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Mangrove Village Abu Dhabi – À la découverte d’un havre côtier

Mangrove Village in Abu Dhabi Gate City offers a harmonious blend of urban energy and serene seaside living. Nestled where Maqta Creek meets the Arabian Gulf, this exclusive village-style compound provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

With various properties for rent, including villas and apartments, residents enjoy the luxury of choice in a neighbourhood that caters to their lifestyle needs.

The village has world-class amenities, from indoor and outdoor swimming pools to fitness centres and play areas, ensuring a comfortable living experience. Access to critical areas within Abu Dhabi is easy through convenient transportation, with several bus lines connecting the community to the rest of the city.

Mangrove Village presents a valuable opportunity for those considering investing in property with its attractive rental yields and the upscale living conditions it offers.

Mangrove Village Abu Dhabi – Key Takeaways

  • Mangrove Village in Abu Dhabi Gate City is a serene, villa-style community.
  • The area is equipped with high-end amenities and services for a comfortable lifestyle.
  • It presents advantageous real estate opportunities for both living and investment.

Discover Mangrove Village

Mangrove Village is a residential haven that combines upscale living with serene waterfront vistas. Conveniently located in Abu Dhabi Gate City and boasting an array of luxurious amenities, it offers an exclusive lifestyle for families and individuals alike.

Emplacement et connectivité

Situated at the threshold of Abu Dhabi Gate City, Mangrove Village enjoys a prime position off the Mussafah Bridge. This strategic location connects vital landmarks, including the Grande Mosquée Cheikh Zayed et le New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi. With Maqta Creek et le Golfe arabique as its borders, residents enjoy tranquil sea views and a serene environment.

Villa Features and Amenities

The villas in Mangrove Village reflect modern design with an emphasis on comfort and elegance. Ranging from 4 4-bedroom villas to spacious 5-bedroom Villas with maid’s quarters, each home features a fully equipped cuisine, expansif balconies, and multiple bathrooms. Exclusive Super Deluxe Villas offre private pools et extensive gardens, ensuring privacy and luxury.

Exclusive Lifestyle Facilities

Residents of Mangrove Village benefit from an array of exclusive lifestyle facilities. Keep fit in the well-equipped health club et salle de sport, or relax at the private beach et beach club. Participate in an active lifestyle with basketball courts, tennis courts, and access to sports nautiques. Families will appreciate the daycare, nursery, and the community’s kids’ play area.

Community and Safety

Mangrove Village is a green community that provides a safe and family-friendly environment. Sécurité 24 heures sur 24 ensures peace of mind, while leafy villa-lined streets contribute to the overall sense of community. Families and pets are welcome, making it a perfect location for those seeking a harmonious balance between nature and residential living.

Real Estate Snapshot

Residing in Mangrove Village means opting for spacious homes avec great amenities. Le no-commission fee policy makes renting here more attractive. Whether seeking a luxury villa ou un Super Deluxe Villa, residents enjoy sea views, private marinas, et super facilities that define the essence of abundant living in Abu Dhabi.

Residential Amenities and Services

Mangrove Village caters to a full spectrum of residential needs, offering a blend of leisure, community, essential services, and health and education facilities, all thoughtful to ensure you live in comfort and style.

Loisirs et loisirs

At Mangrove Village, your recreational needs are met with various options. You can access an indoor et outdoor swimming pool, allowing for a refreshing dip regardless of the weather. Fitness enthusiasts can use the well-equipped salle de sport or compete at the on-site tennis and basketball courts. If relaxation is your goal, the sauna room provides a perfect escape.

Family and Community Services

Living in Mangrove Village means having family-focused services at your doorstep. Children can be enrolled in the community’s Kids Nursery, providing educational care close to home. There’s also a nursery centre catering to the needs of the younger residents. The centrally located Majlis offers a traditional and comfortable space for social gatherings or formal meetings.

Daily Conveniences

Mangrove Village includes Spinney’s supermarket to ease your daily routine, ensuring your pantry is always stocked with essentials. Covered parking is available to keep your vehicle safe from the elements, and the Labaih Concierge Service delivers personalised assistance, simplifying your busy life.

Éducation et santé

Education and healthcare are paramount at Mangrove Village. You are within reach of prestigious schools like The Cambridge High School, Emirates National School, et ADNOC Schools. Sarhad Medical Clinic is available for routine check-ups and specific medical concerns for your healthcare needs.

Accessibility and Surroundings

Mangrove Village is strategically positioned to combine seclusion with convenience, providing direct access to significant landmarks and transport routes in Abu Dhabi. Your life in the village is complemented by nearby essentials and leisure destinations, ensuring comfort and connectivity.

Nearby Landmarks and Facilities

Leisure and Shopping:

  • Hôtel Shangri-La et Qaryat Al Beri offer luxurious experiences just a short drive away.
  • The picturesque beach access et marina enhance your living with waterfront amenities.

Religious Facilities:

  • A range of worship places, including Mosques, Mar Thoma Church, St. Elias Rome Orthodox Church, et The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi, are all within reach.

Transport and Connective Infrastructure

Road Connections:

  • Um Ghafrah Street et Dakhnan Street provide efficient road links to and from the village.
  • Officer’s City, near Mangrove Village, allows quick ingress to Abu Dhabi’s centre.

Transport public:

  • While public transport options are expanding, personal vehicles remain residents’ primary mode of transport.
  • Proximity to Ville d'Abou Dhabi ensures that you remain well-connected to urban opportunities and services.

Investment and Real Estate Opportunities

Mangrove Village presents unique prospects for discerning investors and homeowners alike. With high-end villas and a suite of luxury amenities, you will find options for renting and ownership conducive to a lavish lifestyle and potential long-term returns.

Villas for Rent and Sale

Mangrove Village offers a range of luxury villas for rent and sale, each featuring extensive gardens, private pools, and stunning sea views.

As a potential renter or buyer, you may be interested in properties with no commission fees, indicative of the incentive to make Mangrove Village your next home or investment. Villas with direct access to a private beach et un green community setting serve as a compelling invitation to a life of exclusivity and tranquillity.

Property Management and Services

Mangrove Village ensures that all properties benefit from Sécurité 24 heures sur 24 et maintenance services, providing peace of mind and a secure family environment. Conciergerie, including the personalised Labaih Concierge Service, afford you the luxury of having your needs catered to, enhancing the desirability of these residences.

Market Trends and Potential

Investing in Mangrove Village is bolstered by consistent market trends, positioning it as a locale of both stability and growth. The integration of super facilities, such as gyms and nurseries, as well as proximity to schools and amenities like the Majlis areas for social gatherings, contribute to the long-term appeal and vitality of the market here.

Advantages of Living in Mangrove Village

Life in Mangrove Village bestows advantages such as spacious parking areas, extensive gardens, et un pet-friendly atmosphere. The community’s location near Maqta Creek enhances your living experience with serene waterfront vistas and the convenience of being close to the city while preserving a sense of seclusion.

Building a Community in Mangrove Village

Mangrove Village is not just about individual homes; it’s about cultivating a vibrant communauté. As a resident, you’re joining a family-friendly environment where security and privacy are paramount. Planned social spaces and shared amenities like the salle de sport et nursery foster a cohesive community spirit, making it more than just a place to live—Mangrove Village is where you belong.

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