Стоимость жизни в Ванкувере и Торонто – углубленное сравнение, 2024 г.

When considering relocating or comparing the cost of living between cities in Canada, Vancouver and Toronto often stand out as two of the most prominent urban centres where people might choose to settle.

Both towns offer a range of diverse neighbourhoods, solid cultural scenes, and numerous economic opportunities, but they also come with different price tags for everyday expenses. Understanding the cost implications of each city can help you make an informed decision about where to live.

The cost of living encompasses a variety of factors, from the price of housing—whether you’re renting or looking to buy—to the cost of groceries, transportation, and entertainment.

Additionally, Vancouver and Toronto’s distinct climates and geographical features can influence your living expenses, possibly affecting your utility bills and outdoor activities. Moreover, if you’re considering factors like education or planning for a family, the cost of childcare and schooling are additional components that will mould your monthly budget.

Living Cost Vancouver vs Toronto – Key Takeaways

  • Vancouver and Toronto present unique living costs, with distinct differences in housing prices and daily expenses.
  • Lifestyle choices, including entertainment and dining out, have different cost implications in each city.
  • The local climate and geography can impact the overall cost of living, affecting aspects like heating bills and transportation needs.

General Cost of Living Comparison

When considering relocation, evaluating the cost of living between Vancouver and Toronto is critical due to their ranking as Canada’s most expensive cities. Each city offers a distinct quality of life that affects your overall expenses and budgeting.

Overall Expenses

Vancouver and Toronto are close competitors for the ta’s highest cost of living, with prices reflecting their status as top-tier urban centres. According to a comparison by Numbeo, daily expenses in Toronto can be slightly higher, directly impacting the disposable income of its residents.

Жилье и аренда

The housing market significantly influences the cost of living. Toronto’s housing prices are some of the highest in the country, with Vancouver trailing closely behind. For those looking to rent, the difference in costs can be substantial. A cost of living analysis suggests that living in Vancouver can be more affordable in terms of housing.

Еда и продукты

Grocery prices can vary based on location and availability. You will find that prices for essential dining out in Vancouver in both cities could be slightly higher. However, as per data from Numbeo, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant often costs more in Toronto.

Транспорт и поездки на работу

  • Toronto’s public transit system, the TTC, provides extensive coverage and is comparatively cost-efficient.
  • Vancouver’s TransLink According to recent comparisons, seamless transportation but at marginally higher prices, according to recent comparisons.
  • Owning a car in either city incurs similar expenses, with gasoline and insurance prices being key factors.

Healthcare and Personal Care

Canada’s healthcare system provides resident healthcare services at low direct costs. However, personal care items and additional health services can lead to different expenditures in these cities. Toronto has a higher cost for personal care products in an individual’s monthly budget.

Accommodation Costs

Comparing the cost of living between Vancouver and a recommendation expense is a significant factor. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, your location choice between the city centre and the suburbs will significantly influence your price.

Rental Market Overview

  • Vancouver:
    • You will likely pay about 2,100 CAD monthly for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre.
    • A similar property further from the downtown may average around 1,700 CAD monthly.
  • Toronto:
    • Renting a one-bedroom apartment within the city centre costs around 2,000 CAD, slightly less than in Vancouver.
    • Moving to the suburbs can reduce your monthly rent to approximately 1,600 CAD.

Both cities can be demanding for the budget-conscious, especially for families requiring more space, which will increase rent costs accordingly.

Property Purchase Prices

  • Vancouver:
    • A prime location in the city centre commands high purchase prices, often exceeding 1 million CAD for a small to mid-sized apartment.
    • The suburbs offer some respite, but prices remain high compared to national averages.
  • Toronto:
    • Buying an apartment in the city centre presents a similar financial challenge, with prices per square metre matching or sometimes surpassing those in Vancouver.
    • Suburban areas, while more affordable, still require substantial investment, reflecting Toronto’s high demand for housing.

Whether renting or buying in Vancouver or Toronto, expect to face a competitive market and substantial outlays, particularly in the sought-after central areas.

