Saadiyat Beach

Saadiyat Beach and Villas – Luxury Coastal Living in Spotlight

Saadiyat Beach and Villas is a luxurious destination on the pristine shores of Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island. Offering a stunning 9km stretch of white sandy beach, this upscale resort provides the ultimate escape from the bustling city while being near cultural and leisure attractions.

You’ll find world-class institutions such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the upcoming Guggenheim Abu Dhabi just a short distance away, making your stay a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural enrichment.

The resort, Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas, boasts an exquisite array of accommodations, ranging from top-tier dining to an expansive pool and an indulgent spa. Regarding residential options, Saadiyat Beach Villas offers premium, sophisticated homes in Arabian, Contemporary, and Mediterranean styles. Property sizes vary, featuring three to six bedrooms with top-of-the-line finishes, fixtures, and generous outdoor spaces.

Nestled on the northwest coast of Saadiyat Island, Saadiyat Beach Villas offers a premier address for families and travellers seeking a luxurious experience in Abu Dhabi. With its captivating combination of natural beauty, abundant amenities, and cultural treasures, your stay will undoubtedly be unforgettable and highly rewarding.

Saadiyat Beach – An Overview

Saadiyat Beach is a stunning waterfront area on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. As one of the best beaches in the UAE, it offers picturesque seafront views and a mix of upscale apartments and villas. Developed by Aldar Properties, Saadiyat Beach Villas is a prime destination for families in Abu Dhabi, granting the perfect balance of luxury living and a relaxed coastal atmosphere.

You’ll discover that the villas in Saadiyat Beach come in various styles: Arabian, Mediterranean, and contemporary. These elegantly designed homes range in size from three to six bedrooms, featuring spacious rooms, premium finishes, fittings, and expansive outdoor areas. This community strongly emphasises quality and comfort, ensuring residents have all the facilities they need.

As a resident of Saadiyat Beach Villas, you can indulge in an array of amenities, including:

  • Landscaped parks
  • Sauna and jacuzzi
  • Swimming pools
  • Children’s play area and pool
  • Basketball, squash, and tennis courts

Prices at Saadiyat Beach Villas vary depending on the size and features of each home. For a typical 4,272 sq. ft. three-bedroom villa, the asking price starts from AED 4.9 million. Four-bedroom villas have a minimum price of AED 5.6 million, while five-bedroom villas for sale range between AED 8.5 million and AED 9.5 million. You can be confident that investing in a property on Saadiyat Beach promises an idyllic and prestigious lifestyle.

With its prime location on the northwest coast of Saadiyat Island, Saadiyat Beach Villas exudes luxury and tranquil living. Surrounded by pristine white sands and azure waters, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy world-class leisure and entertainment facilities. Embrace a harmonious blend of relaxation, sophistication, and nature in this beautiful coastal community.

Location of Saadiyat Beach

Saadiyat Beach is situated on the beautiful Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. This island boasts unspoilt beaches, stunning natural landscapes, and various modern amenities. The island is connected to mainland Abu Dhabi by the Sheikh Khalifa Highway, making it easily accessible for both residents and visitors.

The Saadiyat Beach area offers an ideal living experience with luxurious villas, exclusive leisure facilities, and captivating scenery. The villas have been designed with Arabian, Mediterranian, and contemporary lifestyles in mind. These homes feature modern finishes and spacious outdoor areas for residents to enjoy.

Some of the community facilities available in the Saadiyat Beach area include:

  • Landscaped parks
  • Sauna and jacuzzi
  • Swimming pools
  • Children’s playing ground and pool
  • Basketball, squash, and tennis courts

You’ll find that the property types in the area range from 3 to 7-bedroom units, catering to various family sizes and preferences. Developed by Aldar Properties, these villas allow residents to live in stylish, comfortable homes.

Saadiyat Island provides several critical attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. The Saadiyat Beach Club is a popular leisure destination featuring a beach, swimming pool, spa, and dining options. Another notable attraction on the island is Manarat Al Saadiyat, an arts and culture centre that regularly houses exhibitions and events.

In summary, the location of Saadiyat Beach on Saadiyat Island offers a unique blend of natural beauty, contemporary living, and exciting amenities, all within easy reach of Abu Dhabi’s vibrant city centre.

Unique Features of Saadiyat Beach

Saadiyat Beach is one of the most luxurious and exclusive areas in Abu Dhabi, offering you a wealth of unique experiences. As you explore this remarkable beach, you’ll agree that the blend of natural beauty and world-class amenities makes it a premier address.

One of the first things you’ll notice at Saadiyat Beach is the pristine, white sand stretching across 9 kilometres of coastline. The clear azure waters are perfect for refreshing swimming or participating in various water sports activities. Just nearby, you’ll find the immaculate greens of the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, designed by golf legend Gary Player, where you can tee off while enjoying stunning sea views.

