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Круглосуточная аптека в Абу-Даби – ваш путеводитель по круглосуточному доступу к лекарствам

Healthcare needs can arise at any hour, and access to round-the-clock pharmacy services is essential in a city that never sleeps. Abu Dhabi, a bustling metropolis, understands the pulse of its residents and visitors, offering a vast network of 24-hour pharmacies.

These healthcare havens cater to the community’s urgent medical needs, ensuring that prescription medications and over-the-counter products are always available. With a focus on convenience and comprehensive care, these pharmacies serve as critical points for health and wellness support in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

Finding a 24-hour pharmacy in Abu Dhabi is straightforward for those needing late-night medication or health advice. A number of healthcare providers operate these pharmacies across the Emirate, making them easily accessible.

Кроме того, Abu Dhabi Government Services website is a valuable resource for locating a pharmacy nearby. Knowledgeable pharmacists are on hand to assist customers, offering expert guidance on medication and health products. Whether for a sudden ailment or ongoing treatment, Abu Dhabi’s all-hours pharmacies ensure no one is left without the necessary healthcare support, regardless of the time.

24 Hours Pharmacy in Abu Dhabi – Key Takeaways

  • Abu Dhabi boasts a range of pharmacies that are open 24 hours, catering to immediate health needs.
  • Locating a 24-hour pharmacy is simple with the help of government services websites.
  • Expert pharmacists are available around the clock to assist with medication and advice.

Finding 24-Hour Pharmacies in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, the convenience of round-the-clock pharmacies means never having to worry about the hour when health needs arise.

List of 24-Hour Pharmacies

Abu Dhabi has several pharmacies open 24 hours daily, providing continual access to medications and health care products. Prominent among them are:

  • Aster Pharmacy
  • NMC Pharmacy
  • Al Manara Pharmacy
  • Медицинская Аптека
  • Boots Pharmacy

Pharmacy Locations and Contact Information

The locations of these pharmacies are spread across the city for easy accessibility:

  • Aster Pharmacy: Accessible in various places, Aster’s store locator
  • NMC Pharmacy: Found on the premises of NMC hospitals
  • Al Manara Pharmacy: Situated in Abu Dhabi Mall, Contact: 02-6452112
  • Medicina Pharmacy: Outlets can be located via their website
  • Boots Pharmacy: Boots stores are present in several malls and neighbourhoods

Maps and additional contact details are often available on pharmacy websites or apps.

Services Offered by 24-Hour Pharmacies

The 24-hour pharmacies in Abu Dhabi not only dispense medications but also offer health care products, medical equipment, and consultation services. Many have well-trained pharmacists available to assist with medical inquiries at any time.

Mobile Apps and Online Resources

To locate a 24-hour pharmacy or check medication availability, customers can use pharmacy-specific mobile apps or visit online resources. These pharmacies often feature functional websites and services for added convenience, such as home delivery options.

The Abu Dhabi Government Services website is a reliable starting point for a comprehensive list and map of pharmacies.

Healthcare Services and Assistance in Abu Dhabi’s 24-Hour Pharmacies

In the bustling Emirate of Abu Dhabi, round-the-clock pharmacies are beacons of health, providing various services beyond just dispensing medications.

Emergency and Home Delivery Services

Emergencies require spontaneous and effective responses. Healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi ensure that pharmacies offer crucial emergency services и home delivery options. Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, patients can access necessary medications thanks to this 24/7 approach.

Notable establishments like Aster Pharmacy provide free delivery, ensuring patients receive their medications promptly. The TAMM website is valuable for residents, facilitating a streamlined search for medical providers.

Wellness and Medication Advice

Abu Dhabi’s pharmacists are pivotal in healthcare, offering expert wellness and medication advice. They assist customers with professional health advisory services to make informed decisions about their medical treatment.

Pharmacies, like those under both public and private healthcare establishments, are staffed by well-trained pharmacists who can guide patients through complex prescription details, over-the-counter choices, and proper medication management.

Licensing and Regulations

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi strictly oversees pharmacy licensing and regulations to guarantee the highest quality of care. Each pharmacy operating in the Emirate must have a valid license number and adhere to standards set by Shafafiya and other regulatory systems.

These measures ensure that only licensed healthcare facilities distribute prescription drugs. Furthermore, this oversight extends to customer care, safeguarding the преимущества that patients receive from 24-hour pharmacies.

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