Lifestyle and Entertainment Expenses

In comparing Vancouver’s lifestyle and entertainment expenses versus Toronto’s, you’ll discover that both cities offer a vibrant scene that caters to various tastes and budgets.

Ужинать вне дома

If you want to dine out in Vancouver, an inexpensive restaurant meal can cost around 27.00 C$, while Toronto’s equivalent is slightly less at 25.00 C$. For a more upscale dining experience, a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant is, on average, priced at 120.00 C$ in Vancouver and 110.00 C$ in Toronto. This suggests that enjoying a meal in both cities can be pretty similar in cost, with Toronto offering a slightly better deal.

Культурно-развлекательная деятельность

Both cities offer a range of cultural and recreational activities, but the cost can vary. In Toronto, your options include the Royal Ontario Museum and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. A standard adult admission ticket to the museum can cost approximately 23 C$.

In Vancouver, a visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery might attract an entrance fee of around 24 C$. Recreational activities like movie tickets, fitness club memberships, and sports events generally have comparative pricing between cities.

Clothing and Miscellaneous

Shopping for clothes in Toronto and Vancouver can reveal subtle differences in pricing:

  • Pair of Jeans: Around 65-85 C$ in both cities.
  • Summer Dress: Approximately 40 C$ in chain stores.

Surprisingly, the Nike running shoes cost virtually the same, just over 100 C, in both locations. For miscellaneous expenses like monthly public transit passes, expect to pay about 146.25 C$ in Toronto versus 98 C$ in Vancouver, which may impact your monthly budget if you rely on public transportation. It’s also worth noting that both cities are considered safe with similar crime rates, making them relatively equal in entertainment safety.

Climate and Geography’s Impact on Living Costs

A region’s local climate and geographical features significantly influence your cost of living. This is well exemplified in Canada when comparing Vancouver in British Columbia with Toronto in Ontario.

Weather Considerations


  • Опыт milder temperatures year-round due to its West Coast location.
  • High amounts of дождь contribute to its lush landscape but can mean additional spending on rain gear and waterproofing for homes.


  • She is known for weather extremes, ranging from hot summers to cold, snowy winters.
  • These conditions can lead to higher utilities as you cope with heating costs in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Geographical Influence on Prices

Vancouver’s terrain is marked by beaches, lakes, и горы, offering a range of recreational activities. However, the mountainous geography limits urban sprawl, escalating property values and impacting the overall cost of living.

В отличие, Торонто is situated in Ontario, with more expanses of developable land. Despite this, it’s not immune to high living costs. Proximity to the Great Lakes and desirable city amenities contribute to competitive housing and market prices.

Discover the differences in living costs related to climate and geography for other cities, such as Metro Vancouver’s affordability and details about climate impact in regions like Toronto and Vancouver.

Образование и семейная жизнь

When considering moving to Vancouver or Toronto, exploring each city’s educational opportunities and family services is essential. You’ll find that both towns have esteemed schools and universities and comprehensive child care and family services, which are critical for families looking to balance work and home life.

Школы и университеты


  • Offers a range of educational institutions, including the internationally recognised University of British Columbia (UBC).
  • Provides education in the Vancouver School District, featuring diverse programmes for all ages.


  • Known for prestigious universities like the University of Toronto (UofT), a top-ranking institution with various programmes.
  • The Toronto District School Board is the largest in Canada, encompassing a wide selection of schools.

Child Care and Family Services


  • Subsidised childcare options are available, aimed to be more inclusive and affordable for all families.
  • Family services include community centres and programs designed to support children and parents, emphasising outdoor and environmental activities.


  • Diverse child care services, ranging from in-home care to larger centres, reflect the city’s multicultural fabric.
  • Family services in Toronto are comprehensive, focusing on early learning and family support programs provided by the city’s extensive network of service providers.

Vancouver and Toronto are ranked among the best cities to live in Canada, considering the quality of education and family-centric environment. They accommodate families varying in needs and aspirations, all within vibrant, diverse populations. Whether you prioritise higher education or accessible family services, you’ll find suitable options in both cities.

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