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Abu Dhabi City Golf Club – Un paradis pour les amateurs de golf aux Émirats arabes unis

Nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club offers a unique urban golf experience for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Known affectionately as “The People’s Club,” it is an oasis of tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. With a heritage as the first nine-hole course of the United Arab Emirates capital, it combines the challenge of a fully-fledged golf course with the convenience of its central location.

The club is not just about golf; it’s a place where you can enjoy a full suite of amenities and a community atmosphere that is welcoming to members and guests. Whether you want to improve your game or simply unwind after a round, the club meets every need. With facilities catering to leisure and fitness aspects, the Ville d'Abou Dhabi Golf Club posits a venue for sport, dining, and relaxation.

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club – Key Takeaways

  • Le Ville d'Abou Dhabi Golf Club provides a premier golfing experience in a convenient city location.
  • The venue welcomes members and guests with comprehensive amenities beyond golf.
  • Positioned as a central haven for relaxation, the club encapsulates a distinct blend of leisure and sport.

Club Overview

Nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club emerges as a distinctive blend of tradition and modernity, offering you a premier golfing experience. This oasis in the city is renowned for being one of the oldest golf courses in the region, providing a lush escape with its panoramic city skyline views.

History and Location

Established on the iconic 19th Street in the Al Mushrif Area, your encounter with the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club begins with its rich heritage as the oldest golf course in the city. With a PO Box 33303, it stands as a testament to Ian Scott Taylor’s vision. You’ll find yourself amidst a captivating landscape where the urban fabric seamlessly entwines with the green expanses of the golfing arena.

Golf Course Features

As you embark upon the course, it unfolds as a nine-hole facility, with each hole offering its unique challenge. The layout is one Par 5, several Par 4s, and the strategic Par 3s. Holes 7-9 are particularly notable, often resembling the fabled Ameresemblingtional Golf Club. It’s a Par 70 course, guaranteeing an engaging round whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer.

Total Length6307 yards (Men) / 5403 yards (Women)
Course TypePar 70 Nine-Hole Facility
Comparable FeaturesHoles 7-9 are likened to Amen Corner

Installations et services

Your visit is complemented by various facilities designed to enhance your golfing experience. A two-tiered driving range is available for practice alongside the advanced coaching the Golf Academy offers. Navigate the course quickly, courtesy of the GPS-equipped golf carts, and afterwards, why not unwind by indulging in some swimming? Affectionately known as The People’s Golf Course, it delivers a welcoming atmosphere and the excellence of modern amenities.

Facility or ServiceDescription
Two-Tiered Driving RangeAmple space for practice
Golf AcademyProfessional guidance and instruction
GPS-Equipped Golf CartsModern carts for convenient mobility
SwimmingFacilities for relaxation and leisure

Membership and Guests

When considering a golf club membership at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club or planning a visit as a golfer, knowing about the various offerings and requirements is essential to ensure your experience is enjoyable and well facilitated.

Club Membership

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club members enjoy various benefits tailored to provide a good experience. As a club member, you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited access to the well-maintained 9-hole grass golf course.
  • Exclusive booking privileges for tee times, including preferred slots for twilight rounds.
  • The club provides handicap management to help you track your progress.
  • Opportunities to host business meetings and social gatherings in a unique setting.
  • A varied events calendar to socialise and compete with fellow golfers.

For detailed membership options, rates, and how to join, you are encouraged to visit the Membership section on the club’s website.

Visiting Golfers

If you’re a visitor ou un non-member, you can still book a tee time and enjoy the facilities. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A development fee of AED 10.50 per visitor per round, as noted on the club’s visitor information page.
  • À book a tee time as a guest, simply reach out via the designated e-mail or telephone number provided.
  • Expect a rating system in place that ensures fairness and enjoyment for golfers of all levels.

For more information about visitor fees and booking instructions, please check the Visitors section.

Playing Golf in Abu Dhabi

When you set out to play golf in Abu Dhabi, you’re met with challenging courses and an experience tailored to all player levels, complete with panoramic views of the city skyline and meticulously maintained greens.

Golfing Experience

As you tee up at the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, affectionately known as ‘The People’s Club’, you play on the United Arab Emirates’ first nine-hole facility. You’ll find the weather typically warm, requiring appropriate attire and hydration—especially during summer when temperatures soar. The course offers the unique feature of plafonniers, allowing for play even after dusk and providing a respite from the day’s heat.

  • Course Details: Par 70, with a slope rating that demands precision and strategy.
  • Par Excellence: Each hole offers a different challenge, demanding a mix of long and short play.
  • Driveway Decisions: A well-equipped driving range is available for warming up or improving your swing.

Events and Competitions

Au Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, your game is more than just strokes and pars; it’s about being part of a competitive and social atmosphere. From amateur to seasoned golfers, everyone can participate in club events and competitions that cater to all skill levels.

  • Tee-Times: Booking your tee times is essential, especially for events or during peak hours. It’s recommended to contact the club by phone (+971 2 445 9600).
  • Events to Look Forward To: Compete in EGF (Emirates Golf Federation) tournaments or enjoy social, open-for-all competitions throughout the year.
  • USA to UAE: International golfers, note that a Golf Development Fee is applicable per player for non-EGF members.

Abu Dhabi’s golf scene provides you with a golfing experience that is both challenging and rewarding, set against the backdrop of the city’s stunning architecture and blue skies. Whether you’re a resident or visiting the emirate, there’s no denying the unique allure of playing golf in this dynamic city.

Informations Complémentaires

In this section, you’ll find targeted insights regarding the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club’s location and what others think of their experiences, giving you a clearer picture before visiting.

Emplacement et accessibilité

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, affectionately known as ‘The People’s Club’, is strategically situated at the city’s heart, offering you easy access to a premier golfing experience set against the backdrop of the Abu Dhabi skyline. You’ll be pleased to know that getting there is relatively straightforward as it’s well-connected to primary transport links. Should you require any assistance, feel free to reach out directly using their contact number, +971 2 445 9600, or via email to ensure your queries are addressed promptly.

Avis des clients

The reviews for Abu Dhabi City Golf Club speak for themselves. It has received rave responses for both the quality of the course and the services provided. Golfers often mention the balance between a challenging course and a welcoming environment. With many guests highlighting ‘value for money’ and ‘exceptional service’, you can trust that your experience will likely be favourable. If you are keen to see for yourself, browse various accounts of visitors’ experiences.

Remember, every round of golf requires a Golf Development Fee if you are not a member of the Emirates Golf Federation, reflective of the inclusive nature of the club.

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