Как стать хорошим менеджером? – Важные советы новым руководителям?

As a new manager, you can shape the future of your team and company. Being a good manager necessitates a combination of skills and a positive attitude, and understanding the critical elements of effective management is essential. Here are some starting points for your journey to becoming a great manager.

How to Become a Good Manager?

Let’s explore becoming a good manager for your team.

  1. Recognize and Provide Constructive Feedback to Workers

Rewarding employees for their efforts and accomplishments is critical to being a successful manager. Positive reinforcement boosts morale, motivates employees, and fosters a feeling of belonging among team members. Constructive feedback is also essential because it helps employees comprehend their strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve. 

  1. Establish traditional goals and metrics

Setting specific goals and metrics is critical for effective management because it helps to define expectations, create priorities, and assess performance. It’s crucial to convey these objectives and metrics to your team so that everyone is working towards the same goal. 

  1. Dialogue is essential

Any successful team relies on Эффективная коммуникация. It is your duty as a manager to maintain open lines of communication and to lead by example in effective communication. This entails being approachable, constantly listening, and communicating transparently. 

  1. Maintain Integrity

Following established processes for specific tasks within your company can result in positive outcomes. Consistency aids in process optimization, texture, and efficiency. To optimize the benefits of character, it is critical to establish and adhere to transparent processes and procedures. 

  1. Use Servant Teaching

Servant leadership is a leadership style that prioritizes the requirements of others. Adopting this strategy can assist your team members in developing and becoming more productive, motivated, and engaged. To be a successful servant leader, you must shift your perspective and see your employees as people you work with rather than people you work for. 

  1. Motivate Others

It would help if you inspired your team members to be successful managers. Begin by getting to know each employee and assisting them in developing their goals and core beliefs. They build trust with each employee as they work towards their objectives by providing positive feedback and support. This will contribute to developing a positive and supportive work atmosphere in which team members are motivated to do their best. 

  1. Provide Information

A competent manager communicates their team’s expectations. You can help your team members understand their roles and responsibilities and work in an organised and productive manner by expressing your expectations clearly. This will also help reduce confusion and misunderstandings and guarantee that everyone is working towards the same end objective. [2]

  1. Adopt Leadership Values

You must comprehend how to manage people to be an effective manager, including direct reports, team members, outside contractors, and supervisors. Consider adopting leadership principles such as honesty, Integrity, and accountability to better your ability to manage people. These traits can help you become a more effective and successful manager by instilling confidence and respect in your team members.

To summarise, becoming a good manager entails непрерывное обучение and development. You can become an effective and successful manager who leads by example and inspires others to do their best by following these steps and improving your skills and knowledge.

Becoming a good manager takes time and work, but the rewards are worth it. You can become an effective and successful manager who leads by example and inspires others to do their best by following these guidelines and developing your skills and knowledge.

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