Viking Cruises Japan – Exploring the Land of the Rising Sun by Sea

Embarking on a journey through Japan with Viking Cruises offers an escape into this diverse destination’s ancient traditions and modern thrills. As you sail to the Land of the Rising Sun, you’ll experience the delicate balance of history and innovation that is quintessentially Japanese.

From the serene shrines hiding within bustling cities to the majestic Mount Fuji silhouetted against the horizon, Japan presents a tapestry of experiences that enthral every type of traveller.

With Viking Cruises, your Asian adventure is not just a trip—it’s a stepping stone into a world where each port of call weaves its own story. Imagine sipping green tea in a tranquil Kyoto garden or witnessing the cutting-edge technology of Tokyo, all while enjoying the comfort and elegance of Viking’s state-of-the-art cruise ships.

These ships are designed to enrich and fulfil your journey with fine dining, cultural programs, and attentive service.

Exploring Japan with Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises offers an immersive journey to Japan’s historic cities and scenic shores, blending traditional culture with modern luxury on the high seas.

Viking Orion – The Ship of Choice

Viking Orion is your vessel for an unforgettable adventure in Japan. The ship’s Nordic-inspired design and state-of-the-art amenities ensure a comfortable voyage as you set sail.

Each stateroom provides a private veranda, offering uninterrupted views of the passing landscapes—from the bustling cityscape of 东京 to the serene beauty of Mount Fuji.

Itineraries and Destinations

The itineraries of Viking Cruises are carefully crafted to include must-see destinations:

  • 东京: Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolis and a city that juxtaposes ultramodern with traditional.
  • 京都: Known for its classical Buddhist temples and gardens.
  • Osaka: Famous for its modern architecture, nightlife, and hearty street food.
  • 广岛: A city of peace and 文化遗产, rising from its historical ashes.
  • Kagoshima: Offers views of the active Sakurajima volcano.
  • Nagasaki: A quaint atmosphere blending Japanese and European influences.

And more hidden gems like BeppuShimizu.

Shore Excursions and Cultural Experiences

Shore excursions with Viking Cruises offer unparalleled access to Japan’s 文化体验:

  1. Panoramic City Tours: Explore Japanese cities’ vibrant streets and quiet alleyways.
  2. Mystical Traditions: Witness the rituals and ceremonies that have shaped Japan for centuries.
  3. Old World Charm: Visit historical sites and learn the stories behind ancient ports of call.

Excursions are led by local guides who provide insightful commentary about Japan’s rich history and its dynamic blend of modernitysubcultures. You’ll delve into everything from samurai legends to the delights of sushi making.

With Viking Cruises, the wonders of Japan are not just seen but genuinely experienced. You are invited to step aboard and discover the land of the rising sun in unparalleled comfort and elegance.


When embarking on a Viking Ocean Japan Cruise, expect 豪华住宿 and amenities, a plethora of dining options with exquisite food and beverages, and a wealth of entertainment and learning opportunities rich in culture.


Your journey across the sea will be defined by comfort and elegance. The ship offers spacious cabins tailored to your relaxation, featuring a king-sized bed, ample storage space, and a cozy sitting area.

Each cabin is a testament to Scandinavian design, balancing function and aesthetics. Onboard, feel pampered with the 温泉 facilities and various 便利设施 that cater to your well-being.

Dining and Beverages

On a Viking cruise, the 食物 is more than a meal; it’s a journey through flavours. 用餐 venues incorporate regional recipes, offering dishes made from local ingredients to reflect the 文化 of the cities visited.

You may indulge in a tasting event or enjoy beverages that range from exquisite wines to premium teas and coffee, ensuring every culinary desire is met.

Entertainment and Learning

Dive into the country’s heritage with the Viking Culture Curriculum, which presents lecturesdemonstrations about local history, art, and more. Evening times are livened with concerts and musical performances, offering a harmonious blend of entertainment.

Your journey becomes even more enriching as you engage in various onboard activities designed to deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and traditions.

Planning Your Voyage

Understanding pricing, availability, and booking specifics is crucial when preparing for a Viking Ocean Japan cruise.


价格 for a Viking Ocean Japan cruise are competitive and vary based on stateroom selection, itinerary, and time of booking.

Availability can be capacity controlled, ensuring each sailing provides an intimate experience. Sailings are detailed with a daily itinerary, and prices typically reflect a double occupancy basis.

  • Taxes and Fees: Prices include NCCF (Non-Commissionable Cruise Fare), government taxes, and port expenses, but watch out for possible fuel surcharges subject to currency fluctuation.
  • Stateroom Prices: Offer a variety of categories, impacting the rate. Be aware that certain amenities like 旅游drinks may carry additional fees.
  • Limited Offers: Occasionally, special promotions may apply, reducing the overall cost or offering upgraded experiences.

Booking and Policies

Booking your cruise involves understanding Viking’s booking policieslayout of payment expectations.

  1. Confirmation: A deposit, generally required at booking, will secure your reservation. Final payment timelines vary and are essential to adhere to for confirmation of your cruise.
  2. 限制: Pay attention to any age, health, or travel restrictions impacting your booking.
  3. Airfare Considerations: Viking may offer air seats as part of a package, yet remember that airfares, excess baggage charges, and applicable air taxes are typically separate from the cruise fare.
  4. 取消: Policies govern cancellation timelines and potential refunds, so review these carefully before booking to avoid surprise charges.

When planning, consider these key policies to ensure your experience is seamless. With detailed prep, your Viking Ocean cruise to Japan can be a lifetime journey.