Cadeaux pour les étudiants étudiant à l’étranger – Articles essentiels pour l’apprenant international

Studying abroad is an experience budding with opportunities and challenges. As students embark on their education in a foreign land, they often need practical items they wouldn’t have first thought of at home. Gifting these globetrotting scholars with thoughtful presents that aid their university life can profoundly impact them.

These gifts range from tech gadgets that help them stay connected to home to compact essentials that ease the burden of limited living space.

When selecting gifts for students studying abroad, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the gift’s usefulness, ease of transport, and relevance to the student’s needs. Gifts that enhance their safety, aid in communication, or offer them a taste of home can be particularly appreciated. It’s also vital to consider the portability and durability of the gift, as students may travel frequently and have restricted luggage space.

I’ve spent significant time considering students’ various needs while studying overseas and have researched products that meet these criteria. From travel adapters covering many countries to language translation devices, these items are not just gifts but also practical tools to assist in their international academic journey.

Essential Gadgets for Connectivity and Convenience

Travel Adapters and Chargers

Students abroad have to charge multiple devices, often from different countries. They must have a universal travel adapter with surge protection to keep their devices safe.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots

Having access to the internet is crucial for today’s students. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot means they can study and stay connected wherever they go without worrying about roaming charges or finding secure public Wi-Fi.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are a godsend for focusing on studies in noisy environments like shared living spaces or public transport. The right pair can make long flights or study sessions more productive and enjoyable.

Staying Connected with Loved Ones

International SIM Cards or Data Plans

One can never underestimate the importance of staying in touch with family and friends while abroad. An international SIM card or data plan is a practical gift to help make regular communication hassle-free.


With luggage space at a premium, students can’t take many books with them. An e-reader solves this problem by holding thousands of books in a compact device.

Tech Accessories for Organisational Ease

Cable organisers, portable power banks, and protective cases are small but essential accessories. They keep a student’s technology neatly organised and charged on the go.

Remembering Home Comforts

Personalised Mementos

Customised gifts, like a necklace with a home-country map or a personalised photo book of memories, carry emotional value and are a comforting reminder of home.

Care Packages

Sending a care package filled with their favourite snacks or items that remind them of home can be a delightful surprise. It’s not just the content but the sentiment that counts.

La sécurité d'abord

Assurance voyage

While not a conventional gift, ensuring that a student has comprehensive travel insurance can give peace of mind to both the giver and the receiver.

Personal Safety Alarms

Compact personal safety alarms are easy to carry and provide an extra security layer in unfamiliar places.

Unique Gift Ideas That Stand Out

Language Translation Devices

Studying in a non-English speaking country comes with its barriers. A handheld language translation device can facilitate smoother everyday interactions.

Quality Backpack or Luggage

A sturdy backpack or lightweight luggage can carry a student’s essentials securely and comfortably during their travels.

Experiences Over Things

Gifting an experience, whether a cooking class, museum membership, or concert tickets, can create worthwhile memories and introduce students to the local culture.

Final Thoughts and A Step Toward Thoughtful Gifting

Presenting a student with a thoughtful and functional gift shows support for their academic and personal journey abroad. I have explored various options that cater to different aspects of student life overseas, be it connectivity, convenience, safety, or a touch of home. Consider the student’s destination, interests, and lifestyle when choosing the perfect gift.

If you’re ready to bring a smile to a student’s face and ease into their adventure abroad, why not explore some of these gift options? Whether you buy a practical travel adapter or arrange for a surprise experience, the thought and understanding behind your gift will be most cherished.

Essential Gifts for Students Studying Abroad

Embarking on an educational journey overseas is an exciting endeavour that demands thorough preparation. In the following list, I’ve handpicked a selection of practical items designed to ease the transition for students delving into their studies abroad.

These carefully curated products aim to enhance the day-to-day experiences of international learners, ensuring they can focus on acquiring knowledge and embracing new cultures.

Essential Italy – A Student’s Perfect Companion

Vintage Italy Notebook

The Vintage Italy Notebook is a charming and practical gift for students savouring their study abroad in Italy.


  • Aesthetically pleasing with a retro look
  • Ideal size for portability
  • High-quality matte cover and paper for durability

Les inconvénients

  • Only available in one size
  • Limited to 120 pages
  • No pocket for keepsakes or receipts

Gifting the Italy Travel Journal to a friend jetting off to Italy was a delightful experience. The vintage design instantly catches your eye, evoking the romantic allure of old-world Italy, and it feels smooth to the touch with its premium matte cover. It’s clear that this isn’t just a notebook; it’s a travel companion eager to preserve memories.

As I thumbed through the lined pages, I found the paper quality quite durable, a boon for the rigours of travel. The size is also perfect—enough space to jot down musings and itinerary details, yet compact enough to slip into a day pack.