The area is also home to the Saadiyat Beach Villas, Saadiyat Island’s first residential community, comprising 344 high-end luxury villas in a gated, landscaped development. Each villa is designed to cater to residents’ preferences, ranging from Saadiyat Beach Villas 1 to Saadiyat Beach Villas 4.

For those seeking a lavish experience, the Saadiyat Beach Club offers unrivalled luxury with its fine dining options and access to the beach and the pool. You’ll also use their premium facilities, such as a gym, saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzis, in addition to an on-site beauty spa and hairdressing salon.

Beyond the exquisite beach and villas, Saadiyat Island also boasts renowned schools, five-star hotels, top-notch art and cultural attractions, and shopping destinations. It’s no wonder that Saadiyat Beach is considered an exceptional lifestyle choice for those who desire the best that Abu Dhabi offers.

So, whether you’re admiring the striking views during a round of golf, relaxing in your luxurious villa, or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, you’re sure to find Saadiyat Beach the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

Saadiyat Villas – An Overview

Saadiyat Beach Villas is a sought-after address for families in Abu Dhabi. Developed by Aldar Properties, these prestigious homes are situated on Saadiyat Island, offering a luxurious collection of carefully designed and crafted townhouses and villas in various styles and layouts. You’ll find the ideal home to meet your family’s needs, whether you’re looking for spacious rooms or high ceilings with premium finishes and fittings.

The villas are available in Arabian, Contemporary, and Mediterranean styles, providing you with a unique and diverse range of designs. Sizes range from three to six bedrooms, offering ample space to accommodate your family comfortably. Each villa showcases marble flooring, top-quality kitchen appliances, and built-in wardrobes.

Saadiyat Beach is known for its pristine waterfront and is one of the finest beaches in the UAE. The Saadiyat Beach Villas community is nestled within this stunning coastal backdrop, offering stunning seafront views and a vibrant atmosphere. Proximity to various conveniences, including restaurants and 24-hour security, ensures that you and your family can enjoy the best of the island’s offerings.

As a resident of Saadiyat Beach Villas, you’ll have access to exclusive facilities such as the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and various cultural venues nearby. In addition, the community is near world-class schools and medical facilities, ensuring that all your family’s needs are met within a short distance.

When residing at Saadiyat Beach Villas, your dream of a perfect, luxurious living space with breathtaking views and premium amenities can come true. Welcome aboard!

Architecture and Design of Saadiyat Villas

The design of Saadiyat Beach Villas comprises three different approaches: Arabian, Mediterranean, and contemporary. These styles blend harmoniously to create a diverse yet cohesive residential community. As you explore the villas, you will notice the exceptional quality of the finishes and the attention to detail in every aspect of the construction.

You will find that the villas are available in various sizes, ranging from three to six bedrooms, catering to the needs of different homeowners. The spacious rooms and open living areas create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertaining.

Outdoor spaces are an essential feature in Saadiyat Beach Villas, with landscaped gardens, patios, and terraces serving as extensions of the living areas. The thoughtful design prioritises privacy without compromising the views or ease of access to the surrounding amenities.

The community facilities further enhance the quality of life at Saadiyat Beach Villas. You can enjoy the following:

  • Landscaped parks
  • Sauna and jacuzzi
  • Swimming pools
  • Children’s play areas and pools
  • Private beach access
  • Tennis courts
  • Gyms
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants

Saadiyat Beach Villas encapsulates the essence of luxurious living, providing the perfect balance between elegance and comfort. Its architectural design and premium finishes offer an inviting and prestigious residence for those seeking an exceptional lifestyle on Saadiyat Island.

Available Facilities in Saadiyat Villas

At Saadiyat Beach Villas, you can take advantage of a wide range of luxurious facilities. These villas, developed by Aldar Properties, showcase beautiful Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Arabian designs and provide a premium address for families in Abu Dhabi.

As a resident, your leisure and relaxation will be catered for with landscaped parks, sauna, and jacuzzi. You have easy access to swimming pools and dedicated children’s play areas and pools for family enjoyment.

If you are a sports enthusiast, you will benefit from the basketball, squash, and tennis courts located within the community. Additionally, the development features a gym and fitness centre, allowing you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For those wishing to engage in social activities, Saadiyat Beach Villas offer a BBQ area and a nearby prayer area. You can also visit the renowned golf course at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, located just 8 minutes away from the villas. Moreover, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, famous for its display of international artwork, is only a 9-minute drive from the community.

Security and maintenance are top priorities, so you can feel safe knowing you live in a gated community with 24/7 security surveillance and maintenance services.

Living in Saadiyat Beach Villas provides access to extensive facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living experience for you and your family.

