The Top 10 Most Influential People In Abu Dhabi In 2023
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Les 10 personnes les plus influentes d'Abu Dhabi en 2024

If you like to try new recipes, learn about other cultures, or want the latest in fashion and beauty and haven’t heard of these rising influencers from the UAE, you’re in for a real treat! These social networking stars are indeed the ones to follow in 2023, and they post everything from travel and food to beauty and fashion.

Most Influential People In Abu Dhabi

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Zahra Abdalla

Want to find out more about Middle Eastern food and try new dishes? Then you need to follow Zahra Abdalla on social media. She lives in Dubai with her husband and three kids and is a food writer, TV chef, brand ambassador, and total foodie.

Her blog tells the world about her love of cooking and takes people on a trip through traditional and new Moyen-Orient dishes. You can find her delicious recipes on her blog, Preparing food with Zahra, watch her make them on her YouTube channel, and follow a woman on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


With 2.5 million Instagram followers, Hala is probably among the most famous people on social media in the UAE. Even though she has a background in architectural design, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube show how much she loves fashion and beauty. Follow her for updates on her always-interesting life and travels, her favourite everyday looks and makeup tips, product recommendations, and more.

Kim & Den

Kim and Den are a foodie couple who write the fun and entertaining blog WhereMyFoodAt about how much they love everything rich and tasty. It has a lot of reviews of restaurants from around the world, including the UAE.

They have won many awards for their open, honest reviews and exciting content, including the BBC Good Food Blog for the Year Award in 2016 and the Cosmopolitan Food Influencer Award in 2018. Follow them on Instagram and sign up for their blog to find out where they’re going next!

Rania Fawaz

UAE influencer and self-proclaimed “how-to girl” Rania Fawaz is a rising star in social media. She has beautiful looks, a street-style wardrobe, and a jet-setting lifestyle that many people would like to have. It doesn’t hurt that when she married Sammer Sommers (Founder and CEO of Altitude Mask) at the Meliá Desert Palme Dubaï in December 2019, her guest list included a who’s who of the Arab world.

Follow her on Instagram to see what she’s wearing and what products she’s endorsing, and subscribe to her YouTube channel to get a glimpse into her life, like how she made her dress for the 2019 Film Festival in Cannes.

Salama Mohamed

Let’s face it: sometimes, the things we see on social media are more “fluff” than anything else. Salama Mohamed, on the other hand, is not just filler. She is changing what it means to be an influencer with her husband, Khalid Al Ameri, by talking about everyday life and issues anyone can relate to.

For example, she talks about her skin condition, vitiligo, and the stresses and strains of being married. Her sense of humor and genuine moments that make us laugh and feel like we’re not alone is just as important. You can see for yourself if you follow her on Instagram.

Khalid Al Ameri (Salama’s Husband)

Khalid Al Ameri, also known as Salama Mohamed’s husband, is an influencer in his own right. He posts videos on his Instagram page regarding his life, marriage, kids, and whatever else he wants to discuss. Like his wife, he honestly talks about real-life issues and approaches every topic with humility and great humour.

Haifa Beseisso

Haifa Beseisso was born and raised in Dubai, and she is very interested in getting rid of negative stereotypes about individuals from the Middle East and helping people in need. Fly with Haifa is her YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs about travel, self-confessions, and the trips that have transformed her life. Check out the video she made about Middle Eastern stereotypes for YouTube’s #CreatorsForChange project and pursue her on Instagram so you don’t miss a thing!

Jehan Razdan

Jehan Razdan is a chef and the host of the popular TV cooking show Jehan’s Kitchen. He lives in Abu Dhabi. She is also a rising star on Instagram and Facebook, and she has her own YouTube channel where she happens to share recipes and shows people step-by-step how to make them.

This is amazing on its own, but it’s even more so when you learn that this young chef and social media star is only in kindergarten. Jehan has made a name for herself quickly, and we can’t wait to hear what she does next. Her mom helps her run the site and keep an eye on the content.


Aniqa is a licensed blogger in the UAE who lives in Dubai. She writes about her life on her new favorite platform, Instagram. Follow her for beauty tips, fashion advice, product giveaways, travel ideas, and mouth-watering food suggestions.

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