Carmela Nice França – Explorando as Delícias Gastronômicas da Riviera

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Old Nice, Carmela emerges as an authentic Italian restaurant, offering a slice of Italy on the bustling Cours Saleya. With a commitment to traditional Italian cuisine, the well-curated menu invites visitors to indulge in dishes meticulously prepared with fresh ingredients and a touch of Mediterranean flair. 

It isn’t just the food that draws people in, but Carmela’s unique atmosphere, too, balancing a retro-chic vibe with the warmth of Italian hospitality that complements the dining experience.

For tourists and locals alike, the restaurant serves as a culinary retreat with its charming decor and inviting ambience. Whether for a leisurely lunch or a lively dinner, Carmela presents an intimate setting for patrons to savour their meals. 

Insights from previous visitors commend the quality of the delectable dishes and the attentive service, ensuring each meal is memorable. To make the most of their visit, guests can note the restaurant’s operating hours, seasonal tips, and any visitor policies for a seamless experience.

Carmela Nice France – Key Takeaways

  • Carmela offers traditional Italian cuisine in the picturesque Old Nice.
  • The restaurant is known for its inviting ambience and retro-chic decor.
  • Visitor reviews highlight the quality of food and service, enhancing the dining experience.

Carmela: A Gem in Nice

Nestled in the heart of the bustling Old Nice, Carmela presents a culinary experience that encapsulates the spirit of the French Riviera. This Italian eatery offers a menu infused with authenticity and an atmosphere that exudes the region’s charm.


Carmela is ideally situated at 3 Place Charles Felix, only a stone’s throw from the vibrant maze of streets in the Old Town. Its central location makes it an accessible stop for locals and tourists.


With an ambience that melds retro chic with modern comfort, diners at Carmela are invited into a space that speaks to the history and contemporaneity of Nice.


  • Italian 
    • Lunch and Dinner
    • Reservations recommended


Outdoor Seating
Serves Alcohol, Full Bar
Table Service

Carmela is dedicated to providing a diverse dining experience, from al fresco lunching amidst the Mediterranean climate to intimate dinners under the stars. The restaurant prides itself on a menu that offers a taste of Italy with every dish, celebrating the richness of Italian cuisine.

Carmela is a location not to be overlooked for those seeking a dining venue that embodies the essence of Nice, from its impeccable flavours to its relaxed yet elegant dining environment. 

Its central location in the heart of the French Riviera positions it as an ideal spot for an authentic meal that captures the essence of the surrounding culture.

Exploring the Menu

Carmela’s menu in Nice, France, celebrates Italian cuisine, offering a range of traditional dishes that appeal to diners seeking an authentic taste of Italy. There’s a particular emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients, with dishes that reflect Italy’s heritage and the French Riviera’s seasonal produce.

Signature Dishes

O burrata emerges as a favourite, seamlessly blending the simplicity of fresh cheese with a hint of finesse. Pasta lovers can indulge in well-crafted dishes, including rich risotto options, while the scampi tartar provides a delightful twist for seafood enthusiasts. 

O beef tagliata is a robust choice for meat enthusiasts, highlighting premium cuts paired with aromatic herbs and quality olive oil. Patrons regularly commend the octopus preparation, evidencing Carmela’s ability to finesse seafood.

Seasonal Specialties

Each season brings new inspirations to the day’s menu, often showcasing local fish specialities and vibrant produce such as artichokes. 

The kitchen’s creativity is highlighted in dishes like the autumnal artichoke risotto, while spring may bring a playful interpretation of vitello tonnato

The pizza selection often features ingredients that pay homage to the seasonality and freshness of the region’s bountiful produce.

Beverage Selections

O vinho list is thoughtfully curated to complement the menu, featuring a robust selection of Italian and French labels with a spotlight on rosé wines, perfectly accompanying the Mediterranean fare. 

Diners beginning their meal may opt for the crispness of fresh focaccia with a glass of sparkling wine or conclude the experience with a full-bodied red alongside a sumptuous cut of beef.

Ambiance and Decor

No Carmela in Nice, the ambience carefully blends traditional and modern elements, creating a welcoming and authentic atmosphere. The decor is described as “retro-chic” and succeeds in establishing a sense of Italian warmth and charm.

  • Atmosfera: The atmosphere within Carmela radiates the warmth of Italian hospitalidade, inviting diners to relax and enjoy their experience. It embodies laid-back Mediterranean energy, conducive to leisurely lunches and cosy dinners.
  • Decor: Thoughtfully chosen furnishings and colours echo the vibrancy of Italy, with an interior that balances rustic accents with stylish, contemporary touches.
  • Contexto: Nestled on the Cours Saleya, the setting of Carmela is both historic and picturesque, offering a dynamic backdrop that complements the restaurant’s character.
  • Energia: Carmela is marked by an energy that is lively yet not overwhelming, a perfect harmony that suits the casual elegance of the restaurant’s environment.

Patrons at Carmela are met with a setting that pays tribute to Italy’s rich culinary culture while retaining a unique character. From the choice of tableware to the strategic placement of lighting, every detail contributes to the restaurant’s distinctive charm. 

This establishes Carmela as a place to dine and an experience to remember, grounded in an appreciation for fine Italian dining amidst inviting surroundings.

The Dining Experience

At Carmela in Nice, France, patrons are promised an exquisite dining experience bolstered by noteworthy service and a welcoming atmosphere tailored to a diverse clientele.

Service Excellence

Carmela is noted for its attentive service, where the staff ensures that every diner feels valued and cared for. Reservations can be made seamlessly, often facilitated by a courteous hostess who adeptly manages the seating arrangements. 

