems but provides options to purchase inflight magazines.

Luggage Policies and Fees


  • Baggage Allowance: Standard allowance includes one carry-on bag and the option to purchase checked luggage with varying fees based on weight.
  • Additional Fees: Expect charges for excess baggage and unique items like sports equipment or musical instruments.

Wizz Air:

  • Baggage Allowance: With Wizz Air, you can bring one small backpack as a carry-on for free. Larger carry-on and checked baggage require additional fees.
  • Additional Fees: Upsells for priority boarding and extra legroom are available, and fees apply for luggage that exceeds the pre-booked allowance.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • flydubai: Passengers commonly praise the cleanliness and customer service. Travellers’ reviews on reputable sites provide insights into the overall satisfaction with Flydubai’s in-flight experience.
  • Wizz Air: Customer feedback often mentions the value for money Wizz Air provides. The airline’s reviews indicate that those with a tight budget find Wizz Air favourable despite potential delays.

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