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Жизнь в Португалии и Испании – сравнение образа жизни, затрат и культуры

As the sun sets on another balmy day, the age-old debate simmers among those dreaming of a life under the Iberian sun: Portugal or Spain? Each country boasts its own vibrant culture, exquisite cuisines, and stunning landscapes that could easily make a traveller want to stay forever.

Whether you’re drawn to the golden beaches of the Algarve or the dynamic streets of Barcelona, the decision to call one of these countries home is laden with a host of considerations.

The tranquillity of Portugal’s pace of life often contrasts with Spain’s spirited fiestas and siestas. While Portugal may offer a more affordable cost of living in cities like Porto or Lisbon, Spain is known for its rich history and diverse cultural experiences.

Moreover, establishing roots through residency and possibly citizenship follows different timelines and conditions in each country. As you weigh your options, knowing the ins and outs of public infrastructure, healthcare, and the expat community can be just as critical as the financial aspects.

Living in Portugal vs Spain – Key Takeaways

  • Portugal offers a more laid-back lifestyle and is generally more affordable.
  • Spain presents a vibrant culture with a diverse range of experiences.
  • Residency requirements and public services differ significantly between the two countries.

Quality of Life Comparison

При выборе между new home in Portugal or Spain, your choice impacts your ежедневная жизнь. These neighbouring countries offer vibrant cultures and lifestyles, distinct language and communication, and diverse climates.

Культура и образ жизни

In Portugal, you’ll find a relaxed lifestyle deeply rooted in tradition, characterized by long lunches and family-centric values. The богатая культура includes historic cities and a deep appreciation for art and music.

Spain, by contrast, is known for its dynamic and diverse culture, from flamenco dancing to the world-renowned Tapas and festivals like La Tomatina. Spain offers a more lively atmosphere, with its bustling cities and thriving nightlife.

Язык и общение

Navigating through Portugal, your interactions will predominantly be in Portuguese, a language described as melodic and poetic. испанский — a widely spoken global language — will be your key to communication if you live in Spain. English is commonly understood in tourist areas in both countries, yet learning the local language will enrich your experience and help you connect with the community.

Climate and Weather

Portugal’s climate varies from the cool and rainy in the north to warm and sunny in the Algarve. Spain also features diverse погода patterns, from the temperate regions in the north to the hot, dry climate of the southern part of the country. Whether you prefer the mild winters and warm summers of Spain’s Mediterranean coast or the Atlantic-influenced weather of Portugal, both offer ample opportunity to enjoy outdoor lifestyles.

Стоимость жизни и расходы

A penny saved is a penny earned, and when considering moving to Portugal or Spain, understanding the nuances of each country’s living expenses will directly affect your savings. Each country presents a unique financial landscape, from housing costs to the price of a loaf of bread.

Housing and Real Estate

Portugal offers relatively affordable real estate options compared to Spain. The average арендовать for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre of Portugal might cost you around €650, while Spain averages around €750. If you’re looking to buy, the Корпус market in Spain is generally more expensive, with Numbeo data suggesting that prices per square meter to buy an apartment in the city centre can differ by several hundred euros.

Ежедневные расходы

Day-to-day costs such as продукты и коммунальные услуги also play a significant role in the cost of living. In both countries, the monthly utility bill (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for an 85m2 apartment can range from €100 to €140. However, in продукты, Portugal tends to be slightly less expensive. For instance, a litre of milk in Portugal might cost around €0.60; in Spain, it could be closer to €0.80.

Taxes and Financial Benefits

Taxation can vary significantly between the two nations. Spain has a progressive income tax rate of up to 45%, while Portugal’s maximum rate is 48%. However, Portugal offers the Non-Habitual Resident program, providing tax benefits for expatriates, such as a flat 20% income tax rate on Portuguese-sourced income and potential exemptions for foreign income.

Both countries have a wealth tax, with Spain’s dependence on the autonomous community. The minimum wage in Spain is slightly higher, which could benefit those seeking employment. Concerning здравоохранение, Spain has a well-regarded public healthcare system, which is essentially free at the point of delivery, while private healthcare costs are generally lower in Portugal.

