What I eat?

Looking for the best restaurants in the United Arab Emirates? Take a look at Where I Eat! Whether you’re travelling for work or just looking for a place to grab a bite, Where I Eat has you covered. From cafes to restaurants, I’ve covered the best places to eat in the UAE. Plus, I’ve got the scoop on all the best food in the UAE. So whether you’re looking for a traditional Emirati dish or something a little more exotic, you’ll find it in Where I Eat. So what are you waiting for? Visit Where I Eat today!

How to Make the Best Emirati Food?

Do you want to learn how to cook the greatest Emirati cuisine? Emirati cuisine is known for its delectable flavours, spices, and ingredient combinations. There are several delectable recipes to pick from, ranging from savoury dishes like lamb machboos to sweet delights like maqamat. This blog post will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make […]

Discovering the Best Street Food in Dubai

Discovering the Best Street Food in Dubai is an exciting adventure. From the spicy and flavorful shawarmas to the crunchy falafel and freshly made juices, the city of Dubai has a wide variety of delicious street food that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. This blog post will explore best street food options available […]

Hello there, World! My first blog post in 2023 is about my step-by-step approach to blogging.

This blog was created so that you could learn more about inspiration, motivation, and ambition. All of these are essential parts of your life, and getting enough inspiration can have a significant impact on your happiness and success. It’s one thing to have goals and dreams; it’s another to put them into action. We often […]

Person taking an Instagram photo on an iPhone of their food

It’s important to note that Google warns this is an “experimental feature.” As a result, admins are told to inform their users before flipping the switch, as well as to report any issues via In other words, enabling the new Mobile setting (Chrome Management needs to be turned on first) means that all supported policies […]