Vida Residence Downtown Emaar – Uma referência em vida de luxo

Vida Residence Downtown, developed by Emaar Properties, stands as a premium-class residential complex in the heart of Dubai’s thriving metropolis, Downtown Dubai.

The 60-storey skyscraper was completed in 2019 and is known for its modern architectural style that effortlessly complements the city’s dynamic skyline. Offering a range of apartments, the Vida Residence Downtown caters to those seeking the blend of luxury living with the convenience and excitement of urban life.

Residents of Vida Residence Downtown benefit from the proximity to major landmarks and ease of access to various parts of the city. The development offers an array of amenities and services, ensuring an ultimate lifestyle experience. Apartments in this development provide a synergy of comfort and sophistication indicative of the high standards Emaar Properties maintains.

Vida Residence Downtown Emaar – Key Takeaways

  • Vida Residence Downtown provides luxurious living spaces in Dubai’s city centre.
  • The development offers a range of modern amenities and immediate city access.
  • Emaar’s Vida Residence is an attractive option for both residents and investors.

Overview of Vida Residence Downtown

Vida Residence Downtown perfectly blends luxury and comfort within Dubai’s vibrant heart. Its 60-storey skyscraper offers 320 bespoke serviced apartments, exemplifying how modern amenities and design coexist with stunning views of iconic landmarks.

Características principais

  • Storeys: 60
  • Units: 320 serviced apartments
  • Visualizações: Apartments with balconies offering Burj Khalifa views

Residents at Vida Residence Downtown benefit from an array of luxurious facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym, sauna, and infinity swimming pool that overlooks the Burj Khalifa. It offers apartment configurations ranging from one to three-bedroom units and penthouses, catering to various preferences.

Projeto arquitetônico

The triangular tower of Vida Residence Downtown exhibits an aesthetic inspired by New York’s Art Deco movement. It incorporates a harmonious blend of stone and glass to construct a beautiful facade in the Dubai skyline.

Structurally, the building connects to the Vida Downtown Hotel through an air-conditioned glass bridge, which is functional and adds to the building’s unique architectural identity.

Localização e acessibilidade

Vida Residence Downtown, developed by Emaar Properties, boasts a prime location in the heart of Downtown Dubai, ensuring excellent accessibility to and from significant landmarks and transport links.

Proximidade de pontos de referência

Vida Residence Downtown’s positioning on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard offers immediate proximity to some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. The residence is just a short walk from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, providing residents with spectacular views of this architectural marvel.

Além disso, o Shopping Dubai, one of the most prominent shopping and entertainment destinations globally, is merely a stone’s throw away. The historic Souk Al-Bahar, an Arabian market, is also adjacent to the property, offering a traditional shopping experience.

Ligações de transporte

Transport connectivity complements Vida Residence Downtown’s central location. Residents can access a variety of transport options including:

  • Dubai Metro: The nearest metro station is within walking distance, connecting residents to the broader city.
  • Taxis: Readily available throughout Downtown Dubai.
  • Bus Services: Multiple routes serve the area, facilitating convenient movement across the city.

By integrating premium residential units within a well-connected urban environment, Vida Residences Downtown ensures residents experience luxurious living and effortless travel.

Comodidades e instalações

Vida Residence Downtown is designed with a comprehensive array of amenities and facilities catering to its residents’ comfort and leisure needs. The development offers an elegant array of options for leisure and health that enhance the living experience for individuals and families alike.

Lazer e Recreação

At Vida Residence Downtown, leisure amenities are thoughtfully integrated for the enjoyment of residents. An outstanding highlight é o piscina, which offers a refreshing escape from the city bustle. For families, there are dedicated areas where children can play and engage in activities, fostering a welcoming environment for the younger residents.

  • Entertainment and relaxation options:
    • Piscina
    • Children’s playground
    • Recreation area
    • Landscaped garden

Moreover, the availability of nearby shops ensures that residents have convenient access to retail therapy just a stone’s throw from their homes. An air-conditioned glass bridge provides comfortable traversing to adjacent areas, enriching the living experience with seamless connectivity.

Wellness and Health

Health and wellness are core aspects of the lifestyle at Vida Residence Downtown. Residents can easily maintain their fitness routines, thanks to the inclusive academia, equipped with modern apparatus, and the dedicated Centro de fitness. These facilities are designed with space and functionality in mind to promote an active lifestyle.

  • Active lifestyle and wellness facilities:
    • A fitness centre with modern equipment
    • Academia
    • Steam room
    • Sauna
    • SPA centre

The SPA centre and the steam room and sauna offer a tranquil retreat where residents can unwind, refresh, and invigorate their senses after a busy day. They provide a perfect blend of fitness and relaxation tailored to the health-conscious city dweller.

Living in Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is recognised for its vibrant, premium lifestyle and is the home of some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. Residents experience a blend of luxury and convenience, making it a sought-after location for those seeking a dynamic urban lifestyle.

Community Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Downtown Dubai is tailored to those who seek comfort and convenience within an urban setting. The area is known for Vida Residence Downtown, a prestigious property that embellishes the neighbourhood with its serviced apartments. This upscale living opportunity has amenities that promise a comprehensive, serviced living experience. Famílias and individuals enjoy access to various leisure, wellness, and retail facilities, reinforcing the essence of luxury associated with the area.

Nearby Educational Institutions

For families residing in Downtown Dubai, the proximity to reputable escolas is critical to the community. A list of nearby educational institutions includes:

  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • Dubai International School
  • GEMS Wellington Primary School

These schools offer varied curriculums and cater to educational needs from the early years to high school level, providing quality education accessible within a short commute from Vida Residence Downtown and other residential propriedades in the area.

Oportunidades de investimento

Investing in Vida Residence Downtown by Emaar Properties presents a compelling opportunity for investors looking at the high-end property market in Downtown Dubai. These residences promise attractive rental yields and property appreciation due to their strategic location and the prestige associated with Emaar developments.

Rental Yields

  • Average Rental Prices: An investor can expect competitive rental prices due to Vida Residence Downtown’s prime location. The affluent area attracts high rental demands, which can lead to substantial returns on investment (ROI).
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Emaar Properties is known for maintaining their developments to high standards, which can help preserve the value of the apartments and potentially enhance rental income through minimal requirements for maintenance.

Property Appreciation

  • Historical Growth: Properties in Downtown Dubai have historically appreciated over time, and Vida Residences, being a completed development, are no exception. The constant evolution of the area contributes to steady property value increases.
  • Market Factors: Factors such as an influx of high-net-worth individuals, the exclusivity of the property, and overall market trends in Dubai’s real estate sector play a vital role in influencing the appreciation of properties at Vida Residence Downtown.
  • Apartment Types and Prices: A range of apartment sizes and prices caters to different segments of the market, which can influence the investment strategy and anticipated appreciation. Prices have ranged from affordable to premium, reflecting the variety and inclusivity of the investment opportunities available within the development.

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