一月伦敦活动 – 冬季活动精选指南

In January, London offers a unique atmosphere as the city shakes off the festive season and embraces the new year with a mix of cultural activities and quiet, frosty charm. While the weather may be chilly, the array of events and things to do in this cosmopolitan capital warms the mood.

From spectacular parades welcoming the new year to immersive theatre shows and exhibitions stretching across the city’s plethora of museums and galleries, January is when London’s cultural life is as vibrant as ever.

Despite the post-holiday calm, there’s a sense of rejuvenation in the air, perfect for exploring outdoor markets or taking a crisp walk in one of London’s Royal Parks. The January sales make shopping an attractive option, while food lovers can indulge in seasonal culinary delights, often with a healthier twist after the indulgences of Christmas.

For those looking to start the year with a dash of exploration, London is an excellent base for day trips to surrounding areas, offering a change of scenery and new attractions.

Things to Do in London in January – Key Takeaways

  • January in London has chasts, from New Year’s celebrations to indoor attractions.
  • Opportunities for outdoor activities and shopping are plentiful despite the winter chill.
  • The city’s gastronomy and proximity to other destinations make for a diverse January itinerary.

Signature Events and Celebrations

January in London is a vibrant time filled with engaging events and cultural festivities. You’ll find a range of activities perfectly suitable to kick off the new year with excitement and joy.

New Year’s Festivities

To start the year with a bang, the London New Year’s Day Parade takes centre stage with its colourful floats, marching bands, and performers in the heart of the West End. It has been a key event since 1987, with crowds reaching up to a million spectators.

  • New Year’s Day 10K Race: For those who love to combine celebration with fitness, the New Year’s Day 10K Race and 3K Fun Run in Hyde Park is your chance to start the year on active footing.

Cultural Festivals

January in London isn’t just about welcoming the new year; it’s a hub for cultural celebrations showcasing diversity and artistry:

  • Burns Night: Commemorate the life of Scottish poet Robert Burns with traditional Burns super r and vibrant ceilidhs around the 25th of January.
  • London Short Film Festival: Discover cutting-edge indie cinema and celebrate up-and-coming filmmakers at this renowned festival.
  • London Art Fair: Explore galleries filled with modern British and contemporary works at the annual London Art Fair.

Seasonal Highlights

The city doesn’t lose its shine after the holiday lights are packed away; in fact, London’s winter charm continues:

  • Winter Lights Festival: Canary Wharf is illuminated by the Winter Lights Festival, where innovative and interactive installations light up the dark January evenings.

Theatre and Performances

London’s West End never disappoints, with a variety of shows running to keep you entertained on chilly winter nights:

  • Pantomime: The traditional British show continuously nudity humorous takes on classic fairy tales.
  • Musicals: Catch the musical adaptation of Disney’s “Frozen” or relive the classic love story with “The King and I”. For a laugh, “Mrs. Doubtfire” is playing to lively crowds.
  • Cirque du Soleil: Each year, the enchanting performances of Cirque du Soleil grace the Royal Albert Hall, offering a spectacle of acrobatics and storytelling.

Disney100 Celebrations

2023 marks 100 years of The Walt Disney Company, and London joins in with special Disney100 celebrations:

  • Film Screenings: Participate in exclusive screenings of beloved classics and new releases at Disney-themed events.
  • Live Performances & Exhibitions: Experience the magic through live performances and exhibitions dedicated to Disney’s century-long legacy.

Art, History, and Exhibitions

London in January is a treasure trove for those passionate about art, history, and cultural exhibitions. Whether you’re eager to explore the succulent assortment of paintings at a famous art fair or to soak in the rich history at an iconic London landmark, this month presents an array of opportunities to indulge in the city’s artistic and historical offerings.

Museums and Galleries

  • London Art Fair: Witness a stunning modern and contemporary art exhibition, including various paintings and established artists. Refined culture seekers can immerse themselves in diverse competitions (ToachievementsIn London: January 2024).
  • West End Galleries: Venture into the West End for a sophisticated classic and contemporary art blend. Curated collection matic exhibitions offer a deep dive into the world’s rich artistic legacy.


