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Inside Look Stunning Photos from Inside the Burj Al Arab

Step inside  the remarkable world of the Burj Al Arab, one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious hotels. Nestled in the vibrant city of Dubai, it’s much more than a glorious feat of architecture, representing the epitome of luxury and extravagance.

“The sheer grandeur of Burj Al Arab is beyond just its towering structure. It’s its emblem of Dubai’s pioneering spirit, capturing the essence of luxury, sophistication, and hospitality.”

We’ve compiled a series of enthralling inside photos of the Burj Al Arab that will make you marvel at its spectacular interiors.

From the awe-inspiring atrium to the sumptuous suites, from the world-class dining spots to the captivating views, this pictorial journey unfolds a world otherwise reserved for the crème de la crème.

  • The Largest Atrium in the World
  • Luxurious Suites with Breathtaking Views
  • Fine Dining in a Submerged Wonderland
  • Relaxation in the Tranquil Talise Spa

Embark on this virtual tour and let each image unlock the majestic beauty within the Burj Al Arab.

Característica Descripción
Lobby View Gold pillars and dancing fountains
Afternoon Delight Sky Tea served in the SkyView Lounge
Comida Possible with reservation, your ticket to explore the resort
Royal Suite 12th most expensive hotel suite globally, priced at around $18,716 per night
Unique Desserts Tower of delights served on a tray shaped like the Burj Al Arab

What are the unique features of Burj Al Arab’s interior?

Stepping into the Burj Al Arab, you’re instantly transported to a world of opulence and luxury. The grand entrance is notably marked by towering gold pillars that stand guard against the backdrop of dancing fountains.

Every corner of this lavish interior teems with wiKasabianian elements authentically representing Dubai’s rich cultural heritage.

As you pass through the entrance lobby, take a minute to marvel at the exquisite detail of the architecture. Be it the sparkling chandeliers or the gold-leaf adorned walls, every inch speaks volumes about the meticulous care that went into creating this architectural marvel.

The stunning spectacle doesn’t cease there. With a dining reservation at one of the restaurants within the Burj Al Arab, you gain exclusive access to visually enticing delights.

On top of the superb gastronomic experiences offered, an unforgettable highlight would be the tripe-toon table shaped like the Burj al-Arab itself.

Dining within al-Araballs isn’t just about treating your taste buds, needless to say. Your eyes feel ue to the striking also hat boss its local boss. One of the most notable venues is the SkyView Lounge, where the Sky Tea is served.

It’s as close as one could get to dining amidst the clouds, with the azure sky unfolding in an expansive panorama through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel has a very special and expensive room called the Royal Suite. This suite is considered the 12th most expensive hotel room in the whole world.

If you want to stay in the Royal Suite for one night, it will cost around $18,716! That’s an extremely high price that only very rich people can afford.

When guests pay that much money, they get to experience the best of the best. They have unlimited access to all the amazing things the hotel offers.

Once inside the Royal Suite, guests are treated like royalty. The suite is beautifully decorated with fancy furniture and designs from the Arabian culture.

Guests who stay in the Royal Suite get their own personal butler to help them with anything they need. They can enjoy the hotel’s nicest restaurants, spas, and activities.

The room has huge windows that give an incredible view of the city. Staying in the Royal Suite allows guests to live in total luxury during their time at the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

While the Burj Al Arab remains a private resort, closed to non-guests, you don’t need to break the bank for luxury. Interestingly, the most accessible way to experience this iconic structure is by enjoying an afternoon tea session.

After all, what could be more delightful than sipping on a cup of aromatic tea while basking in the breathtaking views of the vibrant Dubai skyline?

Are there any exclusive photos from inside the Burj Al Arab?

Indeed, there are. During a privileged complimentary tour of the Burj Al Arab, the absolute luxury of this private resort was captured in a stunning photographic journey. These photos give you an exclusive look into a world usually closed to non-guests, so buckle up.

From the expansive lobby with dazzling gold pillars to the rhythmic dancing fountains that beckon visitors, the Burj Al Arab offers an immersive spectacle for the senses.

