Meilleurs bars sur les toits de Florence – Un guide organisé des meilleures vues et gorgées

Florence, a city steeped in art and history, is renowned for its picturesque rooftop bars. These elevated havens offer more than just a refreshing drink; they afford patrons a unique perspective of the city’s Renaissance architecture and the rolling Tuscan hills.

As you traverse the cobbled streets, a detour to one of these rooftop retreats can offer a serene escape where the bustle of the city meets the tranquillity of the skyline.

Selecting the ideal rooftop bar in Florence depends on what you’re seeking. Whether it’s the sophistication of an aperitivo amidst the city’s spires, a casual gathering spot to relish the sunset, or an enchanting nook to observe the city lights come alive, the rooftops of Florence cater to all desires. Each has its distinct charm, dress code, and atmosphere, inviting you to experience the city’s allure from above.

As you plan your visit, consider the myriad of options available. From the historic ambience of the Loggia Roof Bar at Hotel Palazzo Guadagni to the contemporary grandeur of SE·STO on Arno, each rooftop promises a unique storyline in your Florentine adventure.

Remember the balance of panoramic views, quality of service, and atmosphere to tailor your rooftop experience to your taste.

Best Rooftop Bars Florence – Key Takeaways

  • Florence’s rooftop bars fuse stunning vistas with the city’s historic charm.
  • Various atmospheres, from casual to luxurious, can be found atop Florence’s buildings.
  • Planning is crucial in selecting a rooftop bar that aligns with personal preferences and expectations.

Selecting the Perfect Rooftop Bar

Florence boasts an array of rooftop bars, each offering a unique blend of views, ambience, and local flavours. Your ideal spot could vary depending on the vista you desire, the mood you’re after, or the proximity to Florence’s iconic landmarks.

By View

Are they scanning the skyline for Panoramic Views? Some bars allow you to gaze upon the Arno River; others offer a close-up of the majestic Duomo or vistas stretching to the Ponte Vecchio. For a more serene backdrop, the Florentine Hills serve as a perfect setting:

  • SE·STO on Arno: Offers sweeping views of the river and the heart of Florence.
  • La Terrazza: Find a stunning look at the Duomo and the historic skyline.

By Ambience

Whether you prefer a bustling atmosphere or a relaxed vibe, Florence’s rooftop bars cater to all:

  • Casual: View on Art et Fishing the Roof is perfect for a laid-back evening.
  • Upscale: For elegance, the indoor lounge at Angel RoofBar & Dining sets a refined tone.

Par emplacement

Consider where in Florence you’ll be to make the most of your time:

  • Oltrarno: Loggia Roof Bar at Hotel Palazzo Guadagni is in the charming Piazza Santo Spirito.
  • Historic Center: Angel RoofBar & Dining is steps from Piazza della Repubblica.

By Amenities

Amenities can significantly enhance your rooftop bar experience:

  • Rooftop Pool: Some bars, like Three Sixty at The Grand Hotel Minerva, offer a refreshing dip along with your drink.
  • Room Service: Staying at a hotel with a rooftop bar like SE·STO on Arno can ensure access to amenities like room service.

By Drink Selection

The perfect drink can make all the difference:

  • Vin: Tuscan Wine at a place like Loggia Roof Bar highlights local specialities.
  • Cocktails: Seek out bars with a range of Signature Cocktails and classics such as Prosecco ou un Aperitivo.

Iconic Rooftop Bars in Florence

Discover Florence’s elegance and unforgettable panoramic views from its most iconic rooftop bars. With each providing a unique atmosphere, from luxurious to casual, you’re invited to experience the city’s skyline at its finest.

La Terrazza

Perched atop the medieval Hotel Continentale, La Terrazza offers a breathtaking view of the Arno River and the Florence Cathedral. It’s a stylish spot revered for its chic ambience and expertly crafted cocktails.

SE·STO on Arno

Situated in The Westin Excelsior, SE·STO on Arno boasts a sophisticated setting with 360-degree vistas. Indulge in their exquisite menu while overlooking the historical heart of the city.

Divina Terrazza

Hotel Calimala‘s Divina Terrazza provides an enchanting experience, mixing a modern vibe with the Renaissance charm for which Florence is renowned. The view harmoniously blends urban architecture and Tuscan hills.

Grand Hotel Minerva

Le Grand Hotel Minerva showcases Florence’s grandeur from its exclusive vantage point. The rooftop area features a swimming pool and a view that centres on the majestic Cathedral.

Plaza Hotel Lucchesi

Experience iconic city views from the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi’s terrace. The hotel’s picturesque backdrop, featuring the Arno and classic Florentine architecture, creates an ideal setting for evening drinks or a romantic night out.

Exploring the Pinnacle of Florence’s Nightlife

When planning your visit to Florence’s rooftop bars, consider timing, reservations, and unique offerings to enhance your experience. Let’s ensure you make the most of Italy’s vibrant aperitivo culture.

Meilleur moment pour visiter

Florence’s rooftop bars offer year-round enjoyment, with the meilleur moment pour visiter generally between April and October when the weather is pleasant.

  • Printemps et Automne: Ideal for comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds.
  • Été: Perfect for experiencing Florence’s lively atmosphere, but expect more tourists.

Making Reservations

Réservations are highly recommended, especially in the peak summer months when demand is high.

  • Reserve well in advance for popular spots like SE·STO on Arno.
  • Weekends often require bookings several days prior.

Exclusive Offerings

Each rooftop bar in Florence has its exclusive offerings:

  • SE·STO on Arno provides luxury service et classic Italian cocktails.
  • Some establishments may offer specialised menus with Mediterranean flair or signature salads.

Conseils et recommandations

To optimise your rooftop bar experience:

  • Code vestimentaire: Smart casual attire is generally expected.
  • Staff Service: Engage with staff for personalised recommendations.
  • Astuces de voyage: Consider bars along the Arno River to combine scenic views with delectable drinks.

App and Online Resources

Leverage apps and online resources for updated information and enhanced conveniences.

Remember, planning is key to enjoying Florence’s eclectic mix of rooftop bars, so take these steps to ensure a memorable visit.

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