阿布扎比市出租别墅 – 您的奢华生活指南

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, offers a diverse array of villas for rent, catering to different lifestyles and preferences.

Whether you’re moving for work or family or simply seeking a taste of luxury living, the Emirates’ rental market provides ample choice. From the lush, family-friendly communities to the more opulent, secluded estates, the spectrum of available villas allows you to find a space that feels like home.

Renting a villa in Abu Dhabi city could mean waking up to tranquil sea views or enjoying the privacy of a landscaped garden.

These homes often have amenities that complement a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, including private pools, state-of-the-art gyms, and dedicated parking spaces. The cost of renting a villa in Abu Dhabi varies widely based on location, size, and included facilities, making it essential to consider your budget and needs.

Villas for Rent in Abu Dhabi City – Key Takeaways

  • Abu Dhabi offers a variety of villas for rent that are available for diverse preferences and lives. These rental villas commonly use amenities such as private pools and villas.
  • Rental costs in Abu Dhabi fluctuate based on villa location, size, and facilities.

Exploring Villa Rentals in Abu Dhabi City

When searching for a villa to rent in Abu Dhabi, it’s essential to understand the rental market trends and identify the most popular locations in the city that cater to various lifestyles and budgets.


Abu Dhabi’s rental market for villas is diverse, offering options from moderately priced homes to luxurious properties.

For instance, in Sas Al Nakheel, you can find a five-bedroom villa with a yearly starting rent of AED 184,999, often with no commission or chiller fees. Payment plans can even be monthly, easing the financial pressure. In more premium areas like Al Raha Gardens, rental prices can climb to AED 240,000 annually, reflecting the upscale amenities and spacious living offered.

Popular Locations for Villas

亚斯岛: Famed for its leisure and entertainment facilities, renting on Yas Island positions you amidst the vibrancy of Abu Dhabi’s leisure heartland.

哈利法市: Known for excellent services and facilities, Khalifa City offers a suburban lifestyle with excellent access to international schools and healthcare options.

阿尔·穆什里夫: Nestled in the city’s heart, Al Mushrif is ideal for families looking for well-established neighbourhoods near parks and schools.

Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain): Offering luxurious villas with waterfront views, this area is known for its serene living experience.

穆罕默德·本·扎耶德城: Recognised for its spacious and affordable villas, it’s perfect to seek value without compromising on space.

阿尔礁: This community provides contemporary villas for reasonable rents, suitable for those prioritising modern aesthetics and community living.

Shakhbout City (Khalifa City B): This area rapidly grows and offers competitively priced villas, attracting families and professionals alike.

萨迪亚特岛: As a cultural hub with stunning beaches, Saadiyat Island offers a premium lifestyle and is known for its luxurious properties.

Al Samha, 阿尔纳哈扬, and other areas have unique characteristics that meet various preferences, from quiet suburbs to lively urban communities.

By examining these areas’ distinct features and rental ranges, you can make an informed decision that best fits your lifestyle and budget requirements in Abu Dhabi.

Types of Villas for Rent 阿布扎比

Exploring villas for rent in Abu Dhabi reveals a spectrum of housing options to enhance your lifestyle, from the number of bedrooms to the presence of exclusive amenities. Here, we’ll navigate the particulars characterising villa living, including the elegant touches and comforts these residences afford.

Comparing Villa to Apartment Living

When you consider renting a villa, you’re looking at a lifestyle choice that offers you more space, typically including multiple bedrooms and often a 私人花园. Unlike apartments, villas in Abu Dhabi provide a level of privacy and seclusion that’s hard to match, with some featuring a 私人泳池.

You can expect parking access, often for multiple cars, and the benefit of single-row properties that neighbours don’t overlook. The living experience in a villa is synonymous with comfort and a 豪华 touch, providing ample room for families or those who appreciate a 宽敞 environment.

Villa Amenities and Features

Villas in Abu Dhabi are nothing short of 现代的deluxe, with many boasting state-of-the-art 便利设施.

For those seeking the ultimate luxury, one can find 5-bedroom villas with enchanting 地中海 或者 Arabian styles, complete with a 女仆房 and additional quarters for a driver, exemplifying a tailored and well-maintained living space. With contemporary-style villas, residents can enjoy modern aesthetics alongside elegant features. If you favour a villa with a more regional architectural flair, options like desert-style homes offer a unique aesthetic.

A corner villa provides additional outdoor space and a more extensive 私人花园. Townhouses also fit the villas category, offering a blend of 豪华 living with a communal feeling, usually featuring luxury amenities such as shared 游泳池gym facilities.


When considering villas for rent in Abu Dhabi, it’s essential that you’re aware of the price trends, and know how to secure the best deal for your budget and preferences.

Price Trends and Factors

The rental price of villas in Abu Dhabi can vary widely based on location, size, and amenities. For instance, a luxurious villa in a prime location can cost significantly more than a comparable property in a less sought-after area.

A standard 2-bed villa can come at an average of 93,000 AED/year,同时一个 3-bed option may set you back around 154,000 AED/year. Villas located in prime spots of the city, such as Khalifa City or Al Reef, are often priced higher due to their demand and facilities.

To give you a clearer picture, here’s a brief breakdown:

  • 2-bed villa: Starts from around 93,000 AED/year
  • 3-bed villa: Generally upward of 154,000 AED/year
  • Premium location: Higher costs associated with convenience and status

Remember, rental costs are subject to change, reflecting the property market dynamics. Always check the latest listings for the most up-to-date pricing.


To secure a “hot deal” or “lowest price” on a villa, you must stay informed and act swiftly. Frequently check listings on reputable sites like 房产搜索器巴育特 for new postings and price reductions. You might have to work quickly for ” move-in ready villas,” as these tend to be snapped up for convenience.

  • Act fast: Good locations and hot deals don’t last long.
  • Compare: Look at various listings to understand the price ranges.

Utilising these strategies while continually referring to updated listings can help you find a villa that suits your preference for a good location and budget.


Abu Dhabi offers a unique blend of traditional charm and cosmopolitan sophistication that caters to your desire for a comfortable and stylish lifestyle. The Emirates accommodates diverse family and expat communities, providing various amenities and lifestyle preferences for work and leisure.


住在阿布扎比 means you are part of vibrant, welcoming communities where cultural diversity is celebrated. Whether you seek a stunning 5-bedroom villa for your family or a cosy space as an expat, you’ll find landscaped surroundings offering tranquillity and privacy.

Many villas feature a 私人入口, enhancing your sense of exclusivity. For leisure, you might enjoy a 阳台 或者 terrace, which are fantastic spaces for relaxation or entertaining guests. Villas often come with well-appointed kitchens and multiple 浴室, ensuring you and your family live comfortably.

Proximity to Work and Education

Your Abu Dhabi villa will likely be conveniently close to key business districts, providing a straightforward commute to 工作. The city also boasts a variety of reputable 学校, making the school run an easy part of your day.

For those who value direct beach access, select properties situate you right at the waterfront, combining work-life convenience with leisure-time luxury.