Neighbourhood and Community

As a resident of Saadiyat Beach, you will experience the beauty and tranquillity of waterfront living. This neighbourhood boasts an array of upscale apartments and villas offering scenic seafront views. With a focus on art and architecture, the area is home to the renowned Louvre Abu Dhabi, ensuring plenty of cultural experiences to enrich your life.

Saadiyat Beach is an idyllic destination for families, with the impressive Saadiyat Beach Villas designed by Aldar Properties. Located on the northwest coast of Saadiyat Island, this exclusive community provides a relaxing atmosphere while still being close to major attractions and amenities.

As a resident, you will have easy access to beautiful beaches and parks, perfect for outdoor activities and quality family time. In addition, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club is a popular spot for golf enthusiasts, offering top-notch facilities and picturesque views.

As for the properties in the area, you can find a variety of villas to accommodate your needs. 5-bedroom villas are available for rent starting at AED 450k per year, while larger 6-bedroom villas range from AED 700k to AED 800k per annum. If you’re looking for even more space, 7-bedroom villas have rental prices between AED 1.2M and AED 1.5M per year.

If you’re interested in purchasing property in Saadiyat Beach, prices vary depending on the villa type and location within the community. For instance, a 5,500,000 AED price tag will get you a 4-bedroom villa with a private garden in a gated community. On the other hand, a more prestigious 5-bedroom villa with a private pool and golf course view can cost around 18,000,000 AED.

In summary, Saadiyat Beach offers you and your family a luxurious and tranquil atmosphere. With its upscale residences, vibrant art scene and stunning waterfront views, this neighbourhood provides the ultimate living experience.

Saadiyat Beach and Villas – Real Estate Investment

Saadiyat Beach is an up-and-coming area in Abu Dhabi, boasting beautiful beaches and luxurious properties. If you’re considering investing in real estate, this location offers a variety of opportunities to suit your needs.

One of the main attractions in Saadiyat Beach is the selection of premium villas available. These homes are situated on Saadiyat Island and feature five bedrooms seven-plus bathrooms, and can be as large as 8,260 sqft. The asking price for a high-end townhouse in Saadiyat Beach Villas can reach 5,700,000 AED.

Villas near the golf course also offer lavish and stunning views. These elite villas may have a price tag of up to 25,000,000 AED. For a more modest investment, four-bedroom villas with areas ranging from 10,428 sqft and prices around 11,000,000 AED are also available.

Saadiyat Island has numerous developments to cater to various tastes and budgets. The options available include:

  • Saadiyat Beach Villas: A collection of 149 villas in various styles (Mediterranean, Arabian) and sizes.
  • St. Regis: A premium development consisting of 13 luxury villas.
  • HIDD Al Saadiyat: A residential community with 144 villas across different price ranges and architectural styles.

If you’re looking for smaller investments, the three-bedroom units in Saadiyat Beach are available as quadplex townhouses or standard villas. The sizes range from 4,074 sqft to 4,993 sqft. Similarly, four-bedroom teams can come as quadplex townhouses or classic villas, ranging from 4,272 sqft to 5,191 sqft.

Finally, Aldar properties allow you to invest in luxury apartments or homes on Saadiyat Island, starting at a minimum investment of 2 million AED to qualify for a Real Estate Golden Visa.

In conclusion, Saadiyat Beach and Villas offer excellent real estate investment opportunities within various price ranges to suit your requirements. The stunning location and diverse property options make it an attractive proposition for property investors seeking a confident, knowledgeable, and lucrative venture.

Saadiyat Beach and Villas – Conclusion

On your visit to Saadiyat Beach, you will experience the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation at the exquisite Saadiyat Beach Villas. With their distinct designs inspired by Arabian, Mediterranean, and contemporary lifestyles, you can choose a villa that suits your taste and embodies your desired atmosphere. These high-end villas are equipped with modern finishes and spacious outdoor facilities, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

As part of the Saadiyat Beach community, you can indulge in numerous on-site amenities, such as landscaped parks, sauna and jacuzzi, and swimming pools for adults and children. Moreover, the villas offer an idyllic location near Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, where you can enjoy a round of golf in an immaculate setting.

Aside from leisure, the Saadiyat Beach Villas offer access to world-class educational institutions and healthcare facilities, making it ideal for a holiday escape and long-term living. The wide array of gastronomic experiences and notable landmarks, such as Jubail Mangrove Park, will make your time spent at Saadiyat Beach memorable and enjoyable.

In summary, Saadiyat Beach Villas provide a luxurious and comfortable stay amidst the pristine surroundings of Saadiyat Island. With its exceptional facilities, unique architectural designs, and proximity to various attractions, you can confidently choose Saadiyat Beach Villas as your next home away from home.

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