Дешевые бары в Абу-Даби – лучшие бюджетные места для ночного отдыха

Abu Dhabi, a vibrant city known for its spectacular skyline and lavish lifestyle, is also home to many bars where you can enjoy a good night without breaking the bank.

Across the city, from the bustling downtown to the serene waterfront, there are spots where economically savvy patrons can sip on a range of budget-friendly beverages.

Many establishments offer happy hours, special deals, and promotions, affording you the pleasure of indulging in various drinks at a fraction of the regular costs.

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The capital’s bar scene isn’t just about the cheap drinks and the overall experience. There’s something for everyone, from ambient pubs with live entertainment to cosy spots serving culinary delights alongside their libations.

The best part is that having a memorable evening in Abu Dhabi doesn’t require a lavish spSome spending features unique themes or stand-out offerings that create unforgettable drinking experiences without necessitating a great out considerably.

Cheap Bars in Abu Dhabi – Takeaways

  • Economical drink options are plentiful in Abu Dhabi’s diverse bar scene.
  • Happy hours and promotions enhance the nightlife experience.
  • Unique and memorable bar experiences are available on a budget.

Top Spots for Affordable Drinks в Абу-Даби

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If you’re on the look looking out in Abu Dhabi that won’t break the bank, you’re in the right place. Yas Marina and Саадият Ротана offer excellent deals on drinks, with happy hours and special nights tailored to budget-conscious patrons.

Yas Marina’s Best Budget-Friendly Bars

Яс Марина is not just a hub for luxury yachts and upscale dining; it also houses some of the most wallet-friendly watering holes for your evening escapades. You can sip your favourite beverages during happy hours without the hefty price tag. Watch for ladies’ night offers, often featuring complimentary drinks for female guests.

  • Casa de Cuba
    • Happy Hour: Enjoy selected beverages at reduced prices from 4 pm to 8 pm
    • Ladies Night: Special discounts every Tuesday evening
  • Stars’ N’ Bars
    • Budget Deal: Sample house beverages starting from AED 25
    • Brunch: Weekend brunches with affordable drink packages

Saadiyat Rotana’s Drink Deals

В Саадият Ротана, special drink promotions are available, allowing you to relish in a sophisticated atmosphere without a hefty price. Whether you plan to end your workday with a relaxed drink or kick off the weekend, the deals here cater to varied tastes and are particularly attractive during happy hours and brunches.

  • Hamilton’s Gastropub
    • Happy Hour: Discounts on select drinks daily from 4 pm to 7 pm
    • Brunch: Extensive drink options with brunch menus on weekends
  • Turtle Bay Bar & Grill
    • Happy Hour: Special rates on house drinks from 5 pm to 7 pm
    • Ladies Night: Weekly offers that often include two complimentary drinks

Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Abu Dhabi at these spots where the ambience is lively, the drinks are affordable, and the memories won’t require you to spend extravagantly. Whether you fancy a laid-back evening or a spirited night out, these establishments have you covered.

Live Entertainment and Nightlife

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Abu Dhabi offers a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to your love for live music and dance. Here, you’ll find a variety of bars and clubs that provide refreshing drinks and electrifying entertainment to make your evenings unforgettable.

Bars with Live Music in Abu Dhabi

  • Hemingway’s: Enjoy craft beers and live music with a house band playing from Monday to Saturday at a cosy pub at Hemingway’s.
  • Tavern: If you prefer a more traditional setting, Tavern at the Sheraton offers old-school charm with live music sessions that run into the night on select days.

Iris Abu Dhabi: Iris gives you a mix of contemporary style and comfort. Here, you might experience live bands that uplift the ambience with versatile beats.

Hidden Bar: For a more intimate setting with live music, the Hidden Bar provides a space where acoustic sets could add a touch of elegance to your evening.

Dance and Nightlife Venues

  • Glo: When your feet are itching to dance, Glo is a trendy outdoor lounge that offers a chic experience under the stars. The tunes here might range from upbeat tracks to chill vibes to suit different moods.

Enclosed dance venues with a pulsating DJ scene are dotted across the city, setting the stage for all-night dance episodes. Abu Dhabi’s clubs won’t disappoint if you’re after a high-energy evening packed with dance and music. Keep your eyes peeled for special events and guest DJs who frequently grace the decks of the city’s hotspots.

Culinary Delights and Bar Menus

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In Abu Dhabi, your quest for budget-friendly yet exceptional bar menus is met with a vibrant selection of establishments. Offering international cuisine and the best in bar grub, these venues blend a welcoming pub atmosphere with an array of delicious culinary options.

Bars with International Cuisine

When your palate yearns for variety, Abu Dhabi’s bars with international cuisine present a world of flavours. Savour a menu that takes you from Italy’s hearty dishes to Brazil’s sizzling grills.

  • Italian: Indulge in classic Italian fare, where pizzas and pasta complement your favourite drink.
  • Brazilian: Experience the bold flavours of Brazil with churrasco-style meats that promise a feast for the senses.
  • Японский: Sushi rolls and tempura platters offer a lighter yet equally satisfying option for those who enjoy the subtle complexities of Japanese cuisine.

Best Eateries for Bar Grub

Аутентичный pub grub unites with culinary innovation to offer you an impressive selection of comfort foods that are both affordable and delicious.

  • American: Classic burgers and fries are given a gourmet twist, elevating simple dishes with premium ingredients and expert seasoning.
  • Menu Specials: Each bar presents its unique specials, embracing both innovation and tradition to ensure there’s something for every taste bud.

Remember, as you navigate the spirited nightlife of Abu Dhabi, these select venues merge delicious eats with economical prices, ensuring that your evening out is as pleasing to your wallet as it is to your appetite.

Unique Drinking Experiences in Abu Dhabi

Your night out in Abu Dhabi can be filled with extraordinary experiences at venues offering a taste of the unique. From speakeasy bars whisking you back to the Prohibition era to rooftop venues that provide an expansive view of the city’s skyline, each location has a distinct charm that caters to an unforgettable evening.

Speakeasy Bars and Themed Nights

Immerse yourself in the clandestine allure of Abu Dhabi’s speakeasy bars. Revelling in a Prohibition-inspired atmosphere, places like Penelope’s will transport you to a bygone era where juniper spirits reign supreme.

You can peruse through an extensive gin library showcasing the best in botanical complexity. Themed nights add another layer of character, allowing you to indulge in a world of vintage charm and secrecy.

Rooftop Bars with Panoramic Views

Elevate your evening at one of Abu Dhabi’s supreme rooftop bars. Glo Rooftop Bar offers your favourite beverages and breathtaking vistas of the city’s horizon. Savour each sip of your cocktail amidst the backdrop of a setting sun.

Тем временем, Stratos Revolving Restaurant provides a 360-degree panorama that complements the sophisticated flavour profiles of your drinks, with the glittering skyline serving as a majestic canvas. And do not forget the sumptuous Rosewood Abu Dhabi, which combines luxury with views, ensuring your experience is as aesthetically pleasing as it is palatable.

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