¿Cómo llamar a Portugal desde EE. UU.? – Su sencilla guía paso a paso

“Stay Connected: How to Call Portugal from the USA with Ease”

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In this age of global connection, reaching out to friends, family, or business associates on the other side of the Atlantic shouldn’t be a Herculean task. The process is straightforward if you’re in the USA and looking to call Portugal.

With a few simple steps, you can bridge the gap between the States and the scenic vistas of Portugal. Whether you prefer the vintage method of landlines or the modern approach using mobile and internet services, the key is knowing the correct codes and times to connect.

As the digital world shrinks our globe, understanding how to utilize technology to your advantage is essential. You can ensure clear, cost-effective calls to Portugal by integrating internet-based options with traditional calling methods.

Don’t let the Atlantic intimidate you; with the handy information in this article, you can make those international calls with confidence and ease. Successful communication starts with knowing how, so keep the steps at your fingertips, and Portugal will be a call away.

How to Call Portugal from the USA? – Key Takeaways

  • Dialing Portugal from the USA requires the US exit code, Portugal’s country code, and the local phone number.
  • Various technologies like VoIP can offer more economical and convenient ways to call internationally.
  • Portugal’s time zone differences and local calling patterns should be considered for a successful call.

Understanding International Dialing

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Before you reach out across the world from the USA to Portugal, knowing the correct codes and phone number structure is critical to a successful connection. Let’s break it down to ensure your call goes through smoothly.

Essential Dialing Codes

To make an international call, you will need specific codes. Here’s what you need for Portugal:

  • Exit Code (011): The gateway from the USA to the international line.
  • Portugal Country Code (351): The destination country identifier.
1011Exit code for US to international
2351Country code for Portugal

The Structure of Portuguese Phone Numbers

Once you’ve dialled the country code, the next part is the national significant number. In Portugal, phone numbers are typically 9 digits long.

  • Landlines: Start with a 2, followed by the remaining 8 digits.
  • Mobile Phones: Begin with a 9, and then the next 8 digits.

Example for Lisbon landline: 011 (exit code) + 351 (country code) + 21 (Lisbon area code) + XXXXXXX (local number)

Example for Portuguese mobile: 011 + 351 + 9XX XXX XXX (9-digit mobile number)

Step-by-Step Calling Instructions

When you must reach out across the Atlantic, remember that “a call away” isn’t just a saying—it’s a simple process. Here’s how you accurately connect with someone in Portugal from the USA.

From Landlines to Portugal

To make a call to Portugal from a landline phone in the USA, you’ll follow a sequence of numbers to bridge the distance:

  1. Dial 011: This is the exit code to dial outside the United States.
  2. Enter 351: This is the country code for Portugal.
  3. Dial the local number: Portugal’s phone numbers have 9 digits. If the number you call has fewer, be sure it’s complete.

Your dialling format will look like this: 011 – 351 – XXXXXXXXX.

From Mobile Phones to Portugal

Calling from a mobile phone doesn’t differ much from a landline, but it gives you a shortcut:

  • Plus Sign (+): Begin with the plus sign, the international call prefix. Access it by holding the 0 key until the + appears on your mobile screen.
  • Enter 351: After the +, dial Portugal’s country code.
  • Dial the 9-Digit Phone Number: Include the full local number without omitting any digits.

The dialling instructions for direct calling will be +351 – XXXXXXXXX.

Keep your calls error-free and connect with Portugal smoothly by following these straightforward instructions.

Using Technology to Call Portugal

“Keep your friends and your family closer,” even if they’re oceans away. Using modern technology, you can effortlessly connect with loved ones in Portugal from the USA.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services

VoIP is a revolutionary technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Providers like Skype have made international calls simpler and more affordable.

If you’re looking to call cell phones or landlines in Portugal, services like Skype offer various calling plans tailored to your needs. This can be significantly cheaper than traditional phone services, mainly if you make frequent or long-duration calls.

Conventional International Call Apps

Apps that facilitate international calls have also gained popularity. For instance, Viber is a service provider that enables you to call Portugal without the hefty fees usually associated with overseas communication.

These apps leverage your internet connection, allowing calls to Portuguese cell phones and landlines at reduced rates. They are easily downloadable on your smartphone, bridging the distance with just a few taps.

Most of these apps and services simplify staying in touch, whether for occasional calls or regular check-ins, and they work across many devices, ensuring that you can reach out virtually anywhere.

Regional Considerations for Calling Portugal

When you’re miles apart, a phone call bridges the gap. Understanding the regional nuances is key when dialling into Portugal’s diverse landscapes, from the vibrant streets of Lisbon to the serene Azores.

Understanding Area Codes

Portugal’s area codes are essential in connecting you to the correct region. Each city and region has a distinct code, which you must know before calling. For instance:

  • Lisbon: 21
  • Oporto: 22
  • Coimbra: 239
  • Braga: 253
  • Madeira: 291
  • Azores: 292 for Western, 295 for Central, and 296 for Eastern group of islands

When calling these regions from the USA, prefix the area code with 011-351, Portugal’s country code. For example, to call Lisbon, you would dial 011-351-21-XXXX-XXXX. Here’s a simple Portugal area code table to guide you:

RegionArea Code

Always check the specific area code for the city within the region you’re trying to reach.

Accounting for Time Differences

Portugal operates on Western European Time (WET), usually 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). You can use online time converters or world clocks to stay informed about the current time in Portugal. This will help you avoid calling at an inconvenient hour.

When planning your call, consider that time difference has day-to-day and seasonal variations due to daylight saving time changes. Being aware of this ensures you’re calling at a courteous hour, especially if you need to reach someone in a particular city o region.

Remember, to call inside Portugal, dial the area code followed by the phone number without the country code (351).

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