Carmela’s team endeavours to provide personalised service, swiftly addressing requests with professionalism and efficiency, ensuring that everyone, from families to solo diners and business groups, receives the same high standard of care.

Customer Profile

Carmela attracts an eclectic mix of customers ranging from famílias enjoying a hearty Italian meal to couples seeking a romantic dinner setting. 

It’s not uncommon to see solo diners indulging in a peaceful meal alongside groups of friends catching up over fine cuisine. Carmela’s ambience fits the bill perfectly for business diners needing a conducive environment for negotiations or discussions. 

Regardless of the dining context, Carmela caters to each guest with finesse, making it a sought-after dining spot on the French Riviera.

Visitor Insights

In this section, one can explore what patrons think of Carmela in Nice, France. The insights are gathered from TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, presenting a snapshot of customer feedback and ratings.

Avaliações do TripAdvisor

  • Rating Breakdown
    • Comida: 4.0/5
    • Serviço: 4.0/5
    • Valor: 4.0/5
    • Atmosfera: 4.0/5

A selection of TripAdvisor members provided feedback that arrived at an average rating, reflecting a positive consensus. For instance, many mention Italian cuisine as a highlight, indicating satisfaction with the food’s quality and flavour. Service is often described as attentive and efficient.

  • Individual Experiences
    • “A MUST GO! – I found the outdoor seating very pleasant and the full bar service quite impressive.”
    • “A true Italian gem in Nice – several reviews recommend the restaurant for lunch and dinner, noting the value for money.”

The subjective opinions of this establishment suggest that it is well-regarded by travellers, noting the consistent stream of excellent feedback.

Google Reviews

  • Overall Rating: 4.2/5 stars
  • Total Reviews: 350+

Google reviews echo the positive sentiment seen on TripAdvisor. Several users emphasised Italy’s vibrant atmosphere and authentic taste in the heart of Nice. It’s not only the food but the overall dining experience that receives commendations.

  • Frequent Mentions
    • Authenticity: “It feels like a slice of Italy.”
    • Location: “Perfect spot right by Old Town.”

Feedback from Google users generally supports the recommendation that Carmela is a must-visit for Italian cuisine lovers. The traveller rating on Google corroborates the favourable impressions with a strong affirmation of Carmela’s standing as a valued dining destination.

Operational Details

Carmela in Nice, France, is a well-recognised dining establishment for its Italian cuisine. Guests can secure a reservation or walk in to enjoy their meal, with specific details on booking and operating times outlined below.

Reservation Information

Reservations at Carmela are advised, particularly for dinner service or for guests seeking to ensure a table upon arrival. They can make reservations via the restaurant’s website oficial or by calling +33 4 93 92 37 81. The venue prides itself on efficiently accommodating guests, aiming to minimise potential wait times in line.

Horário de funcionamento

Carmela welcomes guests for both lunch and dinner, operating within the following hours:

  • Almoço: 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM
  • Jantar: 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Please note that the restaurant’s opening times may vary on public holidays or special events. To avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended that guests verify these details when booking a table.

Seasonal Visiting Tips

When planning a visit to Carmela in Nice, France, it’s essential to consider the time of year to make the most of the experience.

  • Mar-May (Spring): This period is ideal for those who prefer mild weather and smaller crowds. Outdoor dining at Carmela’s may be more enjoyable, as temperatures are comfortable.
  • Jun-Aug (Summer): Expect warm temperatures and the peak of tourist activity. Reservations at Carmela are highly advised during this high season to avoid long waits.
  • Sep-Nov (Autumn): Visitors can relish the cooler temperatures and reduced tourist presence. It’s a great time to enjoy a more authentic experience at local eateries like Carmela, with less pressure on seating availability.
  • Dec-Feb (Winter): The colder months could offer a cosy ambience at Carmela, but one should be prepared for potentially unpredictable winter weather.
Time of Year Reservas Clima Crowds
Mar-May Advisable Mild Smaller
Jun-Aug Necessário Warm Largest
Sep-Nov Advised Cooler Moderate
Dec-Feb Optional Cold/Variable Smallest

A comprehensive guia da Cidade can assist visitors in aligning their dining experiences with seasonal events and local cultural happenings. It’s prudent for travellers to check ahead for any seasonal adjustments in operating hours at Carmela, particularly during holiday periods or citywide festivals.

Policies and Standards

Carmela, located in Nice, France, adheres to a set of policies and standards designed to ensure the satisfaction and safety of its patrons. 

Tripadvisor LLC provides a platform where former guests can report on their experiences, contributing to a transparent report that reflects Carmela’s commitment to excellent service and cleanliness.

The pricing at Carmela is in euros, and the establishment offers a menu with Francês culinary delights, catering to local and international tastes. 

For those on the go, Carmela ensures that their services are accessible via mobile devices, allowing for convenient booking and enquiry options in multiple languages, including Inglês e Dutch.

  • Cleanliness: Carmela emphasises hygienic practices, aiming to exceed regulatory expectations.
  • Linguagem: Multilingual staff cater to a diverse clientele, providing service in French, English, and other European languages.

Trust & Safety Standards

Carmela prioritises the trust and safety of its customers by adhering to strict guidelines:

  • Staff training on the latest health and safety protocols
  • Regularly updated risk assessments
  • Clear communication of safety measures to guests

General Tips

For prospective customers, it is advisable to:

  • Review the most recent feedback on Tripadvisor to gauge recent guest experiences
  • Contact the restaurant directly for any specific inquiries regarding dietary needs or reservations
  • Familiarise oneself with the local customs and tipping etiquette in France

Adherence to these standards is paramount for Carmela, ensuring each guest’s memorable and enjoyable experience.

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