Each country’s financial landscape has advantages and will affect you differently based on your circumstances and lifestyle choices. Whether you prioritize a mild climate, rich culture, or just stretching your euro further, this region offers compelling opportunities for new residents.

Residency and Citizenship: Spain vs. Portugal

When you’re eyeing the Iberian Peninsula for a place to call home, understanding the nuances of residency and citizenship in Spain and Portugal is vital for a smooth transition.

Residency Visa Options

У вас есть несколько резидентские визы to consider in Spain—each tailored to different circumstances. The Non-Lucrative Visa is popular among retirees and those who can prove sufficient income without needing to work in Spain.

Additionally, the coveted Золотая виза caters to investors and grants residency with a minimum property investment of €500,000. Portugal mirrors Spain’s enthusiasm for investors through its Golden Visa but also offers the D7 Visa, which is suitable for retirees and passive income earners. Portugal’s unique Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax regime can offer significant tax advantages, drawing many expats to choose the nation as their new home.

  • Spain: Non-Lucrative, Golden Visa, Work Permit, Student Visa
  • Portugal: D7, Golden Visa, Entrepreneur Visa, NHR Tax Regime

In both countries, you can typically apply for permanent residency after five years of legal residency. This permits you to live indefinitely in the country, with access to the same services and rights as a national, barring the right to vote in national elections.

Citizenship Process

Spain offers a path to citizenship after 10 years of legal residency. Still, it’s faster for those from specific countries, such as Portugal or Latin America, where the requirement is just two years. For expats marrying a Spanish national, the wait can be just one year. Portugal VS Spain: Where Should Expats Choose to Live?

On the other hand, Portugal presents a more expeditious route, with the possibility of citizenship after five years of residency. For EU and non-EU citizens, citizenship in these nations opens the door to the more comprehensive Schengen Area, a significant consideration for those who value freedom of movement.

Сообщество экспатов

The expat communities in both Spain and Portugal are thriving and diverse. Spain’s long-standing expat population offers stability and vast networks for newcomers. Portugal’s growing expat community is often praised for its openness and rapidly developing infrastructure to support foreign residents from all walks of life.

It’s evident that whether you’re a digital nomad, retiree, or entrepreneur, both nations have tailored their visa and residency options to create inviting spaces for expats. As you weigh Portugal’s laid-back lifestyle against Spain’s vibrant energy, remember that each country’s path to residency and citizenship plays a crucial role in your decision.

Infrastructure and Public Services

As you weigh the options between Portugal and Spain, the intricacies of infrastructure and public services can sway your decision. Assess what each country offers regarding healthcare, transport, and security, and find yourself better equipped to choose your new home abroad.

Healthcare System

Portugal presents a robust National Health Service (Serviço Nacional de Saúde or SNS), providing residents comprehensive care. The quality of medical care is impactful due to continuous improvements. On the other hand, Spain’s healthcare system is also highly rated. It is supported by public and private healthcare sectors, ensuring that residents have prompt and quality treatment options.

  • Португалия:
    • Public: Universal, essentially free at the point of use.
    • Private: Available for those who prefer faster access or specific services.
  • Испания:
    • Public: Accessible to all residents, known for high standards.
    • Private: Extensive network, often chosen for shorter wait times.

Transportation and Mobility

Транспорт options in both countries are efficient and well-developed. Portugal offers a comprehensive network of buses, trams, and trains, particularly within cities like Lisbon and Porto. Spain’s transportation infrastructure includes high-speed trains such as the AVE that connect major cities, extensive bus routes, and efficient urban metro systems, notably in Madrid and Barcelona.

  • Португалия:
    • Roads: Good condition, with tolls on many highways.
    • Public Transport: Metro, buses, and trams predominantly in cities.
  • Испания:
    • Roads: Extensive and well-maintained roadways.
    • Public Transport: High-speed AVE trains, metros, and buses across urban and rural areas.

Safety and Security

Safety often tops the list of considerations when relocating. Spain ranks favourably on the Global Peace Index, reflecting its low crime rate and international reputation for security. Portugal aligns closely, known for its safe and welcoming communities, offering peace of mind for expats and locals alike.

  • Португалия:
    • Low crime rates make it one of the safest countries in Europe.
  • Испания:
    • High levels of security proactive measures to keep residents and visitors safe.

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