ドバイの最高のスポーツバーへの究極ガイド – ライブゲームとリラクゼーションのためのトップピック

Dubai, a city celebrated for its opulent lifestyle and high-energy nightlife, is also a haven for sports enthusiasts looking to catch live action in a spirited atmosphere.

Whether you’re a cricket lover, a football all fan, or simply searching for a vibrant venue to unwind with mates, Dubai’s sports bars provide a compelling mix of live sports screening, gastronomic delights, and interactive games.

The emirate’s array of sports pubs caters to an international crowd, ensuring that whether you’re longing for the communal enthusiasm of a packed match day or seeking a laid-back evening, a spot fits the bill.

Venturing into the heart of Dubai’s social life, you’ll find sports bars that offer more than just the broadcasting of live sporting events.

These establishments have mastered creating an engaging social environment where you can form connections, enjoy food and beverages tailored to diverse tastes, and participate in activities beyond the screens.

For those with a competitive streak, many venues offer pool tables, darts, and even simulators to enhance your experience. The variety is immense, and selecting the perfect sports bar for your needs involves considering factors such as the ambience wing experience, the quality of the menu, and the calibre calibrates and promotions on offer.


  • Dubai’s sports bars provide sports, dining, and entertainment options.
  • Selecting a great venue depends on one’s preferences for ambience, viewing experience, and additional activities offered.
  • These bars also serve as a social hub for connecting with like-minded individuals and joining in various interactive games and events.

Essential Criteria for Selecting the Best Sports Bars

When you’re scouting for a prime sports bar experience in Dubai, consider two pivotal features: the vibe and setting of the venue, matched with top-tier broadcast infrastructure.

Ambience and Location

In Dubai, the ambience and location of a sports bar can define your experience. Look for venues with an energetic atmosphere for conversation, like those nestled along JBRでの散歩 or the bustling ドバイ マリーナ. Positioning is critical; a sports bar with a view of シェイク・ザイード Road could offer an additional layer of excitement to your visit.

Screening Facilities

Quality screening facilities are non-negotiable when choosing your sports bar. You’re there for the game, so state-of-the-art TV screens が必要です。

A sports bar worth its salt will have multiple screens, with at least a few being large-scale, making every angle the best seat in the house.

In sports bars in Dubai, you can expect nothing less than high-definition, uninterrupted viewing of your favourite matches.

Famous Sports Bars and What They Offer

In Dubai, you can access some of the most vibrant sports bars where live sports action meets leisure in an electrifying atmosphere. Here’s what you can expect from some of the best venues in town.

バラスティ ビーチ バー

バラスティ ビーチ バー has long been a top spot for sports enthusiasts and beach lovers. Experience the unique combination of live sports broadcasts and a scenic beachside setting that genuinely encapsulates the dynamic vibe of Dubai.


  • Live sports screenings
  • Beachfront location

Kickers Sports Bar

In the heart of Dubai Sports CityKickers Sports Bar is where you can soak up the action. With great views of the Football Academy’s floodlit pitches, it’s a sanctuary for sports fans.

Facilities include:

  • Large screens for live events
  • Pool tables
  • A new menu with diverse offerings


Girders stands out for its pleasant ambience and the quality of its screenings. While not directly mentioned in the provided results, its presence in Dubai and propensity to show key sports fixtures make it a worthwhile mention for a comprehensive exploration of Dubai’s sports bar scene.

Popular for:

  • Lively atmosphere
  • Comprehensive sports coverage

The Underground Pub

Modelled after a London tube station, The Underground Pub offers a uniquely British vibe right in the heart of Dubai. Expect to catch all your favourite games accompanied by a hearty British pub grub.


  • Themed British interior
  • Extensive selection of brews and food

Activities and Games Beyond Watching Sports

Dubai’s vibrant sports bars don’t just offer screens to cheer on your favourite team; they also provide a variety of activities and games that can make your night out more thrilling. Whether you’re looking for a competitive round of pool or an immersive virtual sporting experience, these venues have got you covered.

Pool and Darts

You can hone your precision and relish a friendly match at the pool tables or dartboards that many sports bars in Dubai boast. The pool offers a strategic and engaging respite between matches, while darts can stir up playful rivalry among friends.

  • プール: Engage in a classic game of eight-ball and showcase your cue skills.
  • Darts: Step up to the oche for a game that tests your aim and steadiness.

At places like Time Cafe, you’ll find a laid-back atmosphere where you and your mates can enjoy these traditional pub games.

Bowling and Arcade Adventures

If bowling is up your alley or you’re keen on various arcade games, you’ll find ample opportunities in Dubai’s sports bars.

  • Bowling: Strike up fun with some pins at the bowling lanes.
  • Arcade Games: From classic ビデオゲーム to competitive air hockey, arcades offer a nostalgic escape.

Sports Simulators and Interactive Games

For an immersive experience, sports simulators and interactive games like foosball tables are a perfect pick. These high-tech options allow you to live out sporting scenarios in a virtual environment.

  • Simulators: Enjoy golf or racing simulators that put you right in the heart of the action.
  • Interactive Games: Foosball tables spark dynamic, fast-paced, fun and energetic play.