Canary Wharf, known for its towering skyscrapers, also houses creative expressions in its winter exhibitions. Here, you can:

  • Experience unexpected creative installations juxtaposed against the corporate backdrop of Canary Wharf.
  • Attend multimedia and interactive exhibitions, bringing together emerging artists and esteemed creators’ works.


London’s historical landmark creators who were sent to landmark actors did legacy and are must-visit spots in January:

  • 标志性地标: Explore historical icons like the Tower of London, where you can learn about the turbulent history of this Norman fortress-turned-royal palace.

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Gastronomy and Shopping

January in London presents a delightful opportunity for food lovers and avid shoppers to indulge in the city’s vibrant culinary scene and enjoy the sales at prominent shopping destinations. Whether you’re a fan of gourmet dining or street food or looking to take advantage of the post-Christmas discounts, this guide will go through some of the best gastronomic and retail experiences London offers.

Culinary Experiences

London is a melting pot of international cuisines, and its offerings are at the heart of this culinary diversity. Here, you can enjoy a broad spectrum of flavours from around the world:

  • Sample traditional British fare or dive into a steaming bowl of Italian pasta.
  • Street food stalls offer a compelling range of options, from artisanal cheeses to freshly baked bread.
  • Indulge compelling afternoon tea at one of London’s prestigious hotels for a quintessentially British experience.

In the West End, restaurant-goers can find some of Lonquintessentiallyining establishments, where chefs serve innovative dishes to satisfy even the most discerning palates. If you’re away from alcohol, mocktails have become a creative and delicious alternative enjoyed at various venues across the city.

Retail Therapy

Shopping in London during January is budget-friendly, as shops provide great deals to attract customers following the festive period. Here’s where you can find some of the best shopping experiences:

  • Oxford Street: Renowned for being a retail haven, with over 300 shops ranging from designer outlets to high-street favourites.
  • West End: Beyond its theatres, the area has numerous boutiques and luxury stores, perfect for finding exclusive items or enjoying window shopping.
  • Shoreditch: For those with an eye for vintage or bespoke pieces, this lively district offers a unique array of independent shops and markets.

Regardless of your search, London’s diverse neighbourhoods offer a shopping experience that suits every taste and budget.

Outdoor Adventures and Day Trips

Embrace the crisp January weather in London with various outdoor adventures and scenic day trips. From tranquil park strolls to exploring beyond the city’s boundaries, many experiences await you.

Parks and Outdoor Activities

Hyde Park offers a classic London experience with its Winter Walks. It’s a beautiful opportunity to see the park’s famous Serpentine Lake and enjoy the leafless beauty of nature in winter.

  • 溜冰: Some outdoor rinks may still open in early January, offering a magical experience.
  • London Parks: Discover other royal parks, such as Richmond Park for deer-spotting or Greenwich Park for a panoramic city view.

Excursions Beyond London

A day trip from London can lead you to historic cities like Bath, known for its Roman Baths and Georgian architecture.

  • Bath: Just a train ride away, Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site that provides a beautiful blend of culture, history, and stunning architecture.
  • Day Tours: Many tour companies offer packages that include transportation and guided tours to destinations such as the iconic Stonehenge or the scholarly city of Oxford.

Special Tours and Masterclasses

January is an ideal time to seek indoor pursuits like masterclasses or themed bus tours around London.

  • Bus Tour: Consider a themed bus tour that takes in significant sights, including the formidable London Eye.
  • Masterclass: Take the opportunity to book a masterclass to learn a new skill – from cooking to photography. It’s a great way to start the new year.

Whether you’re after a brisk walk in one of London’s scenic parks, a day trip to an iconic UK attraction, or an engaging tour or masterclass, London in January has plenty to offer. Look out for 交易 during this time, as many travel and tour companies offer discounts after the holiday season.