Career Guidance: How to Find a Job and Perform Correctly in Abu Dhabi

Comment trouver un emploi à Abu Dhabi et performer correctement.

Jobs in Abu Dhabi for Foreigners

Expats often think that working in Abu Dhabi is an excellent way to make money because of its strong economy and modern city. On the other hand, Western expats often make less money in Abu Dhabi than they would in their home countries. Those who work in Abu Dhabi and have exceptional skills in the technical field or management may be able to get a good salary.

Despite this, the average salary in the UAE went up by 5.3% in 2013, and it is expected to go up by 5.9% in 2014. Abu Dhabi is the second most popular city for expats, and twenty percent of expats who live in the UAE but not in Abu Dhabi want to move there.

The Industrial City of Abu Dhabi HCSEZ, the city’s free trade zone, is open to international investment and business, and this helps to create new jobs. Expats can find employment in Abu Dhabi are international companies or the branch offices of foreign companies.

The Economic Situation

Foreigners who work in Abu Dhabi benefit from the growing economy in one of the wealthiest emirates in the UAE and the most significant contributor to the UAE’s total GDP.

Most of the country’s income comes from natural resources like oil, and the petrochemical industry has many jobs for people living and working in Abu Dhabi. It owns 95% of the oil that the UAE makes. At the same time, new industries like real estate, businesses, construction, and tourism are becoming more critical.

Hotels and entertainment centres offer all kinds of luxuries to visitors so that the tourism industry can grow and more jobs can be created. A branch of the Louvre in France, a Ferrari theme park, and many shopping malls not only bring in extra money but also give foreigners who work in Abu Dhabi a lot to do in their free time.

Work for Foreigners in Abu Dhabi

Many big businesses and international companies have moved to Abu Dhabi in the past few years. Companies like these often hire expats with specialized and good language skills.

But it would help if you did a lot of research before working in Abu Dhabi. Embassies and consulates can help you prepare for your job search abroad by giving you more information and tips. Business people speak Arabic and English, so expats need to be fluent in at least one of these languages before moving.

Searching for Work

The Abu Dhabi government’s employment portal, where employers may find staff, is a fantastic place to start. If you’re interested in working in Abu Dhabi, you can also use this resource to look for open jobs in the emirate and do a thorough job search.

On top of that, different parts of the government have websites where they post job openings. The Ministry of Presidential Affairs website has an Arabic e-recruitment service for sending in applications.

Suppose you don’t think your Arabic is good enough to use this system. You can apply the old-fashioned way and bring your CV and application documents (passport, family book, educational and academic certificates, and l'expérience professionnelle) to the local Reception Office.

Agences de recrutement

As an alternative to the traditional job search, people in Abu Dhabi can use private recruitment agencies focusing on finding international workers. Here, applicants send their documents via email, and the agency will call them for an interview when a job that fits them comes up. Companies pay a fee to the recruitment agency when they find an excellent job for a candidate. But the service should be free for those who want to use it.

Some agencies are not very professional, and they try to make extra money off of people who want to work in the top expat destinations in the world. So, you should be careful if a recruitment agency tries to charge you extra money. It would be best if you immediately told the Labor Department about this company.

Work Laws UAE

For an expat to become a long-term resident, they need to ensure they will have a job in Abu Dhabi the whole time they are there. The Ministry of Labor in Abu Dhabi has rules about work in general and the relationship between an employer and an employee.

The UAE Labour Law of 1980 is used to decide the details of all jobs. This law spells out employers’ and employees’ duties and responsibilities, including information about holidays, worker’s compensation, and employment contracts. This law says that UAE citizens have the right to work. A company can only hire people from outside the UAE if there aren’t enough Émirats arabes unis citizens who are qualified or available for the job. In this case, the employer must choose Arab applicants over those from other countries.

About 85% of all workers in the UAE are expats or migrant workers. This shows that, even though the government’s “Emiratisation” policies give UAE citizens more rights, Abu Dhabi is still open to letting foreign residents work there.

Religion and Language UAE

Abu Dhabi is known for having workers from all over the world. Because of this, English is often spoken at work, along with Arabic, which is the official language of the UAE. But legal documents, like university diplomas or marriage certificates, must be written in Arabic or translated into Arabic before they can be given to official government agencies.

These documents can be translated at any office in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else. The embassy of the expat and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs must also check them.

The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country. But Abu Dhabi does let people of other religions practice their beliefs, and Islam is still a big part of people’s personal and professional lives. Because of this, non-Muslim expats who do business in Abu Dhabi must be extra careful not to break any rules or upset their business partners and coworkers.

I hope this guide about how to get a job in UAE was helpful to you.

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