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Visa Dubai乗り継ぎ – 乗り継ぎ滞在を簡単にナビゲート

Time is of the essence, especially when navigating the bustling transit hub of Dubai International Airport during a layover. The United Arab Emirates has streamlined the experience for travellers with convenient visa arrangements titled 通過ビザ, explicitly designed for those passing through. This type of visa allows you to explore Dubai and its attractions, whether you have 48 or 96 hours to spare before your next flight.

If your journey includes a short layover in Dubai, understanding the ビザと入国要件 is crucial to making the most of your time. The UAE offers transit visas, which can be sponsored by UAE-based airlines.

These must be procured before landing in Dubai, and they provide an excellent opportunity for passengers to step out of the airport and delve into the city’s offerings. Dubai, known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and luxury shopping, can be more than a quick stop; it can become a highlight of your travels.

For those with a more extended layover, planning is critical. The Dubai airport is located near many city attractions, making it feasible for travellers to catch a glimpse of Dubai’s wonders, even quickly. Whether you’re interested in a desert safari, a stroll through the Gold Souk, or visiting the world-renowned Burj Khalifa, there’s an array of activities to suit any interest.

Visa Dubai Layover – Key Takeaways

  • Understanding transit visa requirements can turn a layover into an exciting mini-adventure.
  • Dubai offers activities and attractions for layovers as short as 48 hours.
  • Planning your layover well can enhance your travel experience significantly.


Understanding the visa and entry requirements is essential when planning a layover in Dubai. Whether you’re eligible for a ビザなし入国 or require a transit visa, each traveller’s circumstances will differ based on nationality and the specific regulations set forth by the Emirates and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).


A transit visa is necessary for travellers passing through the UAE if they plan to stay more than a few hours and wish to leave the airport. These are typically valid for 96 hours and should be applied before your journey. You can apply for this visa through a travel agency or directly with エミレーツ航空, who may charge a fee of 50ディルハム.

Visa On Arrival Procedures

For eligible 国籍, Dubai offers the convenience of obtaining a 到着ビザ. As of January 2024, Indian nationals with a regular パスポート valid for at least six months from the arrival date can obtain this entry permit. The visa on arrival is usually a single entry, 14-day visa とともに departure fee.

Visa-Free Entry Eligibility

Sure, travellers can enjoy the ease of visa-free entry to Dubai. This eligibility is based on your 国籍 and passport type. Visitors from various countries can enter without a visa for short stays, but requirements can change, so consult the latest visa guide for the most accurate information.

Planning Your Dubai Layover

When stopping in Dubai, managing your layover time efficiently, understanding available airport services, exploring accommodation options, and navigating transportation are crucial. A well-structured plan will enhance your travel experience, ensuring safety, comfort, and an opportunity to enjoy the city’s offerings even more quickly.

Layover Time Management

Planning your itinerary is essential to make the most of your layover in Dubai. If you have a layover of 6-8 hours, consider staying within proximity to the airport to visit attractions like the ドバイモール or the Burj Khalifa. For more extended layovers, you might fit in a visit to Palm Jumeirah or Old Dubai. Always allocate time for travel and security checks and monitor the 天気, as Dubai’s climate can influence your activities.

Airport Amenities and Services

Dubai International Airport is equipped with various amenities that cater to your comfort. You can find quiet lounges, free Wi-Fi, and places to refresh. For layovers longer than 8 hours, the ‘Dubai Connect service offers complimentary accommodation, transfers, and a visa to leave the airport. Ensure you have some ディルハム on hand, as small expenses like a lunch or a coffee can add up.


For an extended layover, you may prefer to rest at a hotel. The airport offers several options within and nearby, varying from luxury to budget-friendly choices. Secure a booking in advance to avoid last-minute surges in prices. Remember to consider the proximity of your accommodation to the city’s main attractions if you plan to explore.

Transportation Insights

Navigating from and to the airport is straightforward in Dubai. The most common transport options are taxis and the metro. Taxis are abundant and run on meters, while the metro offers a cost-effective way to reach the city’s central areas. Always budget for transportation and consider the convenience and safety of different modes, especially if travelling with luggage or during peak hours.


Dubai offers a wealth of attractions and activities suitable for all types of travellers during a layover. Whether you have just a few hours or an entire day, strategic planning allows you to experience the grandeur of the city’s landmarks, shopping hubs, cultural spots, and adventurous pursuits.

Must-Visit Landmarks

ブルジュ・ハリファ: Standing as a testament to human ingenuity, the ブルジュ・ハリファ is a must-see. As the tallest building in the world, a visit to its observation deck offers panoramic views of the city.

パーム ジュメイラ: Known as the world’s largest artificial island, パーム ジュメイラ is an engineering marvel. You can take a monorail ride to view the island or explore the luxury hotels dotting the archipelago.


ドバイモール: For shopping enthusiasts, ドバイモール isn’t just a retail space; it’s a giant playground. Home to numerous stores, an indoor ice rink, and even the Dubai Aquarium, this mall has something for everyone.

ゴールド スーク: For a more traditional experience, the ゴールド スーク in Old Dubai offers a sparkling array of gold, diamonds, and other precious jewellery in a historic marketplace setting.


オールド・ドバイ: Take a step back in time and explore オールド・ドバイ. Here, history is palpable in every alleyway and market. Enjoy a cultural tour or simply soak in the ambience of the ancient city.

Belly Dancing: An evening desert safari often provides the opportunity to witness traditional ベリーダンス performances, offering a glimpse into the region’s artistic heritage.

Adventure and Recreation

Desert Safari and Dune Bashing: Thrill-seekers should not miss the chance for some 砂丘バッシング on a desert safari. The experience also may include a ラクダに乗る across the sands.

スキー・ドバイ: Icity’s heartland city lies in スキー・ドバイ, an indoor ski resort where snow enthusiasts can escape the desert heat for fun on the slopes.

Dubai astounds with its ability to cater to the laid-back traveller and adventurous spirit. With your time in the city, seize the chance to create lasting memories by indulging in its top-tier attractions and activities.


When planning your Dubai layover, it’s essential to consider health and safety measures, respect cultural etiquette, and understand the financial essentials to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Your safety is paramount when travelling the world. Dubai follows strict health protocols, so always check the latest attractions and events for updates. It’s advisable to download apps that provide health guidelines and services in Dubai to stay informed.

Cultural Etiquette

Cultural awareness is key to a respectcritical visit. Dress modestly and familiarize yourself with local customs to avoid unintentional offense. To complete a guide on what to wear or how to act in various scenarios, look up a reputable weather guide that often includes cultural tips amid climate advice.

Financial Essentials

Budget according to the most current exchange rates. The currency used is the Dirham (AED), and it’s practical to have some cash for smaller transactions. Consider using local currency exchange services or for the best exchange rates at ATMs. Concerning budgeting, knowing the cost of everyday expenses can ensure a hassle-free travel 経験。