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Horarios de la biblioteca pública de Dubái: su guía sobre los horarios de visita

Dubai’s commitment to fostering a culture of reading and learning is evident in its public libraries. The libraries offer a wide array of services and resources, catering to the needs of visitors with varied interests. Operating hours are crucial information for residents and tourists exploring the city’s literary offerings.

Mohammed bin Rashid Library, a significant landmark in Dubai’s educational landscape, welcomes visitors from Monday to Saturday, typically from 9 am to 9 pm, with extended hours on Fridays starting at 2 pm.

For families and children, the libraries in Dubai present a welcoming environment, stipulating access for children five years and older. Visitors can look forward to utilising free parking, including spaces for electric vehicles available at some locations. Accessibility is further enhanced by the proximity to transporte público, making it convenient for everyone to visit. The libraries insist upon appropriate attire that respects cultural norms, thus maintaining an environment suitable for all audiences.

Dubai Public Library Timings – Key Takeaways

  • Dubai’s public libraries are accessible most days, with varying hours and some offering free parking facilities.
  • Membership and visitor information are governed by family-friendly policies emphasising accessibility and cultural respect.
  • The services and resources at Dubai Public Libraries cater to a diverse audience of readers and learners.

Library Overview

Dubai’s public libraries offer a rich cultural experience, acting as learning and community engagement. They are well-connected by public transport and provide resources in both Arabic and English, catering to the diverse population of the Emirate.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL), a marvel of modern architecture symbolising a bookstand, stands along the Dubaeek. It operates from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 9 pm and Friday from 2 pm to 9 pm. The library is closed on Sundays. A vast array of thematic libraries within it includes the General Library and the Emirates Library, among others. This cultural centre is a chasing-storey underground parking area that is free.

Library Network

Dubai boasts a comprehensive network of public libraries. Apart from the iconic MBRL, there are specialised libraries for children, like the Children’s Library, and for private collections, aptly named the Private Collections Library. These libraries operate on timings similar to the MBRL and ensure accessibility to many users. They are accessible by different modes of public transport; for instance, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library can be reached via the Dubai Bus service to Creek Metro Station, among other routes.

Access and Timings

Dubai Public Libraries provide several means of access and varied hours for convenience. They prioritise accessibility to their facilities through public transport, ample parking, and specific operating hours.

Opening Hours

The leading Dubai Public Library branches operate between 8 am and 8 pm from Saturday to Thursday. The Mohammed bin Rashid Library also offers extended hours, Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 9 pm, but is closed on Sundays.

Transporte público

There are multiple public transport options available for visitors:

  • Metro: El Al Jaddaf y Arroyo Metro Stations are the closest to Mohammed bin Rashid Library.
  • Autobús: Dubai Bus Route C04 is another option for reaching the Al Ras Public Library.
  • Transporte de agua: Visitors can also use the traditional Abra to access library locations near the creek.

Parking and Entry

  • Car Parking: Free car parking is available at Mohammed bin Rashid Library, with a nine-storey underground parking area.
  • Electric Vehicles: Spaces are designated for electric vehicles.
  • Accesibilidad: Entryways are designed to accommodate all visitors, ensuring an inclusive environment.

Please note that while entry to the library is generally free, specific events or services may incur a fee.

Library Resources

Dubai’s public libraries boast many resources catering to various interests and academic pursuits. From vast collections of printed materials to advanced digital platforms, these libraries serve as beacons of knowledge and culture in the city.


Public libraries in Dubai offer patrons a comprehensive selection of physical materials. This includes a diverse array of:

  • Books: Spanning various genres, including literature, science, history, and more.
  • Manuscripts: Original documents of significant historical and literary value.
  • Periodicals: Regular publications, such as academic journals and reports.
  • Magazines & Newspapers: Current and back issues covering news, culture, and lifestyle topics.
  • Maps & Atlases: Detailed geographical resources for educational and research purposes.
  • Rare Books: Unique or limited edition texts covering various subjects.
  • Quran: Religious texts that are available for study in respectful settings.

Digital and Media Resources

The libraries have embraced technological advancements to provide extensive digital resources, which include:

  • Digital Titles: An array of e-books and audiobooks accessible through the library’s catalogue.
  • Catalogue: A user-friendly digital catalogue that allows easy searches for all library materials.
  • Smart Scanner: State-of-the-art scanners help visitors quickly digitalise any materials they need from the library’s physical collection.

With these resources, Dubai’s public libraries preserve a vast knowledge repository and ensure accessibility to information in the digital era.

Facilities and Services

The Dubai public libraries offer an expansive array of facilities and services tailored to cater for children, young adults, and special needs groups, such as those with autism or visual impairments, ensuring accessibility and enrichment for all users.

Specialised Sections

The libraries house specialised sections that are crafted to serve various segments of the community. These sections provide children with a stimulating environment filled with appropriate literary materials and interactive media.

Young adults have dedicated spaces that offer many resources, from educational texts to leisure reading. Sections catering to individuals with autism are designed to support their learning and sensory needs, while study rooms create a structured environment for academic pursuits or business research.

Business Libraries are a part of these sections and offer resources tailored to the entrepreneurial community, including access to market research and industry journals. Patrons with visual impairments can also find support at the library, with tailored services to ensure blind children and adults can enjoy the full spectrum of library offerings.

Events and Exhibition Spaces

Eventos and exhibition spaces within the libraries are vital to the cultural fabric of Dubai. These encompass a variety of venues, including teatros, conference centres, y galleries, which play host to numerous cultural and intellectual events throughout the year.

The libraries’ event spaces facilitate a diverse line-up ranging from literary festivals to educational workshops. The outdoor amphitheatre provides a unique venue for more significant events and performances. Moreover, patrons can visit the Treasures of the Library Exhibition or explore the Literary Museum for a more profound cultural experience. The incorporation of a café within the library premises offers a space where visitors can refresh and reflect on the events or exhibitions attended.

Información para visitantes

Dubai Public Library offers residents and visitors comprehensive services and activities. Here, knowledge, research, and community engagement intertwine, ensuring a valuable experience for all members.

Guidelines and Etiquette

Visiting Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Dress Code: Visitors must dress appropriately, which includes clothing that covers shoulders and knees. Non-compliance may result in the denial of entry.

Age Restrictions: Access to the library is permitted for children aged five years and above. Younger children are not allowed entry to ensure the library maintains a quiet environment conducive to study and reading.

Benefits and Registration

Membership Advantages:

  • Vast Access to Collections: Members can borrow books from various titles by world-renowned and bestselling authors.
  • Digital Resources: The library app allows Members to access digital resources and the library catalogue easily.
  • Community Activities: The library hosts talks and interactions with figures such as Jamal Al Shehhi, enlightening the community on various subjects.

How to Become a Member: To register, UAE residents need to provide personal identification, which could be an Emirates ID, to become members of the Emirates Library. The registration process is typically straightforward and can often be initiated online via the library’s official website.

Additional Information:

  • Library Talks and Events: Regular events focus on the cultural heritage of the Middle East and current research, including discussions around Arabic newspapers.
  • Ubicación: For those seeking direction, a map is available online and at the library to guide visitors to the desired sections and facilities.
  • Estacionamiento: The library boasts a multi-storey underground parking area, including spaces for electric vehicles for easy accessibility.

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