Mangrove Place Al Reem Island – Um guia completo para viver na ilha

Mangrove Place, a prominent residential development, is in the heart of Shams Abu Dhabi on Ilha Al Reem. This 29-storey building, completed in May 2013 by Federal Properties Limited, offers a range of 1 to 4-bedroom apartments and townhouses to cater to the diverse needs of residents.

Its location adjacent to Sky Towers and proximity to Shams BOUTIK Mall makes it an ideal choice for those seeking modern living in a vibrant community.

The island, easily accessible from Abu Dhabi’s city centre, boasts various shopping and entertainment facilities, providing residents with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Al Reem Island has grown exponentially as a popular residential destination due to its dynamic atmosphere, recreational options, and world-class amenities.

Mangrove Place Al Reem Island – Key Takeaways

  • Mangrove Place is a 29-storey residential complex in Shams Abu Dhabi on Ilha Al Reem.
  • The development offers 1- to 4-bedroom apartments, townhouses, and easy access to shopping and entertainment facilities.
  • Al Reem Island is an increasingly popular residential destination known for its modern lifestyle and abundant amenities.

Localização e acessibilidade

Mangrove Place is a residential complex in Shams Abu Dhabi, Al Reem Island. It boasts a prime location with easy access to various landmarks and public transport options, making it an ideal residence place.

Proximity to Major Landmarks

Mangrove Place is strategically positioned near several major attractions in Abu Dhabi. Its location on Al Reem Island provides residents with stunning views of the mangroves and the Abu Dhabi skyline. It is adjacent to the prestigious Arranha-céu and close to Shams BOUTIK Mall.

Additionally, Mangrove Place residents have convenient access to two renowned islands, Ilha Saadiyat e Ilha Al Maryah, which offer vibrant communities surrounded by nature and a mix of residential and commercial buildings. Other nearby landmarks within the city include Praia da Corniche, Grande Mesquita Sheikh Zayed, e Parque Nacional dos Manguezais. Furthermore, downtown Abu Dhabi is within easy reach, providing access to various shopping complexes and leisure facilities.

Opções de transporte público

Although having a car is prevalent in Abu Dhabi, Mangrove Place residents can still benefit from a few public transport options available. Below are the critical public transport options available near Mangrove Place:

  • Táxis: Taxis are readily available in the area and can be hailed from the streets or booked through a mobile application.
  • Ônibus: Bus stops within walking distance of Mangrove Place provide convenient access to different parts of the city.
  • Cycling: Due to the increasing focus on sustainability, Abu Dhabi has several cycling lanes and bike-sharing platforms for residents.

For those needing to travel further afield, Aeroporto Internacional de Abu Dhabi is approximately 30 kilometres from Al Reem Island, making it relatively easy for Mangrove Place residents to catch flights to international destinations.

Visão geral da propriedade

Apartment Types and Sizes

Mangrove Place is a 29-floor residential complex in Shams Abu Dhabi, Al Reem Island. Developed by Federal Properties Limited and completed in May 2013, it offers a variety of apartment types and sizes to cater to diverse needs.

The tower provides 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom apartments, and 4-bedroom apartments, as well as townhouses. These flats have ample natural light, balcony or terrace options, and captivating sea or mangrove views.

The apartments at Mangrove Place are designed with contemporary fittings and finishes. European-style homes showcase fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and practical layouts, prioritising the residents’ comfort and convenience.

Instalações e comodidades

Residents of Mangrove Place can benefit from an array of facilities and amenities that cater to a modern lifestyle. The tower encompasses 24-hour security, high-end maintenance services, and ample parking spaces, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment.

Among the available amenities, residents can enjoy a well-maintained swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, and dedicated children’s play areas. The proximity to Repton School and other educational institutions makes it a suitable location for families with school-going children.

One of the unique features of Mangrove Place is its proximity to the mangrove forests. These lush, green areas allow residents to reconnect with nature while still being situated within the dynamic urban environment.

Mangrove Place is an ideal residential option for modern apartments with top-notch amenities in Al Reem Island.

Estilo de vida e recreação

Community Atmosphere

Mangrove Place in Al Reem Island offers its residents a vibrant and sophisticated lifestyle. Designed with a European style, the complex has contemporary fittings and finishes that cater to the modern urban dweller. The community is well-connected to the city centre and features a variety of amenities that create a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Residents can access premium facilities like the outdoor swimming pool, balconies with city views, and ample parking. Additionally, the location of Mangrove Place ensures that the residents can easily visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a popular cultural attraction in the area.

Varejo e restaurantes

Mangrove Place is near various supermarkets, providing residents with a convenient shopping experience. Notable nearby supermarkets include Al Maya Supermarket e Waitrose, catering to daily essentials and grocery needs.

