Sharjah to Dubai – Your Guide for a Smooth Journey

Travelling from Sharjah to Dubai is a journey made simple by a variety of transport options. You can choose from buses, taxis, or even a personal vehicle to cover the approximately 41 kilometres between the two emirates.

The bus system, operated by Dubai RTA Bus and Dubai RTA, is a convenient and cost-effective means of transport and typical journey times average around 2 hours, factoring in layovers.

You will discover that buses are frequent, with about 73 services running weekly, providing flexibility for your travel plans. In addition, should you prefer to fly, flight options are available too, with multiple airlines offering competitive rates for the short hop.

Whatever mode you choose, easy access and convenient travel make the trip from Sharjah to Dubai straightforward and stress-free.

Transport Options and Details

When travelling from Sharjah to Dubai, you can choose from various options, which include taking a bus, hiring a taxi or a private car, and other forms of transport. Each offers a different balance of cost, convenience, and travel time.

خدمات الحافلات

Bus Routes: If you’re using النقل العام، ال E303, E307، و Line 103 buses are your direct options. Buses depart from Union Square Bus Station in Dubai and King Faisal Rd, Al Nahda 1، و Terminus 2 in Sharjah, among others.

  • Ticket Prices: Regular one-way fares using a Nol card start around AED 10.
  • وقت السفر: Expect the journey to take approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the route and traffic conditions.

Taxi and Private Car

Taxi: You can hail a taxi directly from the street in Sharjah to get to Dubai. The road distance is roughly 41 km, making taxis a quick but more expensive option.

  • Driving Directions: Taxis usually take King Faisal Rd, offering a direct route to Dubai.
  • التكاليف: أجرة can start from AED 50 and upwards, depending on your exact starting point and destination.

Private Car: For a more personalized experience, consider a car rental or booking through ride-hailing apps like اوبر أو كريم.

  • المرونة: This option allows you to travel at your own pace with custom اتجاهات القيادة.
  • راحة: You’ll be picked up and dropped off right at your desired locations.

Other Forms of Transport

Ferry: An alternative but less common mode is the ferry service, which operates from Al Ghubaiba Marine Station ل Aquarium Marine Station in Sharjah.

  • Scenic Route: A more leisurely and scenic option with a view of the coastal skyline.
  • Ferry Terminal: Convenient access from prominent locations within both Emirates.

RTA Services: The Dubai RTA Bus services offer regular intercity travel options that might suit your schedule and budget.

Travel Considerations

When travelling from Sharjah to Dubai, cost و راحة are prime factors for a pleasant journey. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Cost Analysis

Travelling from Sharjah to Dubai offers various options that cater to different budgets. The أرخص وسيلة to commute is by public transport, specifically buses. A single trip can cost as little as AED 9-14, with the bus system offering both فضة و gold classes.

Gold class is typically more expensive but provides more space and fewer passengers per cabin, ensuring greater comfort, especially for those with children or who need to ensure a comfortable experience.

On the other hand, private transfers, taxis, or rental cars present the fastest way to travel, but at a higher cost. Renting a private car or taking a taxi can take only 30 minutes, which is significantly less than using public transport.

For travellers for whom time is of the essence, this may be the preferred option.

Comfort and Convenience

For comfort, consider if the vehicle is air-conditioned, which is crucial in the warm climate of the الإمارات العربية المتحدة. Public transportation in Sharjah and Dubai is well-equipped with air conditioning, offering a respite from the heat.

Comfort on public buses is generally high, with most offering padded seats and space for luggage.

Commuters seeking convenience should be aware of peak hours, as both cities can experience heavy traffic. Planning your journey to avoid these times can save you a significant amount of travel time.

Private transport provides the convenience of door-to-door service with less concern for traffic, while public transport may need additional time budgeted for waiting periods or transfers.

To assist in your travel planning from Sharjah to Dubai, ensure to weigh both cost and comfort according to your specific needs and preferences. Travelling efficiently can enhance your overall experience in the United Arab Emirates.

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