However, during my use, I noticed that the 120-page limit might feel restrictive for someone who writes daily or for longer trips. A pocket at the back would have been a valuable addition for storing small mementoes. Nevertheless

In conclusion, students venturing to Italy or any student documenting their Italian adventure traveller would sincerely appreciate the Italy Travel Journal. Its thoughtful design and functionality align perfectly with the needs of a study abroad experience. Ready to capture Italian escapades or thoughtful reflections, this notebook is an enchanting memento that will eventually hold a treasure trove of experiences.

Consider adding this journal to your cart if you’re looking for a blend of nostalgia and practicality in a gift. It’s an invitation to write, remember, and cherish the Italian sojourn.

The Traveller’s Keeper: A Trusty Guard for Globetrotters’ Treasures

Master Lock Portable Safe

As someone constantly hopping from country to country, I strongly believe in securing my valuables. The Master Lock Personal Safe is a no-brainer for any student studying abroad.


  • I am excellent at deterring theft during my beach outings
  • The customisable combination adds a personal security layer
  • The compact size makes it a breeze to store in luggage

Les inconvénients

  • Cable could be more robust against determined tampering
  • Not wholly waterproof – keep away from full submersion
  • Limited space inside – don’t expect to fit large items

Heading to the beach was far more relaxing, knowing my phone and wallet were safe inside the Lock Box. Using the cable to secure it to my sun lounger, I could finally immerse myself in a good book without one eye on my belongings.

I found setting my combination relatively straightforward. It must be the audibility of the clicks or perhaps the smooth mechanism – either way, and I set a number I could easily recall, which removed the hassle of keys.

The space inside was ample for my essentials – phone, passport, cash, and a few cards. While some friends were iffy about leaving their valuables in the hotel room or hostel, I felt a sense of assurance, carrying mine along with this sturdy case.

In a nutshell, the Master Lock Portable Safe has earned its place in my travel arsenal. It’s the perfect sidekick for any student abroad, offering peace of mind in unfamiliar territories if you’re after an intelligent way to safeguard valuables.

Looking to enhance your travel security? Start by exploring this practical, safe option – I’m glad I did, and I’m confident you’ll find it a reliable travel companion too.

Essential Gifts for Jet-Setting Students

Travelling abroad for studies is an adventure that requires careful planning and the right gear. I’ve sifted through the myriad options to find treasures that benefit a student’s journey. United by practicality and a touch of home comfort, these gifts are a warm send-off for those embracing education overseas.

Italian Touch Cosmetic Bag

Italian Themed Cosmetic Bag

Anyone needing a nifty carrier for their essentials while exploring Italy will value this practical and chic bag.


  • Unmatched versatility for various storage needs
  • Deceivingly spacious without being cumbersome
  • Robust and stylishly themed for Italy enthusiasts

Les inconvénients

  • Limited capacity for bulkier items
  • White colour may require frequent cleaning
  • This is only relevant for those with an affinity for Italy

Recently, I had the chance to use the DJHUNG Italy Travel Gift Cosmetic Bag, and I must say, it’s a compact marvel. The bag fitted seamlessly into my day pack, holding all my daily necessities in one easy-to-reach spot. The zip ran smoothly; I didn’t have to fumble for my sunscreen or lip balm.

The standout feature is its versatile use. Whether I needed it for toiletries, makeup, or to safeguard my tech cables, it was a day-to-day staple. Due to its lightweight fabric, it wasn’t a drag to carry around, which is crucial when you’re constantly on the move.

Its vibrant Italian motifs stirred conversations with locals and fellow travellers alike, a delightful nod to my host country. While the bag might not cater to all space requirements (like for more significant souvenirs), it met the day-to-day mark with flying colours and is practical for students who like to keep their living space orderly amidst travel chaos.

TTheDJHUNG Italy Travel Gift Cosmetic Bag is a worthy companion for those studying abroad. It’s not just a bag; it becomes a part of your travel story, holding more than just your things and memories. If you know someone heading to Italy, encourage them to carry a piece of charm along with their journey.

Ultimate Gifts for Students Studying Abroad

As someone who cherishes the thrill of exploring new cultures, I understand the importance of practical gifts for students embarking on an international education journey. Each item on this list has been handpicked to blend utility with excitement, offering a unique perspective that deviates from the typical roundups.

Listen to real-world insights from someone who’s been there, and let’s find the perfect present that students will appreciate and use.

Handy Travel Mate

Universal Travel Adapter

Le TESSAN Universal Travel Adapter is the comrade any globetrotter needs. I recently made great use of this on a study stint abroad, and its convenience was unparalleled.


