Choses à faire en janvier à New York – Votre guide ultime des plaisirs hivernaux

January in New York City offers a refreshing start to the year with various activities to invigorate the spirit despite the winter chill. This is a time when the city, fresh from the festive rush of the holidays, opens up with fewer crowds, allowing for a more relaxed exploration of its vibrant streets.

From witnessing the remaining holiday decorations to participating in winter sports, the city’s unique blend of urban charm and seasonal festivities continues to entertain.

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Indulge in the arts and culture scene, which thrives even in the cold, with Broadway shows and live music performances maintaining New York’s reputation as a cultural capital. Culinary seekers can warm up in cosy cafes and restaurants, sampling winter dishes and hot drinks.

For those who love the outdoors, ample opportunities to ice skate in iconic rinks or enjoy the serene beauty of Central Park under a blanket of snow are available throughout the city.

Things to Do in January in New YorkPoints clés à retenir

  • New York City’s January offerings include diverse activities suitable for all interests.
  • Cultural pursuits and culinary experiences provide warmth and excitement during the winter season.
  • Serene outdoor activities in iconic locations thrive amidst the quieter post-holiday period.

Signature Events and Festivals

In January, despite the chill, New York City is alive with cultural festivities and events. From jazz music that warms the soul to a parade that brightens the streets, this month offers unique experiences that embody the city’s spirit.

Winter Jazzfest

  • Rendez-vous: Typically, early January
  • Points forts:
    • Renowned for showcasing a diverse range of jazz performances
    • Over 600 artists performing at various venues across the city
    • Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with soulful music

This festival is a must for jazz enthusiasts. With its inception aiming to showcase lesser-known artists, it has become a staple for New Yorkers and visitors alike, resonating with innovation and the vibrant legacy of jazz.

Three Kings Day Parade

  • Date: January 6
  • Points forts:
    • A cultural spectacle with ornate costumes
    • Commemorates a cherished holiday tradition within various cultures
    • The parade features camels and vibrant music throughout Harlem

Three Kings Day Parade turns Manhattan into a vibrant celebration. The event honours cultural traditions with a colourful procession that’s a feast for the senses – full of life and community spirit.

NYC Broadway Week

  • Rendez-vous: Late January to early February
  • What To Expect:
    • Chance to experience Broadway’s magic with significant savings
    • Des offres 2-for-1 tickets on many popular shows
    • Showcases the breadth of theatre available in NYC

Engage with the theatrical world through NYC Broadway Week, when the splendour of theatre becomes more accessible with special ticket offers. It’s a celebration of the arts that captures the imagination and showcases talent from across the globe.

Activités extérieures

Bracing the cool January air in New York offers unique outdoor activities that combine the city’s bustling atmosphere with the serene touch of winter.

Ice Skating Bliss

Wollman Rink in Central Park invites you to glide across the ice surrounded by the iconic New York skyline. The rink provides a picturesque setting for both novice and experienced skaters. Warm clothes are essential as the winter chill can be biting.

  • The Rink at Rockefeller Center: An emblematic New York experience, this rink is usually less crowded in January. Book your ice skating session in advance and enjoy the historic atmosphere.

Seasonal Wonders

Bryant Park’s Winter Village transforms into a winter wonderland featuring an ice rink and over 100 holiday shops. Here are two highlights to enjoy:

  • Patinage sur glace: Admission to the ice rink in Winter Village is free, although you will need to rent skates if you don’t bring your own.
  • Bumper Cars on Ice: Add some thrill to your visit from January 14 to February 27 with this unique activity, perfectly combining fun and the spirit of winter.

Exploring Parks

Brace yourself for the cold and explore the captivating landscapes of New York’s renowned parks:

  • Parc central: Explore its frozen lakes and snow-dusted paths. It’s a perfect place to experience the tranquillity of winter in the city.
  • New York Botanical Garden & Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Both offer winter-specific tours, showcasing how plants cope with the cold weather. Remember to dress warmly!

Arts et culture

In January, New York City is a haven for arts and culture enthusiasts, offering a plethora of museums, theatrical experiences, and vibrant art spaces. Whether you’re a modern art lover or the performing arts, there’s something to fulfil every cultural appetite during this wintery month.

Museum Excursions

New York’s museums are not just buildings but cultural epicentres where history and contemporary art collide. January is an ideal time to explore indoor exhibitions and avoid the cold weather.

  • Musées: You can visit the world-renowned Museum of Modern Art, which showcases an incredible modern and contemporary art collection.
  • Museo del Barrio: A pivotal cultural institution, Museo del Barrio specialises in Puerto Rican, Latin American, and Caribbean art, which is worth exploring for a unique and enriching experience.

Theatrical Experiences

New York City’s theatrical scene is unparalleled, with Broadway offering a spectrum of plays and musicals that cater to all tastes.

  • Broadway Shows: Embrace the magic of the broad variety of shows as diverse as the city.
  • Opéra: Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the grandeur of opera in NYC’s esteemed venues, where you can witness world-class performances.

Art Spaces

Step into the vibrant neighbourhoods of New York and discover galleries and spaces that foster the spirit of creativity.

  • Chelsea: Known for its art galleries, Chelsea’s artistic offerings are not just limited to the inside of a gallery. Wander the streets to find art in unexpected places.
  • Pace Gallery: For contemporary art lovers, Pace Gallery in Chelsea stands out with its dynamic exhibitions featuring established and emerging artists.

By exploring these arts and cultural destinations, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of New York City’s rich artistic heritage while enjoying a range of experiences that the winter season offers.

Food and Drink Delights

Explore the rich tapestry of flavours that New York City has to offer during January. Whether through the exclusive deals of Restaurant Week or the immersive journey of a culinary tour, you’re in for a treat that will tantalise your taste buds.

Restaurant Week Specials

New York City’s Restaurant Week is a highlight for food enthusiasts, allowing you to indulge in various gourmet dishes at a fraction of the regular price.

  • Rendez-vous: Key dates to remember for Restaurant Week, ensuring you don’t miss out on these exclusive offers.
  • Participating Restaurants: A list of venues participating in Restaurant Week, from classic Italian to inventive ramen spots.
  • Menu Highlights: Sneak peek at some standout dishes and drinks that promise to delight.
  • Booking Advice: Tips on how to secure reservations at popular eateries.

Sample a steaming bowl of ramen or savour the rich taste of authentic Italian cuisine at places like Eataly.

Culinary Tours

Embark on a journey through New York City’s diverse culinary landscape with a local guide.

  • Chelsea Market Tours: Discover the gourmet delights in the heart of Chelsea, where food culture thrives.
  • Hot Chocolate Havens: Warm up with the city’s best hot chocolate, guided by those who know it best.
  • Eataly Expeditions: Experience the best of Italian marketplaces without leaving NYC.
  • Themed Walks: Choose from various walking tours focusing on specific cuisines or areas.

Whether it’s a cosy cup of hot chocolate near Rockefeller Center or exploring artisanal foods in the bustling markets, your taste adventures await.

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