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HSBC ドバイ モール支店 – 高級小売店の中心における銀行サービスのガイド

HSBC Dubai Mall is a notable point of contact for HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services within one of the UAE’s most iconic shopping destinations.

As you explore the economic landscape of Dubai, HSBC stands out with its dedication to providing retail, commercial, and global banking services alongside wealth management solutions. With their presence in the Dubai Mall, customers enjoy the convenience of banking in a location synonymous with 贅沢 and growth.

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Understanding the significance of digital banking, HSBC has embraced technology to enhance your banking experience, with robust online platforms facilitating various financial transactions and services.

The bank ensures round-the-clock support and expert guidance, simplifying personal and business banking with the blend of HSBC’s financial expertise and the digital tools available at your disposal. It marks the evolution of banking, responding to the growing demands for efficiency and accessibility in today’s financial economy.

HSBC Dubai Mall Branch – Key Takeaways

  • HSBC combines its global banking expertise with convenient access at the ドバイモール.
  • Advanced digital banking platforms are available to meet customer needs efficiently.
  • Dedicated customer support ensures a reliable service experience for HSBC users.

HSBC Services in Dubai

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HSBC offers a robust variety of banking services within the ドバイモール. You can access an extensive network of customer service desks, ATMs, and banking solutions, ensuring a seamless financial experience.

Banking Solutions Offered

HSBC Dubai Mall, you can open an account and access a suite of financial products tailored to meet your personal and business needs. The banking services are designed to manage your money conveniently. WitMumultipleomer service desks will handle your queries, allowing you to make the most of the banking solutions offered.

Retail and Wealth Management

HSBC’s retail banking arm concentrates on providing you with personal banking services. This includes Emaar gift cards, valet parking、そして delivery service to enhance your banking experience. The wealth management services ensure that your financial goals are achieved with informed advice and many investment solutions.

Commercial and Global Banking

If you’re managing a business, HSBC’s commercial banking services at the Dubai Mall branch meet your requirements with a comprehensive range of options. The global banking network of HSBC enables seamless international trading and banking, supporting the growth and expansion of your business ventures across borders.

Branches and ATMs

You can locate HSBC branches and ATMs throughout Dubai, offering convenient access and various banking services. This section guides you on where to find these facilities and their operation details.

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Locations and Access

HSBC branches and ATM networks are strategically positioned to cater to your banking needs. Notable locations include the Dubai Mall branch near the Aquarium Carpark and the branch on Sheikh Zayed Road housed within the HSBC Tower. You’ll find ATMs at numerous locations, such as the Al Furjan Pavillion, the Burjuman Centre, and the Deira City Centre.

  • Dubai Mall Branch: Near Aquarium Carpark, Dubai Mall
  • HSBC Tower: On Sheikh Zayed Road

Operating Hours and Contact

The Dubai Mall branch operates from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Saturday through Thursday and from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Fridays. You can reach customer service for any inquiries by phone at +971 4 339 9460 or email at [email protected]. For added convenience, HSBC’s social media channels are actively managed for prompt assistance.

  • Phone: +971 4 339 9460
  • Eメール: [email protected]

Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates

HSBC ensures accessibility within significant shopping centres. Inside Dubai Mall, the branch and ATMs are easily accessible with extended hours aligning with the mall’s opening times. Similarly, in the Mall of the Emirates, you’ll find ATMs ready to serve you, conveniently located near prime spots like the Carrefour Market and Choithram Supermarket.

  • Dubai Mall: Extended hours, branch and ATMs
  • Mall of the Emirates: ATMs near Carrefour Market and Choithram Supermarket

Additional HSBC Networks

The HSBC network in Dubai spans beyond the malls. You’ll find branches and ATMs in critical locations in Bur Dubai, Deira, Jebel Ali, and Jumeirah. For those on the go, HSBC provides ATMs at Dubai International Airport, Dubai Marina Mall, and Dubai Internet City, among others, ensuring you’re never far from your financial services.

  • Bur Dubai: Branch and ATM
  • Deira: Branch and ATM
  • Jebel Ali and Jumeirah: ATM locations

Digital Banking Experience

HSBC’s digital banking experience at Dubai Mall merges the convenience of modern technology with the comprehensive services of a traditional bank. Your banking needs are catered to with efficiency and accessibility via web and mobile platforms.

Web and Mobile Accessibility

HSBC has invested in its digital infrastructure to ensure you can manage your finances efficiently and securely at your convenience. The digital services offered by HSBC UAE are accessible from multiple devices, offering a seamless experience across platforms.

  • Phone Support: You can reset your online banking details and complete processes by calling +971 4 2274310 for customer assistance in the UAE or abroad.
  • Online Banking: A robust online banking platform allows you to access a full range of banking services through the HSBC website. This ensures that your banking needs are covered in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, or Latin America.
  • 顧客サービス: Introducing Customer Service Units in critical locations like Downtown and Mirdif instantly gives you an all-digital journey to get account assistance and credit card services.
  • Mobile Banking: For users on the go, the HSBC UAE App, available for iOS and Android devices, includes features like the Global Money Account for mobile transfers, aligning with the digital banking trend in HSBC branches globally.
  • Addressing Your Needs: Located within easy reach at Dubai Mall, the branch is positioned to cater to a global community with its digital-first approach.

By enhancing its digital banking services, HSBC Dubai Mall provides a forward-looking banking experience, prioritising convenience through innovation.


You receive extensive customer support at the HSBC Dubai Mall branch to enhance your banking experience. The branch offers services such as bank statement requests, clearance or no liability letters, and replacement of credit and debit cards. Additionally, you can request new chequebooks at your convenience.

Contact Methods:

  • Phone: Contact HSBC customer service at Dubai Mall by calling +971 600 554722 for assistance with any banking needs.
  • Eメール: HSBC’s email support is available for detailed inquiries, providing a written record of your communications with bank representatives.
  • 対面: The Dubai Mall customer service centre is at Unit LG – 059, Downtown Dubai. They welcome your questions and provide daily helpful service from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

For HSBC’s online banking users:

  • Online Chat: You can use the chat feature on the online banking platform or through the HSBC UAE app. This enables quick and easy access to support without visiting a branch.

The branch at ドバイモール is part of HSBC’s commitment to convenient and accessible customer service. If you’re located in or near Mirdif, check the availability of HSBC branches in your area to enjoy the same level of service. Use multiple contact methods to manage your banking transactions and queries efficiently.