Digital Nomad Packing List, Things You Must Add

Having the freedom to work from anywhere around the globe is very intriguing. However, you need to plan your Workcation very carefully, especially when you are packing, as you have to pack smartly. In a nutshell, what you need is a digital nomad packing list. What to pack and what not to pack definitely puts you in a dilemma.

Well, don’t worry. Since I travel a lot and work remotely, I am helping you pack the right and essential travel gear you need to travel and work with.

Digital Nomad Packing List, Things You Must Add

No matter if you are working from a beach or a metropolitan, you must always be prepared for every circumstance and locality. Thus, your digital nomad packing list will help you to have every essential work gear that you need.

Here, I am categorising them accordingly

Standalone bags, Daypack and organisers

If you are on a short workcation, then a standalone bag is sufficient. It is spacious with compartments that you can utilise with organisers. No matter how many items you have on your nomad packing list, or if you are packing for a beach trip or co-working, these bags alone can carry your belongings even in your detachable daypacks. Here I am. I’m putting a few options in it.

You can also look for other options for the travel backpacks.

Packing cubes and organisers will help you keep your items organised and save you a lot of your luggage space if you utilise it correctly.

Clothing and accessories

When buying clothing for your nomad trip, keep the place and its weather in mind. The best way is to pack comfortable clothes. If you have meetings, don’t forget to pack at least one formal dress along to cast a professional impression.

There is no need to load your bag with unnecessary clothes that you are never going to wear in your vida diaria.

Since clothes can be heavy and increase your luggage weight, pick lightweight, comfortable, and presentable clothes.

For the digital nomad packing list, here is what I suggest you pack for clothing and accessories according to your travel schedule.

  • Bathing suits and shots: Carry at least one to two pairs of bathing suits and shots as per your stay.
  • Solid/neutral T-shirts or casual shirts: Stay casual yet elegant. When packing your clothes, you can carry solid Polo shirts or semi-casual shirts that you can wear in formal and informal settings.
  • Light sweaters/long shirts: The weather is very unpredictable, especially after the climate change. That is why you need to be prepared for it and carry a lightweight full sleeves sweater
  • Pants/jeans: Take one pair of jeans and a minimum of two pairs of pants that can go with every shirt.
  • Shoes: dress shoes, easy-to-walk shoes: If you have any meetings lined up, take a pair of dress shoes, sneakers/joggers, and an easy-to-walk pair of shoes. You never know what type of terrain will be there.
  • Socks and undergarments: Maintain your hygiene, and never repeat any of your undergarments or socks. It is very unhygienic, and the smell will cast a bad impression.

Your working gear and tech gadgets

Since you are away, you need to ensure that you are carrying all your tech gadgets, as they can make a significant difference in your Experiencia laboral. Hence, in your digital nomad packing list, you need to take what you need only. This includes

  • Compact and lightweight laptops for digital nomads: Obviously, it is an essential item on the digital nomad packing list. However, currently, everyone already has a laptop that they carry with them on their workstation. If you are worried about its tiresome weight, let me give you an option: you can always carry a MacBook Air. I must say it is the lightest system I have ever had. It is not only me but also many digital nomads who prefer it. If it is out of your budget, ASUS Zen Book is a great alternative.
  • Headphones: I must say forgetting your headphones on a hauling flight is extremely dreadful, and not only are they needed in noisy areas like in a busy co-working can’t make it even worse. Many digital nomad packing lists suggest getting high-end over-ear headphones.

While these can be a nice addition, they are bulky and not a necessity. You can get the noise-cancelling earphones. You can also use the earphones that come with your phone, equipped with a microphone for Skype calls, which will work well.

  • An Unlocked smartphone: This might seem obvious, but it’s important for a digital nomad packing list: make sure your smartphone is unlocked. An unlocked smartphone can work with different carriers, which is crucial when you’re moving to another country.

When you get to a new country, you will want to buy a local SIM card. This lets you use data for maps, messaging apps, and sharing your amazing Instagram photos. If your phone isn’t unlocked, you can’t use local SIM cards. You’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi the whole time you’re abroad (or until you get a new phone).

  • A universal travel adapter: No matter where or when you travel, this gadget is essential. Every place has a different voltage system and requirement. Thus, you need to always carry a adaptador de viaje universal to protect your devices from surges and fluctuations.
  • A charged power bank: This one is not essential but important to carry along. You never know where you have to travel and whether there will be any power outlets to charge your devices. It is better to be prepared instead of relying on the places. If you do not have one, you can buy your travel power bank here.
  • Cable and electronic organisers: Since you are on your way to a workstation, you are carrying your workstation along and have a lot of cables. Thus, don’t forget to buy your electronic cable organiser to prevent a tangled mess.

Your toiletries

This section of the digital nomad packing list is the most compact yet carries the daily items you need to kickstart your day. What you have to do is get

Your toothpaste that can last for your trip

  • Medicines: No matter where you travel, always carry a first aid kit with stomach and motion sickness medicines. Don’t forget to bring your prescription for airport security for additional medicines. Other than that, you can carry your daily vitamins and supplements if you have space.
  • Sunscreen: Sunburns can damage your skin intensely. Hence, you must carry sunblock along, especially if you are travelling to the beach or any area where you can get in contact with the sun directly.
  • Pain relievers: It is necessary to pack a quick pain reliever to get rid of sore muscles.
  • Bandages: don’t forget to pack bandages in your purse/bag to prevent quick runs to the pharmacy.

A few Luxury Items

This section of the digital nomad packing list has necessary items but not essentials, which could make life a little easier. These items are

  • Reusable water bottles: Many parts of the world are deprived of drinking water, and most of them are popular digital nomad spots. Having your reusable water, you can minimise plastic waste plus stay healthy and safe.

If you are going to a place for weeks, then you should get your water bottle. Here are a few suggestions

To keep your water/beverage Hot/cold, then

Staying at hotels is fun, but their hygiene could be questionable. I take my travel towels along with my toiletries. So, if you are carrying one, make sure to get a lightweight and quick-dry travel towel.

  • A laptop stand

As I have mentioned in the beginning, a digital nomad packing list includes many electronic gadgets to keep the work going.

Since it is a workcation you are planning, you have to take care of your work and health side by side. So, to prevent backaches and poor posture, you need to carry a compact laptop stand as well.

For that, I suggest the Roost laptop Stand. You can also explore more laptop stand options.

Conclusively, the Digital Nomad Packing List

When creating a digital nomad packing list, you need to ensure the balance between your carrying essentials and the luggage load. When I was preparing this list for you, I made sure to add every item that you need for work, travel, and daily life without weighing much.

You can also tailor your digital nomad list according to your trip, requirements, and, most importantly, your preference.

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