Shopping Boutik is another retail destination close to Mangrove Place that offers a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The mall features popular outlets, restaurants, and cafés that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Some notable dining options in the area include:

  • The Kettle Corner: A well-known café offering a wide array of sandwiches, soups, and salads
  • La Brioche: A famous patisserie and café serving fresh pastries, cakes, and light meals
  • Smoking Doll: A contemporary Asian restaurant offering a unique fusion of flavours
  • Beachside Café: A casual café with a relaxed vibe, ideal for meeting friends or enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee
  • Hanoi Naturally: A Vietnamese restaurant specialising in healthy, gluten-free dishes
  • First Clique: A stylish restaurant with an extensive menu of international cuisine

In addition to the restaurants mentioned above, residents can visit A Galeria for an upscale shopping and dining experience. The Galleria features diverse dining options and high-end retail outlets, making it a popular destination for shoppers and food enthusiasts.

Overall, Mangrove Place provides an enriching lifestyle and recreational experience. With a dynamic community atmosphere and various retail and dining options, residents can enjoy the best of Al Reem Island at their doorstep.

Oportunidades de investimento

Compra de propriedade

Mangrove Place, located in Shams Abu Dhabi on Al Reem Island, offers a variety of exquisite investment opportunities. With a range of options from 1-bedroom- to 4-bedroom apartments and 3-bedroom townhouses, there are properties to suit different preferences and needs.

The spacious layouts of these units make them highly attractive to potential buyers and renters. Additionally, residents can enjoy full facilities within the development, providing an even more appealing living experience.

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments: 700,000 AED
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments: 865,000 AED
  • 3 Bedroom Townhouses: Prices upon request
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments: Prices upon request

Tendências de mercado

Mangrove Place has consistently shown an impressive return on investment (ROI) rate. For instance, one-bedroom apartments boast an ROI rate of 8.2%, while two-bedroom apartments have a return rate that is also commendable. These impressive figures and the development’s notable reputation, location, and facilities make Mangrove Place an excellent deal for those looking to invest in property on Al Reem Island.

The Al Reem Island property market is continuously witnessing growth and development, creating a demand for high-quality residential options such as those provided by Mangrove Place. As a result, the development’s units are attracting the attention of both local and international investors who seek solid investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi’s thriving real estate market.

Essential Services

Instalações educacionais

Mangrove Place offers access to excellent educational facilities, including Hummingbird Nursery e Mosaic Nursery, which cater to the needs of parents with young children. Furthermore, Al Reem Island provides various schools for children of all ages, ensuring that educational requirements are met at every level.

Prestação de cuidados de saúde

Concerning healthcare provisions for Mangrove Place residents, numerous healthcare centres and hospitals are available nearby. Residents can access primary healthcare services for their everyday needs and specialised treatment facilities when required.

In addition to educational and healthcare facilities, Mangrove Place provides high-quality essential services to ensure its residents a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. These services include:

  • Concierge Services: A professional concierge team is available to assist residents with their daily needs, such as arranging transport, making reservations, and providing general assistance.
  • Maintenance Services: Mangrove Place offers a dedicated staff to address maintenance-related issues and ensure the building’s facilities and systems run smoothly.
  • Elevadores: For the convenience and comfort of its residents, Mangrove Place is equipped with modern and efficient elevators, providing easy access to all floors and apartments.
  • Play Area: Families with children can enjoy well-designed and safe play areas within the building, enabling children to engage in fun activities while remaining within the safety of the residential complex.
  • Prayer Area: Recognising the importance of spiritual needs, Mangrove Place features prayer areas for residents to fulfil their religious obligations.
  • Jacuzzi: As part of the top-notch amenities provided, a luxurious Jacuzzi is available for residents, enabling them to relax and unwind after a long day.

Mangrove Place uniquely combines essential services with an array of luxurious amenities, emphasising the importance of balancing practicality and comfort for its inhabitants.

Resident Reviews and Ratings

Mangrove Place, located in Al Reem Island, has received generally positive feedback from its residents. They have praised the totalmente mobiliado apartments and the exquisite décor, which adds a touch of elegance to the living space.

A particular highlight residents mention is the excellent property location, with easy access to malls, restaurants, and other essential amenities. It provides more spacious living options for 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments and townhouses.

In terms of ratings, Mangrove Place has received an overall score of 3.5 for staff and security, ensuring residents’ safety is a priority. It also scored 4 in terms of gym and pool facilities and a 3.5 for being child-friendly, a vital aspect for families residing in the building. The noise levels received a score of 3, indicating a reasonably peaceful environment. Moreover, the property scored 4.5 for guest parking availability, a significant benefit for visitors.

As for apartment types, 2BR (2BHK) has been a popular choice among residents due to its spaciousness and suitability for most family sizes. The rental rates for these units are competitive, with annual costs ranging from AED 50,000 (USD 14,000) to AED 140,000 (USD 38,000), and the units have freehold status. Investment-wise, one-bedroom apartments at Mangrove Place have a return on investment rate of 8.2%, while two-bedroom apartments have a return rate of 8%.

In summary, Mangrove Place in Al Reem Island offers a selection of well-designed and fully furnished apartments with various amenities, making it a favourable residential choice. The reviews and ratings from its residents reflect satisfaction with the living experience at this property.

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