Start And Grow Your Motivational Public Speaking Career

Comment démarrer et développer votre carrière de conférencier motivant ?

People do almost everything when they have a solid reason to do it. This reason could be our wants, needs, etc., and it could be a vague feeling or a concrete goal. But what if someone has no reason to do anything? How can someone in this situation continue their daily tasks and activities? This is when people who can motivate others with words and plans come in.

They reassure you of the different goals in your life, give you examples that you can relate to, and push you to reach those goals. People have called these people motivational speakers, and this essay will show you how to become a motivational speaker and what skills you need.

Comment démarrer et développer votre carrière de conférencier motivant ?


What is a motivational speaker?

As the name suggests, a speaker gets people excited, pushes them, and helps them grow. These people could be professionals and experts in their field who also give good advice and guidelines.

They help people see things differently and remind them of their unique skills, passions, and talents. People tend to think about our problems, what we can’t do, and what we’ve done wrong. These speakers help individuals see the best in themselves, give the audience a positive boost, and improve their emotional and mental abilities.

What do people who talk about motivation do?

Motivational speakers are often asked to speak on certain shows, podcasts, conferences, seminars, etc., or they are hired for a specific time. Their main job is to talk to their audience about a subject using different speech techniques and inspire them.

Motivational speakers don’t just stand up on stage and talk; they also give the group new ideas and keep it going by talking about things like business, croissance personnelle, and social services. Motivational speakers also write books and make videos, podcasts, and talk shows.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker: A Detailed Guide

Now that we know what a motivational speaker does, let’s look at the different steps it takes to become one.

Find Out If This Job Is Right For You

Even though what a motivational speaker says matters, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Spend hours writing a good, correct, and exciting speech—another set of practice hours. Motivational speakers must also possess a lot of patience and a strong will to get where they want to go. Like any other job, you won’t start earning or getting people’s attention immediately. It’s essential to know your subject well and be able to talk about it with ease.

Improve your public speaking.

The best method to become a motivational speaker is to improve your speaking skills. Only half of the job is done when you have good content. How you say what you think is just as important as what you say. People are hard to convince and change if you don’t have good skills because you might have habits that give the wrong impression.

Start watching videos of motivational speakers, practice your pitch in front of a mirror, record yourself talking and looking at your mistakes, enrol in a good communication curriculum, join public speaking organizations, club classes, etc. Some important things to work on that can help you become a better public speaker are:

  • Voice Modulation
  • Le langage du corps
  • Speech Deliver
  • Audience Interaction

Create your ideas

You can’t become a good speaker by putting old ideas in new words. You need to develop new, exciting content that people want to hear. It would help if you spent a lot of time getting to know people and talking to them about their hopes, fears, and problems. You can then use this information to inspire, motivate, and change the minds of your audience.

Determine Your Ideal Clientele

It can be tempting to think that their speeches will have the same effect or meaning for everyone. This is one of the mistakes people make, and a message that is too general won’t make that impression. 

Instead of getting everyone in business excited, try to find your niche. First, think about how it will affect the marketing team, then the sales team, and finally, the board members. Find the people you want to talk to reach your goal of giving powerful speeches.

Examine Your Content

Before you go on stage, you should give your prep talks to check your skills and get a feel for the environment. When we have a platform like the Internet, we can test our content before moving forward. Use social media to post your thoughts and quotes, start a blog, and share your speeches. 

Get feedback from your viewer and find out what they want to hear. People often think that if they post their speeches online, they are giving away their content for free and won’t be able to make money from it. They often forget that this allows them to reach millions of individuals online and inspire them.

Promote yourself and pay attention to feedback

Once you feel like you have a lot of confidence and a lot to share, start looking for paid work, build a website, and market yourself. Keep adding new content to your website. Post blogs, thoughts, and quotes, interact with your audience, make videos, and write books. It’s also important to pay close attention to the feedback, work on what people say is wrong, and fix your mistakes.

Compétences requises

Aside from the steps listed above, a few other skills will help you become an excellent motivational speaker. You can keep working on them and get better at them over time.

  • Direction
  • Communication
  • Confiance
  • Engaging presentation
  • Narration
  • Adaptabilité
  • Clearly stated
  • Authenticité
  • Empathie
  • Gestion du temps


UN motivational speaker’s salary depends greatly on how far they travel, how many people want to hear them speak, and how much work they do overall. The pay could be each payment or a total amount for several sessions. The pay also depends on where the speaker is asked to speak and how much time is put in.

Considering these things, a motivational speaker’s first salary could range from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000. As you get more experience and become more popular, your salary will increase to between INR 50,000 and INR 2 Lakhs. Public speakers can also make money from other sources, such as royalties from books, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc.

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