Assurance Golden Visa – Naviguer dans les opportunités d’investissement pour la résidence

In the dynamic global mobility landscape, the concept of “golden visas” has taken centre stage, offering high-net-worth individuals the luxury of extended residency rights based on investment.

UAE’s unique take on this, coupled with its robust health system, presents an enticing package. Securing residency through investment not only opens doors to economic opportunities but also ensures peace of mind with comprehensive healthcare benefits.

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The UAE golden visa program stands out by providing exceptional perks, one of which is the domain of healthcare. This initiative offers golden visa holders access to exclusive health insurance plans, reinforcing the emirate’s commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for investors and entrepreneurs.

Adopting this visa status is not merely a matter of residency; it’s an investment in one’s well-being, providing a cushion of security in a region synonymous with luxury and growth.

Insurance Golden Visa – Key Takeaways

  • Golden visas offer residency privileges through investment with added healthcare benefits.
  • Le UAE golden visa includes exclusive health insurance plans for holders.
  • This program represents a fusion of long-term residency and personal well-being incentives.

Overview of UAE Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa is a symbol of prestige and opportunity, inviting a diverse group of individuals to become long-term residents of the UAE. This program caters to investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals who wish to contribute to the UAE’s flourishing economy and sophisticated lifestyle.

Eligibility and Requirements for Golden Visa

You must fall into specific eligibility categories to obtain a UAE Golden Visa. These include investors, real estate investors, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, scientists, inventors, creative talents like artists and authors, and top students and graduates. As a prospective applicant, you are required to present proofs that echo your exceptional talents or investments.

For example, investors must demonstrate a substantial investment in the country, and scientists must be accredited by the Emirates Scientists Council.

  • Investisseurs must have a public investment of at least AED 10 million.
  • Real Estate Investors can qualify with a property of no less than AED 5 million.
  • Entrepreneurs need a successful project with no less than AED 500,000 or have the approval of an accredited business incubator in the country.
  • Professionals in science, art, and other vital industries must be recognized by their field’s national or international body or hold a significant award or certificate.
  • Students with promising academic performance are also eligible, ensuring the youth’s potential is nurtured.

Investors and entrepreneurs may also include their families, dependents, and one advisor and executive director under their sponsorship.

Advantages of Holding a UAE Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa is not just a visa; it is your ticket to a haute qualité de vie et safe living environment. It provides a plethora of advantages that ensure both personal and professional fulfilment:

  • It offers résidence de longue durée, up to 5 or 10 years, and is renewable.
  • It allows you to live, work, and study in the UAE without needing a national sponsor and with 100% ownership of their businesses on the UAE’s mainland.
  • Your family, including your spouse and children, can also be granted the same visa validity.

This program provides exclusive benefits to holders, enhancing their lifestyle and providing certainty and stability for foreign residents. It is a crucial pillar to attract and retain global talents and supports the government’s vision of nurturing a knowledge-based, sustainable economy.

Insurance and Healthcare for Golden Visa Holders

Golden Visa holders in the UAE have unique health insurance requirements and opportunities to access services de santé. Understanding the specifics can help ensure legal compliance and optimal health coverage.

Health Insurance Regulations for Residents

Golden Visa holders and their family must have valid health insurance to reside in the UAE. The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi mandates that all Golden Visa applicants provide proof of health insurance coverage, which should remain valid for their stay. Crucial documents for the processus de demande often include a passport copy and health insurance plan details.

  • Key Document: Passport
  • Required Proof: Health insurance coverage

Types and Coverage of Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance options for Golden Visa holders vary from the Core Silver level, with an annual limit of up to AED 300,000, to more comprehensive plans that could extend beyond that. Residents can choose from a range of plans, including Daman’s Enhanced Gold and Premier options, which may cover specific healthcare services, dental, and access to specialists.

  • Basic Coverage: AED 2393 per annum with annual limits
  • Premium Plans: Wide range, including Enhanced Gold, Premier, and others with added benefits and higher coverage limits

Items Often Included:

  • Access to 500 doctors
  • Healthcare services
  • Dental coverage
  • Exclusions

Navigating Health Insurance for Families and Employees

Families and employees working in Abu Dhabi under the Golden Visa must navigate the health insurance landscape carefully. Employed staff generally continue their coverage via their employer’s policy, whereas freelancers and those dwelling abroad should arrange their assurance médicale independently, often through an insurance broker.

It’s vital to check for exclusions and understand what your plan covers, ensuring existing health insurance coverage meets the Golden Visa requirements.

  • Pour les familles: Choose plans that cover dependents and confirm validity for the UAE stay
  • For Employees: Typically covered by employer’s policy
  • Independent Plans: May require assistance from an insurance broker for suitable coverage

Remember to attend the virtual ceremony hosted by the Executive Affairs Office et le Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development for up-to-date information regarding health insurance for Golden Visa holders.

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