Can you imagine strolling through that lobby, the gold tint of the pillars reflecting the light, creating an ethereal glow? What about the rhythmic dance of the fountains, a ballet of water and light that syncs up perfectly with your awe?

The visual treat does not end here. Captured on camera is the tower of desserts that drew all eyes during the Sky Tea experience. Presented on a tray shaped like the iconic hotel, the desserts embodied the traditional extravagance of the Burj Al Arab.

Let’s not forget this experience unfolded in the SkyView Lounge, which provides a panoramic view of the spectacular Dubai cityscape. You can almost taste the sweet delicacies, can’t you, while your eyes drink in the captivating scenery?

Speaking of the SkyView Lounge, did you know that having afternoon tea in this beautiful setting is one of the most affordable ways to get inside the Burj Al Arab?

The Sky Tea, a sumptuous array of finger sandwiches, scones, and that unforgettable tower of desserts, is one of the highlights of a visit.

Also captured in the film is the famous Royal Suite, the world’s 12th most expensive hotel suite. With a hefty price tag of around $18,716 per night, it’s certainly one for the record books.

Sadly, during the holy month of Ramadan, no alcohol is served in the Burj Al Arab, helping maintain this particular period’s sanctity.

Intrigued? We hope so. Just remember, these are glimpses into a world that’s often kept under wraps, so savour the exquisite visuals and let the magnificence of Burj Al Arab come to life before your eyes.

What is the cost of staying inside the Burj Al Arab?

For those with a craving for luxury and an appetite for an unmatched hospitality experience, the Burj Al Arab provides that and much more.

This exclusive and private Dubai resort is not open to non-guests; however, you’re welcome to indulge in their exquisite dining experience by reserving any of their gourmet restaurants. You can’t put a price on the beautiful blend of luxury and comfort, but we can offer a bit of a ballpark range.

At the apex of luxury, you’ll find the iconic Burj Al Arab Royal Suite. Revered as the 12th most expensive hotel suite in the world, a single-night stay will set you back around $18,716.

Luxury doesn’t come cheap, does it? Yet, the breathtaking ambience filled with gold pillars, dancing fountains and other priceless features makes it well worth it to those who can afford it.

Alternatively, if you are eager to experience the Burj Al Arab’s indulgence without spending a night, opting for a ‘Sky Tea’ may be your best bet.

Afternoon tea in the grand SkyView Lounge is the most cost-effective way for visitors to sample a slice of the Burj Al Arab’s fascinating experience. Not to forget, you’ll be treated to a tower of desserts on a tray shaped like the emblematic hotel.

Remember that alcohol isn’t served during Ramadan in the Burj Al Arab. So, choose the time of your visit that best suits your preferences.

Suppose you’re looking for other great places to stay in Dubai. In that case, the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is ideal for a luxurious stay, the Rove Downtown perfectly fits mid-range budgets, and Backpacker Dubai is apt for budget travellers.

Hopefully, with all of this information, you can craft the perfect Dubai experience around your desires and budget.

How does the atrium look inside the Burj Al Arab?

Are you ready to dive deeper into the heart of the Burj Al Arab? Imagine stepping into an extravagant lobby adorned with shimmering gold pillars while mesmerising dancing fountains create an immersive spectacle of water, light and music. The sight is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The enormity of the atrium, combined with opulent decorations, immediately conveys a sense of grandeur and luxury.

While you’re there, take some insider photos to preserve these memories. However, as the Burj al Arab is a private resort, usually closed to non-guests, you’ll need to book one of their restaurants to catch a glimpse of this architectural marvel from the inside.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, consider the Sky Tea served in the SkyView Lounge. This Afternoon tea is the most cost-effective way to visit the inside of the Burj Al Arab.

While indulging in your afternoon tea, take a moment to appreciate the artistic excellence on display. You might encounter a tower of desserts, perfectly shaped to resemble the iconic silhouette of the Burj Al Arab. This attention to detail sets the Burj Al Arab apart as a beacon of hospitality and luxury in Dubai.

The hotel features a cascading fountain in the atrium, with water arches and fire features.

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