  • Versatile with coverage in over 150 countries
  • Multiple USB ports, charging several devices simultaneously
  • Safety features with a robust build for peace of mind

Les inconvénients

  • Not a voltage converter, limited to devices supporting 100-250V
  • A tad heavier than some adapters
  • It may not suit every socket’s design aesthetically

Cramming for an exam or rushing for a train? Worry not about your gadgets running out of juice. This travel adapter has been a lifesaver, charging my laptop, phone, and camera without a hitch.

Let me tell you, there’s no fuss in figuring out which plug goes where; it adapts like a chameleon to any socket I’ve encountered, from the streets of London to seaside cafes in Greece.

However, remember it’s not a voltage converter. I saw a fellow traveller fry their hair straightener, so give a heads-up to students about compatible devices.

What if choosing what to pack could be simpler? Students can tick off the ‘universal charger’ from their packing list with this compact treasure. Having used it myself, I can vouch for its portability, and I’ve yet to face any safety issues, thanks to its built-in double fuses and safety shutters.

But, heads up, its sturdiness adds some weight, which might be awkward in some loosely fitted wall sockets.

In short, students needn’t fret over keeping their devices charged. This adapter understands an international plug’s essence – adaptability and reliability.

Explore le TESSAN Universal Travel Adapter and prep your loved one with this essential travel companion.

Considering the importance of staying connected today, a reliable travel adapter is indispensable. Having used the TESSAN, I can speak from experience – it’s a fitting companion on any journey. With some practicality and foresight, finding the perfect gift for the globetrotting student in your life can be a breeze.

Unique Gifts for Globetrotting Students

Finding the perfect gift for a student about to embark on a study abroad adventure can be daunting. It needs to be practical memorable, and carry the weight of your well-wishes. From my globetrotting experience, I’ve learnt that the best gifts enhance the journey and preserve the memories.

Sage Green Travel Journal

Sage Green Travel Journal

The Duncan & Stone Paper Co. Travel Journal resonates with the spirit of an adventurer and is an excellent companion for capturing travel memories.


  • Ample space for reflective writing and storing photos.
  • Durable and stylish with a hardcover and quality linen cloth.
  • Thoughtful layout with prompts and a section for a bucket list.

Les inconvénients

  • Larger than an average travel journal, it could be cumbersome to carry.
  • It lacks a protective box, which might result in damage during transit.
  • Limited to 15 trips, which may not suffice for frequent travellers.

As someone who cherishes journaling, the first thing that struck me about this journal was its elegance—the embossed gold title gleams against the sage green cover, making it stand out.

Once opened, it lies flat, sparing you the struggle of holding down the pages as you scribble your thoughts or affix cherished photos. The paper feels smooth and sturdy under the pen – a small detail writers will appreciate.

Storage isn’t an issue either; the back pocket is surprisingly handy for those extra bits and bobs you collect. Having used it after my trip to Southeast Asia, I loved how it kept my memorabilia neatly organised.

On the downside, the journal’s size sometimes made it less travel-friendly than I hoped. In a cramped backpack, every inch counts, and this journal’s substantial size was noticeable. Moreover, the pristine condition it arrived in was slightly marred by bent corners – a protective box could’ve easily prevented this.

Despite these gripes, if the person you’re buying for relishes retrospection and keepsakes, there’s no better gift than this Duncan & Stone Travel Journal. It’s a solid choice for chronicling journeys, and I imagine any student embittered in wanderlust would be delighted to receive it.

Keep this journal in mind when seeking a gift that helps students document their travels with ease and style. It’s a present that keeps giving long after the jet lag has faded.

Explore the Sage Green Travel Journal

The Quintessential Buying Guide for Student Abroad Gifts

When determining the perfect gifts for students studying abroad, I assess several factors to ensure the selection is practical, thoughtful, and suitable for the recipient’s needs. Allow me to guide you through the process with a simple buying guide.

Understanding the Student’s Needs

Destination Climate

  • Consider the weather of the student’s host country.
  • Look for products that align with the prevalent climate (warm gear for cold countries, cooling accessories for hotter regions).

Space and Weight Restrictions

  • Remember, there are luggage limitations.
  • Opt for lightweight and compact gifts.

Cultural Sensitivity

  • Research the host country’s cultural norms.
  • Avoid items that might be inappropriate or offensive.

Practicality and Functionality

Everyday Essentials

  • Select items that the student will use frequently.
  • Essentials might include travel adaptors, portable chargers, or organisational pouches.


  • Choose products that serve multiple purposes.
  • A versatile gift is both a space-saver and highly practical.

Durability and Quality

Check for:

  • Robust construction
  • High-quality materials
  • Longevity promises

Durability is critical to withstand frequent use and travel wear and tear.


Personal touches:

  • Engraved names
  • Custom designs
  • Tailored to the student’s tastes

A personal touch can make a practical gift feel special.

In my experience, following these guidelines makes selecting the ideal gift for a student abroad more straightforward, ensuring utility and delight for the recipient.

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