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Abu Dhabi Sea World: A New Marine Adventure Awaits

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, located on the stunning Yas Island, offers visitors a unique marine experience beyond your average theme park. As the first SeaWorld park outside of the United States and the inaugural park without orca whales, this attraction is a marvel for tourists and locals alike.

Upon visiting SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you can immerse yourself in the captivating world of marine life, encompassing 68,000 magnificent creatures, and witness firsthand the interconnectivity between our oceans and life on Earth. The park also promotes awareness of conservation efforts through its dedicated Research & Rescue Centre, ensuring the protection and preservation of our precious ocean habitats.

With its incredible blend of entertainment, education, and environmental advocacy, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi on Yas Island captures the essence of the One Ocean philosophy, inspiring visitors to appreciate and help maintain the balance between life above and beneath the waves.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s Journey

Embarking on a remarkable journey, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has become an iconic attraction on Yas Island in the United Arab Emirates. Blending education, entertainment, and conservation, this marine life theme park transports you through eight immersive realms, journeying from the poles to the tropics.

Developed by Miral, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi houses more than 68,000 marine animals in a dazzling, interconnected display of the world’s marine biodiversity. During your visit, you can dive into the various awe-inspiring habitats and witness firsthand the majestic creatures that inhabit them.

With over 100 animal experiences and presentations to explore, you’ll find yourself immersed in the enchanting underwater world. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers up-close animal encounters and expeditions that provide an unparalleled understanding of the one ocean that connects us all.

The state-of-the-art Research & Rescue Centre at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi emphasises the park’s dedication to marine conservation, highlighting its commitment to the well-being of marine life and ecosystem preservation. Through this centre, education and conservation initiatives enhance your appreciation for the marine world and the need to preserve it.

Visiting SeaWorld Abu Dhabi on Yas Island is an unforgettable experience and an essential voyage of discovery. Through these rich, engaging interactions with marine life, you’ll forge a deeper connection with the ocean and its captivating inhabitants, creating lasting memories and a profound appreciation for the marine world.

Marine Life Diversity

Ocean Realms

Abu Dhabi Sea World brings you closer to the wonders of the world’s oceans, which cover three-quarters of our planet. These vast, interconnected marine realms are home to millions of animal species, with hundreds of thousands still waiting to be discovered. As you explore the park, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for the power and beauty of Earth’s watery ecosystems and the diverse creatures they sustain.

Arctic to the Tropics

From the frigid waters of the Arctic to the balmy depths of the tropics, the diversity of marine life at Abu Dhabi Sea World is vast and awe-inspiring. By replicating different ocean habitats, the park allows you to encounter a variety of animals adapted to each of these unique environments. You’ll have the chance to marvel at walruses, seals, and penguins in cold environments while admiring turtles, rays, and sharks amidst the vibrant coral reefs.

Marine Species

Abu Dhabi Sea World showcases a wide range of captivating marine species, giving you a glimpse into the lives of creatures like the following:

  • Dolphins: Intelligent and playful, dolphins never fail to entertain their audience with their acrobatic displays and captivating personalities.
  • Sea Turtles: Hardy survivors of the ocean, sea turtles traverse great distances during migration and are known for their extraordinary navigational skills.
  • Dugongs: These gentle, herbivorous mammals are a cousin of the manatee and are found in warm coastal waters.
  • Sharks & Rays: As apex predators and graceful filter-feeders, sharks and rays embody the diversity of life that lurks beneath the ocean’s surface.
  • Penguins: These charismatic birds thrive in the chilly regions of Antarctica, and their unique adaptations help them survive in extreme conditions.

Other notable species you’ll include octopus, sea lion octopuses, macaws, pelicans, and cormorants. As you explore the fascinating world of the ocean’s inhabitants, you’ll be inspired by their resilience and adaptability and compelled to learn more about their vital role in the health of our planet’s ecosystems.

Immersive Realms and Experiences

At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you’ll embark on an incredible journey exploring eight immersive realms that will take you from the poles to the tropics. Each domain is carefully designed to provide a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing you to connect with various marine life and environments.

In these interactive realms, you’ll encounter over 100 animal experiences and presentations, including fascinating creatures such as sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles. Enjoy up-close encounters in settings resembling their natural habitats, and engage in interactive experiences that deepen your understanding of the ocean’s wonders.

In addition to the diverse marine life, you’ll also come across a vibrant bird population. Admire hundreds of birds, ranging from puffins to flamingos, as you traverse the different realms.

Throughout your journey at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, over 15 interactive experiences and rides await, providing fun for visitors of all ages. With each realm as a backdrop, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into the ocean’s vastness while encountering inspiring and educational exhibits.

As well as the astonishing animal encounters, you can also witness more than 20 live characters and performances, each tailored to enrich the visitor experience. You can also choose 17 dining options and 13 retail outlets, ensuring something for everyone during your visit.

In summary, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s immersive realms and experiences offer many opportunities to learn, connect, and engage with the marine world and its diverse species. Your journey through the eight realms will leave you with a newfound appreciation for our oceans and their astonishing inhabitants.

Education and Research

Learning Opportunities

At Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue, you’ll find numerous learning opportunities for all ages. Their education programmes are designed to inspire conservation and environmental awareness among visitors. Participating in these programmes gives valuable insights into marine research and animal care. Expand your knowledge of the natural habitats of over 68,000 marine animals found at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi while learning about ongoing conservation efforts at the facility.

Conservation Efforts

Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue is committed to advancing marine research, conservation, and rescue efforts. The centre is the first in the MENA region, with leading scientists, veterinarians, educators, and researchers working together to rescue, rehabilitate, and return needy animals.

