Sharjah Publishing City- Unveiling the Hub of Literary Excellence

Establishing a business in the United Arab Emirates offers a unique opportunity, especially in the literary and publishing sector, thanks to Sharjah Publishing City (SPC).

As a specialized free zone, SPC was created under the auspices of the Sharjah Book Authority to nurture and grow the publishing industry. It stands as a testament to Sharjah’s commitment to knowledge, education, and cultural exchanges.

Publisher Name Genre Focus Language(s) 連絡先
Sharjah Literary Press Literature & Fiction English, Arabic info@sharjahlitpress.ae
Gulf Educational Books Educational English, Arabic, French education@gulfbooks.ae
Horizon Media Publications Science & Technology 英語 contact@horizonmedia.ae
Arab Cultural Studies Ltd Cultural Studies Arabic, English arab.culture@studies.ae
Children’s Dreams Publishing Children’s Books Arabic, English dreams@childrenspublishing.a

Located strategically in Sharjah, SPC leverages its position by connecting markets from the East and West. This 戦略的な立地 not only facilitates international trade but also creates a thriving community for businesses, offering more than 1,500 business license activities.

From publishing and printing to general trading and IT businesses, SPC encompasses a diverse array of activities in a supportive environment.

For entrepreneurs and investors, Sharjah Publishing City simplifies the process of company formation in the UAE. As a subsidiary of the Sharjah Book Authority, it encapsulates a world-first free zone dedicated to the global print and publishing industry.

An ecosystem designed to foster growth and innovation, SPC is the more intelligent choice for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the publishing industry’s potential within the UAE.

Business and Infrastructure

シャルジャ出版都市フリーゾーン focuses on fostering a robust business ecosystem with state-of-the-art infrastructure catered to the needs of the publishing and creative industries.

From cost-effective office spaces to a well-connected geographic locale, businesses here are strategically placed for global trade and innovation.


Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is designed to be a cost-effective option for 投資家 そして 起業家. Tax incentives, foreign ownership rights, and cost-effective options create an inviting economic atmosphere.

Clients enjoy benefits such as discounts on services and more.


The Free Zone boasts modern オフィススペース, 分布 facilities, and storage solutions. サービス tailored to the publishing sector, such as print-on-demand, are available, as well as conference rooms for collaboration and shipping services to streamline the supply chain.

Growth and Development

SPC Free Zone is a catalyst for the rapidly growing publishing sector, particularly in bridging markets such as the 中東, Africa、 そして アジア. This growth is supported by advancements in インフラストラクチャー and a focus on market expansion.


The Free Zone offers a business-friendly environment with efficient licensing プロセスと 許可する。の dual license capability allows businesses to operate in both the free trade zone そしてその 本土 under one permit, complying with UAE .

Global Connectivity

その 戦略的な立地 near major ports, the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone connects to ヨーロッパ, Africa、 そして アジア, ensuring an efficient supply chain. This connectivity is pivotal for authors, publishers, and the wider creative industries.

Publishing and Printing Innovations

The zone fosters innovation with services like Lightning Source for on-demand book printing, catering to retailers そして international publishers. Options are available for both paperback and hardcover formats, supporting a diverse range of publishing needs.

Impact of Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the SPC Free Zone implemented measures to support businesses, adapting to changing market demands and reinforcing the supply chain. This resilience ensured continuity for both local and African publishers.

Market Expansion

SPC Free Zone encourages market expansion by offering authors direct access to the vibrant 中東 そして African markets. Businesses benefit from the strategic connections to インドイギリス、 そして エジプト, among others.

Events and Partnerships

Annual events like the シャルジャ国際ブックフェア and partnerships forged at the London Book Fair are significant for networking and global outreach. Industry figures like Porter Anderson そして David Taylor contribute to the dynamic environment.

Leadership and Vision

Under the direction of the Ruler of Sharjah and leaders like Ahmed Al Ameriシャルジャ図書局, there’s a clear vision for innovation and advancement in the publishing field. Their leadership ensures the Free Zone remains at the forefront of the sector.