Whether you opt for a realistic game on the simulator or a spirited table-top match, you’re in for an exciting time.


When you’re looking to catch the game and imbibe in some delicious fare, Dubai’s sports bars have you covered with diverse food and drink options. Whether you yearn for pub classics or crave dishes with an international flair, you’ll find much to satiate your appetite.

Local Specialties and International Cuisine

Dubai’s sports bars offer a splendid mix of local and international cuisine, ensuring something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for British favourites, then classics like bangers and mash または fish and chips are staples on many menus. For those who prefer international flavours, Thai green curry provides a sumptuous taste of Asia.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what you might expect:

  • Pub Grub Classics: Hearty helpings of bangers and mash, fish and chips
  • International Flavours: Spicy and aromatic Thai green curry

Exclusive Beverages and Happy Hours

Your game night isn’t complete without a pint or a crafted cocktail, and Dubai’s sports bars serve an impressive range of drinks to complement your food choices. Look out for happy hour deals at venues like Barasti, where you can enjoy discounted beverage rates. Whether after a cold beer or a sophisticated cocktail, these bars quench your thirst.

  • ドリンク: A vast selection of beers, wines, and cocktails
  • Happy Hour: Special offers on drinks to elevate your sports viewing experience

Remember, alongside these beverages. You can indulge in bar favourites like crispy chicken wings or a plate of indulgent nachos often available during these happy hours, amplifying your experience as you cheer on your team.

The Social Scene and Crowd Dynamics

Dubai’s sports bars offer a vibrant social atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in the excitement of live sports events with a like-minded crowd. Whether you’re a football, cricket, or rugby fan, the city has venues catering to your passion for sports and offering an opportunity to bond with fellow enthusiasts.

Finding the Right Crowd

When searching for the perfect spot to watch the Premier League または GAA matches, consider the type of crowd you’d enjoy sharing the excitement with.

Some establishments are known to attract expats, resulting in a diverse gathering, while others may be hotspots for local fans, offering a unique cultural experience. Bars broadcasting rugby matches often have a lively atmosphere, with fans energetically supporting their teams.

Sports Fan Gatherings

You can expect sports bars to be bustling with activity during major sporting events like cricket tournaments. Large fans come together to support their teams, especially during high-stakes matches, creating a compelling environment.

Football followers are primarily known for their passionate support and often gather in bars where the game is a shared language. Live sports events on big screens serve as focal points around which fans cheer celebrate, and sometimes commiserate, deepening the sense of community.

Top Picks for Special Interests

Identifying your preferred sports bar in Dubai hinges on what you’re most passionate about. The venues below are explicitly curated for different game fans, ensuring you never miss the excitement and atmosphere when your favourite team is playing.

Rugby Aficionados and Football Fanatics

If rugby is your sport, you’ll appreciate bars that understand the game’s thrills and the camaraderie among fans. Dubai has several spots where you can join other enthusiasts. Still, for a truly vibrant rugby atmosphere with a touch of luxury, The 44 in Dubai Marina promises a top-notch viewing experience with its ample screens and lively setting.

Finding the right spot to watch the match is paramount for football enthusiasts. BFF in Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate offers large flat-screen TVs for viewing pleasure and features foosball, pool tables, and sports simulators when you need half-time entertainment.

Cricket Enthusiasts and GAA Supporters

Cricket fans want an establishment where the game is understood and celebrated. Known for its appreciation of cricket, Kickers Sports Bar, located in the sports village of Dubai Sports City, gives you a front-row seat to the action with excellent visibility of the Academy’s floodlit cricket fields.

Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) sports are unique and require a spot broadcasting these lesser-shown games. Although somewhat niche in Dubai, several bars do cater to GAA followers. Stay updated with venues in JLT, as it’s an area known for its diverse sports offerings and expat-friendly establishments, which occasionally screen GAA matches.

Promotions and Events

Dubai’s sports bars offer an array of promotions and events catered to enhance your experience whilst you catch live action. From happy hours to specially curated ライブ音楽 nights, each venue strives to provide an ambience as lively as the sports being broadcast.

Regular Happenings

Most sports bars in Dubai boast happy hours, allowing you to enjoy drinks at reduced prices, usually during the early evening. These deals are perfect for kicking back with friends before the night’s big game.

Furthermore, establishments like Bedrock Dubai at Pier 7 showcase live games across multiple screens and offer interactive entertainment, such as state-of-the-art darts to engage with during breaks in play.

Live sports broadcasts are a staple, with venues ensuring coverage of various sports, including football, rugby, tennis, and, notably, the Champions League. This is complemented by prominently placed screens so that you’re guaranteed a great view of the action no matter where you’re seated.


Sports bars in Dubai often organise themed events on special occasions, such as significant sports finals or national celebrations. This could range from live music to enhance the festive atmosphere to tailored food and drink menus that resonate with the occasion.

のために Champions League nights and other major sporting events, some bars might extend their happy hours or offer special promotions, ensuring your experience is thrilling and budget-friendly.

It’s not uncommon for venues like Kickers Sports Bar to ramp up the excitement with a panoramic view of the game and a vibrant atmosphere to match the high stakes of the matches. Watch for announcements on such special events to make the most of these unique experiences.