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Khalifa City en Abu Dhabi: una guía completa para vivir y visitar

Khalifa City is a distinguished suburb of Abu Dhabi, the vibrant capital of the United Arab Emirates. This residential project has burgeoned into an attractive location that caters to a diverse population.

Offering a reprieve from the bustling city centre, it stands out for its blend of modern living facilities complemented by serene landscapes. The city is strategically situated, providing easy access to major highways and is close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Living in Khalifa City presents various housing options, from affordable studio apartments to luxurious villas tailored to accommodate different budgets and lifestyle preferences. The area encompasses several key sectors named Khalifa City A, B, C, and more, each with unique characteristics and amenities.

The area’s educational institutions and healthcare facilities provide convenience for families and professionals, while the myriad of leisure and lifestyle amenities enhance the living experience.

Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi – Key Takeaways

  • Khalifa City is a peaceful yet modern suburb near central Abu Dhabi.
  • A diverse range of housing options meets different budgetary and lifestyle needs.
  • Residents benefit from convenient access to quality education, healthcare, and leisure amenities.

Overview of Khalifa City

Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi is a prime residential suburb, known for its strategic location and many amenities catering to a diverse community. This area possesses an excellent mix of residential options and lifestyle facilities.

Ubicación y conectividad

Ciudad Califa is conveniently situated just outside Abu Dhabi, along the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Highway. Its proximity to Aeropuerto Internacional de Abu Dabi makes it highly accessible for frequent travellers. The area includes Khalifa City A, now known as Khalifa City, and its neighbours, ciudad de shakhbout y Zayed City.

Residential Life

Su life in Khalifa City can be comfortably spent in various residential properties, from villas de lujo a affordable apartments. It’s a family-centric area popular among expatriados, offering a quiet suburban lifestyle with all the conveniences expected in a city.

Comodidades y Servicios

You’ll find all the necessary services within reach, from nurseries and schools to higher education institutions, ensuring education is well catered for. Healthcare facilities are comprehensive, including clinics and hospitals like Hospital Real NMC.

Ocio y Recreación

There’s no shortage of actividades de ocio with spots like Al Forsan International Sports Resort for the sports enthusiast and Isla Yas for entertainment seekers. Abu Dhabi Golf Club offers a premium golfing experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Negocios y Economía

Khalifa City is primarily centred around living spaces as a residential area. Yet, its proximity to central business districts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai makes it a convenient location for professionals.

Compras y cenas

Centro comercial Al Raha and other centres, alongside supermarkets such as Lulu Hypermarket y Carrefour, are available for your shopping needs. Dining options range from casual cafeterías como Jones el tendero to fine dining restaurants offering local and international cuisine.

Community and Culture

Khalifa City fosters a family-friendly environment enriched with cultura local, visible in the community mosques and public gatherings. It is an area where a sense of community and cultural diversity coexist harmoniously.

Transporte y Accesibilidad

Public transportation options are emerging, with bus services connecting to the city. Access to the main road ensures that your private auto or a quick Taxi ride can get you to the city centre or the airport in no time.

Real Estate in Khalifa City

When looking at Khalifa City, you’ll discover a mix of property types for sale or rent, varying from villas de lujo to modern apartments, suitable for different budgets and preferences.

Tipos de propiedades

Khalifa City’s propiedades range from spacious, detached villas to high-rise apartamentos. You’ll find luxurious compounds like Al Forsan Village boasting many amenities. Another sought-after area is Al Raha Gardens, known for its family-friendly environment. Properties in these areas cater to a lavish lifestyle with comfortable living spaces and modern designs.

Buying vs Renting

Whether you’re considering buying o alquiler in Khalifa City, each option offers benefits. Buying can be a long-term investment in this rapidly growing area while alquiler might suit you if you’re not ready for homeownership or are viviendo en Abu Dabi temporarily. Khalifa City caters to various budgets, with the potential for negotiating favourable deals due to the competitive nature of the Mercado inmobiliario.

Las tendencias del mercado

El Mercado inmobiliario in Khalifa City has seen an increasing demand trend, particularly for luxury properties y villas. This surge aligns with the growing población and the rise of new developments. The market offers sale y rent opportunities, with various options that fit different budgets.

Prospective homeowners and renters are advised to explore current listings, such as those on Property Finder or Bayut, to gauge the latest market conditions and deals.

Properties for sale in Khalifa City can provide further insight into the current offerings and price ranges.

Educación y salud

Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi has established itself as a quality education and healthcare hub. You will find a robust network of Instituciones educacionales alongside advanced medical facilities catering to your family’s educational and health needs.

Instituciones educacionales

In Khalifa City, oportunidades educativas abound for all ages. Various institutions, such as the well-regarded Raha International School y GEMS American Academy, serve you with their offering of international curriculums catering to a diverse student body. For younger children, numerous nurseries are dotted across the community, ensuring early learning is accessible.

  • Nurseries and Schools:
    • Raha International School: Offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum
    • GEMS American Academy: An American curriculum school with a diverse international community
    • Escuela Al Yasmina: Provides British-style education to students from a range of backgrounds

Furthermore, higher education is well-represented with institutions like Khalifa University, which focuses on medical sciences and engineering, indicating a commitment to producing healthcare professionals and researchers.

Medical Facilities

Several hospitals and clinics in Khalifa City comprehensively cover your healthcare needs. The Hospital Real NMC offers state-of-the-art facilities, and Mediclinic ensures access to a broad range of medical services.

  • Hospitals and Clinics:
    • Hospital Real NMC: A multi-speciality hospital providing advanced healthcare services
    • Mediclinic: Delivers primary to tertiary medical care with professionalism and quality

Adjacent to these, pharmacies are readily available to provide necessary medicinal supplies. Integrating healthcare within the community speaks to the planning and foresight of Khalifa City’s design, which prioritises your well-being.

Estilo de vida y ocio

In Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, your lifestyle is defined by leisurely pursuits and convenient living. From premium sports facilities to various dining experiences, you’ll find vibrant activities and amenities to enrich your days.

Actividades recreativas

Your options for recreational activities in Khalifa City are diverse and tailored to all ages. At the heart of your sporting life could be the Al Forsan International Sports Resort, which offers horse riding, shooting, archery, and wakeboarding activities. For golf enthusiasts, the Troon Golf facility provides a world-class experience. If water activities appeal to you, various piscinas and pool complexes cater to severe and casual swimmers.

Cycling tracks and walking paths are woven throughout the community for your fitness and leisure. Several gyms with state-of-the-art equipment and classes are available for a more structured workout.

Cenar y comprar

Regarding dining, Khalifa City presents a spectrum from casual cafés to fine dining options like The Grill. Jones el tendero offers an intriguing mix of gourmet products and a delightful dining experience. Vegan options are increasingly available, reflecting the diverse palates of residents. For grocery shopping, Lulu Hypermarket and the upcoming Forsan Central Mall with its Carrefour ensure that all your culinary needs are within reach.

Etihad Plaza y Garden Plaza are your go-to spots for retail therapy, offering a range of pink shops and boutiques. For a unique open-air shopping experience, Khalifa City A Market, also known as ‘A Market’, is worth a visit.

With a setting that marries suburban tranquillity with vibrant energy, your lifestyle in Khalifa City is poised to be both refreshing and fulfilling.

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