Some critical aspects of their conservation efforts include:

  • Animal Research: The centre focuses on understanding marine animals’ behaviours, physiology, and environmental responses. This research helps inform conservation strategies and improve animal care practices.
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation: Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue has a track record of aiding over 38,000 animals through rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Their experienced team is dedicated to helping injured and stranded animals return to their natural habitats.
  • Preserving Natural Habitats: Alongside rescue and rehabilitation efforts, the centre invests in initiatives to preserve and protect the Earth’s natural habitats, ensuring the long-term survival of marine species.

Through their education programmes and conservation efforts, Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue genuinely makes a difference in marine research, animal care, and environmental preservation. By visiting and supporting the centre, you contribute to its mission and help safeguard the future of our oceans and their inhabitants.

Rides and Attractions

At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you’ll find an incredible assortment of rides and attractions that cater to all ages. This marine life theme park allows you to explore eight immersive realms with over 15 interactive experiences and rides, allowing you to discover a world filled with wonder and excitement.

One of the key attractions at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is the Endless Ocean. Here, you’ll be immersed in a breathtaking 360-degree media experience, taking you on a mesmerising journey under the sea. Be prepared to be awe-struck by the breathtaking tales and astonishing visual effects.

Venture into Rocky Point, where you can participate in feeding sessions with marine animals. Learn about these fascinating creatures as you interact with them up close, creating lasting memories and a deeper understanding of the importance of marine life preservation.

For thrill-seekers, the Hypersphere 360-degree Ride will surely provide an adrenaline rush. This unique and innovative ride places you right in the middle of the action, giving you a heart-pumping experience like never before.

In addition to the rides and attractions mentioned above, the park is home to a multi-species Marine Life Aquarium. Here, you can discover over 150 species of marine life, including sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. This fascinating aquarium allows you to learn about the stunning variety of marine life found beneath the surface.

Don’t forget to take a spin on the mesmerising Swirl ride, and make sure to explore every corner of this extraordinary theme park. With so much to see and do, a visit to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi guarantees an unforgettable day of adventure and discovery.

So, grab your tickets and dive into the incredible world of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, where every attraction is designed to educate, entertain, and delight.

Ticketing and Promotions

Ticket Types

At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, there are a variety of ticket options for you to choose from. A single-day ticket costs Dh375 for adults and Dh290 for children, granting you all-day access to the park and its various experiences and rides. If you want to explore more of Yas Island, consider the four-park ticket for Dh675. This ticket allows entry to any of the four theme parks within the island, including SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, and must be used within 14 days.

Annual Passes

Yas Annual Passes can be an excellent investment for those who love visiting SeaWorld frequently. These passes allow you unlimited access to the park for 12 months, which means you can enjoy the marine park’s thrilling attractions and up-close animal experiences all year round. Additionally, annual pass holders receive exclusive offers and promotions throughout the year, giving you more reasons to explore and save.

Online Promotions

To make the most of your visit while saving money, watch for Online Promotions on SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s website. By booking your tickets online, you will more likely receive special offers and discounted rates for your day at the marine park. The online platform frequently updates its promotions, ensuring you’ll always have the best prices and deals.

Food and Shopping

At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you have a wide variety of dining options. With 17 international dining options, there is something to suit every taste. These eateries offer stunning settings, some even providing panoramic views of the underwater world and various habitats within the park. So you can enjoy your meal while captivated by the beauty of marine life.

When it comes to shopping, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi allows you to discover 13 excellent shops where you can find everything you need. From clothes to souvenirs, take home cherished mementoes of your unforgettable day at the marine life theme park. Each shop offers a unique experience filled with delightful items that allow you to remember the wonderful time you spent exploring the park.

As you walk through the park, discover a diverse culinary journey with restaurants that cater to various cuisines such as American, Asian and more. You’ll find casual dining options for a quick bite and more sophisticated options for a sit-down meal with friends or family.

While exploring Yas Island, you may also find various restaurants and cafés near SeaWorld. These establishments provide additional dining choices, further enriching your experience at Yas Island.

By engaging in the food and shopping experiences available, you are treating yourself to exceptional cuisine and fantastic souvenirs and helping support the local businesses within the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi park. Remember to watch for special events and promotions, which may occasionally offer unique dining and shopping experiences exclusive to SeaWorld visitors.

Nearby Attractions

While visiting SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you can also explore other captivating attractions. Yas Island is home to several world-class theme parks and leisure facilities, offering an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is just a short distance away from SeaWorld. This thrilling theme park features exhilarating rides like the fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa. It also offers visitors the chance to explore the fascinating history of Ferrari and its iconic cars.

Yas Waterworld offers a refreshing escape from the heat with many exciting water rides and attractions. Don’t miss the chance to experience the legendary Dawwama, one of the world’s largest and fastest hydromagnetic tornado water slides.

If you fancy delving into the arts during your trip, do visit the cultural district of Saadiyat Island. The Abrahamic Family House showcases stunning architecture and offers a unique experience, only a short drive from SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

For shopping enthusiasts, Yas Island also provides numerous options. Shop your heart at popular shopping malls such as Yas Mall and various gift & speciality shops.

Lastly, your visit to Abu Dhabi would be incomplete without exploring the mesmerising capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. It’s only a 1.5-hour drive away and boasts incredible attractions like the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and the Palm Jumeirah.

In summary, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers a unique and enriching experience, surrounded by many other exciting attractions to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Remember to plan your itinerary carefully, ensuring you make the most of your trip to this incredible destination.


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