How to make money as a travel blogger

How to Make Money As a Travel Blogger? How to Become Travel Vlogger?

How to Make Money As a Travel Blogger?

how to make money as a travel blogger

Money may not always be the energy source, but it is unquestionably the medium of exchange for purchasing the experiences you want. So, think about your life and if you could make money while travelling the world. Can you make a living by travelling? Most people secretly wish they could travel the world, live a nomadic life, and visit all the beautiful places they see in photos and videos. But money and time are the main things that make it hard to follow this dream.

Most people don’t think of travel blogging as a real job that can help you earn a good living. Instead, they think of it as keeping an online travel blog up to date or writing about your crazy adventures on your website.

But when you say you’re a travel blogger, most people don’t take you seriously. A travel blog can be a real business that makes money. Here are some ways to make money on the road: Work Writing on Your Own During the first few months of writing a blog, freelance writing work is the primary way to make money. At first, you won’t get paid much, but you can make a name for yourself, and then, as you gain experience, you can charge more.

Get freelance writing jobs by using your blog as a résumé.

During the first two years, I had my blog and freelance writing jobs bring in the most money. At first, they won’t pay very well, but you’ll get your name out there, and as you gain experience, you’ll be able to charge more (and influence).

When a publication sees that you have a following, it makes it easier for them to share your article and get more views. Also, the more you grow, the easier it will be to get better-paying jobs.

how to make money as a travel blogger

Engage in virtual assistance work for other blogs

Working for a blogger who has been around longer will help you learn how to improve your blog. Most of these jobs are through in-person networking, but since you can’t do that right now, I suggest looking for online resources.

You may learn what type of assistance individuals seek via Facebook groups. Another option is to utilize a matching service for VAs like Satiated Artists.

I think it’s great to go to industry events like Travelon and the Women in Travel Summit when you can if only to meet other bloggers, promote your virtual assistant services, and learn about opportunities.

Or, you could try to help a blogger you like. My full-time assistant asked if she could intern for me a few years ago, and she has become an essential part of my team over the years. You’d be surprised how many bloggers need help but don’t know where to look.

how to make money as a travel blogger

Take up affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be started at any time. Thinking about affiliates and promoting goods you enjoy helps create credibility and compensation prospects even if you’re starting. This is a long-term game, and you may not see the results of your hard work for a year or two. However, it can pay off in a big way.

For example, four months into my blogging career, I wrote about what to pack for Southeast Asia. That page is now one of my most popular affiliate pages. For me, this is always true. I never know how well a post I write will do until a long time after I publish it, so I keep trying!

You can be an affiliate for almost anything, so think outside the box. Here are a few of my favourite networks:

  • GetYourGuide
  • Amazon
  • Rakuten
  • CJ
  • Etsy
  • Groupon

Whichever websites you often use for apparel and hotel reservations.

Regardless of what travel insurance you choose.

Promoting just goods that you like and using yourself is the key. Your audience’s trust must always come first if you want to promote them effectively. See this page for information on creating a successful affiliate post.

Place ads

Ad revenue depends on how many people visit a site, and the most extensive networks these days need at least 50,000 visits per month.

Yes, it makes your site look a little bit worse, but I don’t think most readers’ minds (I haven’t heard any complaints) and your loyal fans will be glad to see you making money. I use Mediavine personally.

In April 2020, my ad revenue dropped along with everyone else’s. However, in the fourth quarter of 2020, they went back up because I focused on making more of the content that was already doing well.

how to make money as a travel blogger

Sell your pictures.

Travel blogging includes a lot of photography. What better way to get people to visit beautiful places than you tell them about them? Having a website that looks good is essential, and since Instagram is a good tool for marketing, it’s a great way to get paid work. Most of the work I get paid for comes from my Instagram.

I’m always trying to improve and challenge myself. Nowadays, taking photos when travelling is a top priority.

You can also use the Internet to sell stock photos. Some people can make a good amount of money by doing this. There are strict rules about what you can put in your photo, but it could be worth it if you travel and need to catch up anyway. Since I haven’t tried it, I can’t personally endorse it, but if you have, please let me know in the comments below whether it was successful for you.

Monetize videos

Many bloggers make videos now and then, but I don’t see much of a connection between blogs and YouTube. People seem to care a lot about one or the other but not about both.

If you make good videos and post them regularly, you can build an audience on YouTube and put ads on them to make money. This is a long-term strategy, like much of what I recommend here, but if you can develop a loyal and committed following, you’ll have another source of passive income.

how to make money as a travel blogger

You may get paid opportunities if you’ve built your following and social media channels. It could be a partnership with a product (like mine with ZAGG) or a destination (like mine with Kyrgyzstan) in which you agree to deliverables in exchange for a free trip and some cash.

This seems like the ideal, and in a way, it is. However, it only makes sense if the location and the campaign are consistent with your brand and if you can fulfil all of your promises.

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