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Academia de Hotelería y Turismo: lanzamiento de carreras en la industria global

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism is a specialised high school offering comprehensive hospitality, business management, and tourism education.

Located on the historic Erasmus Campus in Brooklyn, New York, the school was established in 2008 and focuses on preparing its students for leadership roles within these dynamic industries.

With a curriculum designed to provide practical skills and theoretical knowledge, the academy ensures students receive a balanced educational experience.

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At the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, you’re exposed to various subjects that reflect the diverse aspects of the hospitality and tourism industries. The programs aim to balance career-focused skills with academic rigour, enabling you to pursue higher education or enter the workforce with a solid foundation.

Relevant coursework and real-world workplace experiences, integral to the training provided, support this educational approach. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, the academy strives to impart practical know-how and essential theoretical concepts.

Academy for Hospitality and Tourism – Key Takeaways

  • The academy provides targeted education in hospitality and tourism.
  • Coursework balances practical skills with academic learning.
  • Real-world experiences complement the curriculum.

Understanding the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

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In this section, you’ll discover the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism fundamentals, its guiding principles, and how it shapes its students’ educational and professional prospects.

Foundational Overview

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism encompasses educational programmes that prepare you for vibrant careers in the interconnected fields of hospitality and tourism.

Often part of public school systems or educational institutions like Valley High School, these academies merge classroom learning with practical, real-world experiences. The education received is multifaceted, encompassing areas from event planning to hotel management.

Core Values and Mission

Misión: To provide you with a well-rounded foundation in the hospitality and tourism industries through experiential learning and connections to professionals. Valores:

  • Relevancia: Ensuring coursework directly relates to current industry needs and trends.
  • Exposure: Providing you with opportunities to observe and participate in workplace experiences.
  • Preparedness: Equipping you with the skills and knowledge to compete and compete in the job market.

Roles and Impact on Students

Your involvement in the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism can significantly impact your educational journey and career trajectory in hospitality and tourism. Through these academies, you can expect:

  • Skills Acquisition: Mastery of industry-specific skills, from food and beverage marketing to travel and transportation.
  • Professional Development: Interaction with industry professionals, offering insights into the culture and operations of hospitality businesses.
  • Avance Educativo: Potential improvement in your academic performance, driven by engaging, career-oriented learning environments.

Academic Programmes and Coursework

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Your academic undertakings in the hospitality and tourism domain will integrate rigorous coursework that prepares you for a dynamic industry. These programmes are designed to furnish you with theoretical knowledge and enhance your practical skills through experiencia del mundo real.

Curricular Design

Your curriculum in the Academy for Hospitality and Tourism is crafted to bridge the gap between theoretical frameworks and practical implementation. Courses typically include Principles of Marketing, where you explore foundational marketing concepts and their application. Expect to delve into studies that converge on interdisciplinary aspects, requiring a harmonious blend of hospitality knowledge and business acumen.

Hospitality-Focused Education

Education in this sphere emphasises hands-on learning, where you can apply your knowledge in realistic settings. Coursework may involve event management, abastecimiento, y hospitality services training. The goal is to ensure you acquire comprehensive insight into the operational aspects of the hospitality sector, with a strong focus on Servicio al Cliente and business operations.

Tourism-Focused Studies

Tourism-related studies will take you through the various facets of the travel industry. Cultural Tourism y Tourism Marketing are vital areas where you will learn about the global nature of tourism and the strategies to attract visitors.

Coupled with the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs, your coursework is structured to provide a global perspective of tourism dynamics, enriched with research opportunities and exposure to diverse cultures.

Your mathematical skills will also be honed through subjects like Hospitality Accounting, ensuring you have the essential numerical proficiency crucial to the management side of the industry. Within these studies, you’ll learn to analyse and interpret financial data, a fundamental tourism and hospitality management skill.

Enrolment and Admission

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The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, located in New York, offers a systematic approach to enrollment, catering to students in grades 9-12. Here’s what you need to know about the entry requirements, enrolment process, and guidance for families and parents.

Entry Requirements

To enrol at the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, must meet specific New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) criteria. Typically, these requirements include reviewing your academic records, attendance, and standardised test scores. The school focuses on students interested in hospitalidad y Turismo, preparing them for related careers.

Enrolment Process for Students

The process for enrolling as a student involves several steps:

  1. Apply to the NYC DOE’s high school application process.
  2. Attend any required open house or information session.
  3. Await selection based on the school’s eligibility criteria and seat availability.

Guidance for Families and Parents

Su parent or family member’s role is crucial in the enrolment process. The school may provide resources to help you understand the trajectory of a career in hospitality and tourism. Engage with the school’s administrative bodies to gather all necessary information to support your child’s application.

Support and Resources

In the realm of academies for hospitality and tourism, your educational journey is supported by a robust array of resources and considerations. Here, we delineate the various forms of support available to you.

Educational Resources

You have access to diverse educational resources designed to align with career-connected curricula. Resources include:

  • Textbooks: Up-to-date materials covering hospitality theories and practices.
  • Online Databases: Access to journals and articles specific to the tourism industry.
  • Career-Connected Curricula: Programs integrated with practical know-how and industry standards.

Student-Teacher Interaction

Su experiencia de aprendizaje is further enriched by the following:

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: Schools aim for a lower student-teacher ratio to facilitate individual attention.
  • Programas de tutoría: Connection with industry experts offers real-world insights and guidance.

Consideraciones financieras

Financial pragmatism is crucial in your educational journey:

  • Expenditures per Pupil: Schools invest in their learning experience with expenses that reflect the quality of resources and teaching.
  • Grants and Funding: Opportunities such as grants are available to help mitigate training-related financial burdens.

Performance and School Review

Your exploration into the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism reveals a school that experiences challenges and achievements. You’ll uncover insights from academic statistics to the perspectives of those who share the school environment first-hand.

Academic Achievement

At the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, your attention might be drawn to the school’s ranking within the top 50% of all schools in New York based on combined math and reading proficiency testing data for the 2020-21 school year. However, it’s critical to contextualise that performance against the competitive landscape of New York’s education system.

  • Math and Reading Proficiency:
    • Top 50% in New York for 2020-21

School Reviews and Testimonials

Reviewing the narratives available from students and parents, you’ll find a dichotomy in experiences. While some report an “amicable and almost familial” environment, challenges such as limited resources are highlighted partly due to the school’s smaller size. Reviews on niche platforms rate the school with a “B minus” overall and offer further detail on individual areas:

  • Overall Niche Grade: B minus
  • Diversidad: A-minus
  • Teachers: A-minus
  • Club & Activities: B minus

Objective Performance Metrics

To gauge the school’s performance accurately, you might consider its standing in the broader educational context. The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism ranks worse than 90% of high schools in New York. Situated within the New York City Geographic District #17, it ranks 13th among 17 indexed high schools.

  • NYC Geographic District #17:
    • 13th out of 17 high schools

Reflect upon these data points and reviews to form a comprehensive picture of the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, especially when considering it for its specific focus on hospitality and tourism education.

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