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Working and Living in the Arab World [UAE] – Unveiling the Advantages

In todayโ€™s globalized world, many are captivated by the allure of embarking on a professional journey abroad. Among the many destinations, Arab countries have recently come into the spotlight, piquing the interest of many professionals worldwide.

This piece presents a comprehensive insight into why the Arab world is now a highly sought-after destination for both career prospects and lifestyle enhancements. Delving into economics, lifestyle, cultural richness, and professional opportunities, we explore why living and working in the Arab world is an opportunity to consider.

Working and Living in the Arab World

Letโ€™s explore.

A Booming Economic Landscape

The Arab world boasts an intense economy and a robust platform for businesses and employees. The World Bank recognises many Arab countries as high-income territories with a Gross National Income per capita significantly above the global average. This economic vibrancy translates into high-quality infrastructure and an investment-friendly business environment. For skilled professionals, the Arab worldโ€™s economy presents a lucrative prospect, as salaries tend to surpass global averages.

Additionally, IT, tourism, education, and healthcare sectors flourish here, creating ample employment opportunities. Further boosting its economic appeal, Arab governments actively promote growth and development through investor-friendly policies, making the Arab world an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic and supportive professional landscape.

An Affordable Lifestyle

Compared to its global counterparts, the Arab world offers an affordable cost of Living. Routine expenses such as rent, groceries, and entertainment generally cost significantly less than in Western countries. This lower cost of Living equates to a higher savings potential, enabling individuals to make the most of their salaries.

Furthermore, the Arab worldโ€™s minimal tax rates are another financial incentive that attracts many. Also, affordability extends to consumer goods, allowing for easier budget adherence. These elements together underline the Arab worldโ€™s appeal for those seeking an affordable and enjoyable lifestyle.

An Enviable Climate

The Arab worldโ€™s weather is another significant advantage. The climate is predominantly mild, featuring plenty of sunshine all year. Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in various activities, from beach outings to hiking and camping trips.

Furthermore, many cities boast predominantly dry and sunny weather, rarely experiencing temperatures below freezing. This enjoyable climate contributes to the overall attractiveness of living and working in the Arab world.

Myriad Professional Opportunities

The Arab world is a goldmine of job opportunities. It hosts numerous sectors, including engineering, healthcare, education, IT, finance, the arts, and entertainment. Additionally, the presence of foreign company offices further broadens job prospects.

The modernization drive in several Arab countries has created new job roles in business management, marketing, and other sectors. This variety of job opportunities makes the Arab world a great place to work and build a career.

A Rich Cultural Tapestry

The Arab world is renowned for its vibrant culture. Rooted in centuries of history, the Arab world showcases a blend of Islamic, Arabian, and Middle Eastern influences. Cultural events like traditional dances and festivals are held daily, offering a unique regional music and cuisine taste.

Moreover, the Arab worldโ€™s art scene is highly dynamic, ranging from traditional to contemporary art pieces. The hospitable nature of the locals, coupled with their deep respect for family and tradition, adds to the Arab worldโ€™s cultural appeal, making it a truly fascinating place to live and work.

Delicious Cuisine

Arab cuisine is a gourmet delight, with various dishes exploding with unique flavours. From tantalising kebabs and hummus to mouthwatering falafel and tabbouleh, Arab food is a gastronomic adventure that promises to excite the palate. The frequent use of exotic spices adds depth and variety, ensuring every meal is a culinary experience in its own right.

Beautiful Places to Explore

The Arab world offers a range of stunning landscapes, from azure seascapes to unique mountainous terrains. Many of these locations are untouched, offering an opportunity to experience nature in its purest form. Besides its natural beauty, the region is rich in architecture and historical sites, enhancing its appeal to culture and history enthusiasts.

High-quality healthcare

The quality of healthcare services in the Arab world is critical in attracting expats. With well-equipped hospitals staffed by highly trained professionals, the standard of medical services is top-notch. In some countries, citizens receive free or heavily subsidised healthcare, ensuring access to quality healthcare for all.

Excellent Education Standards

The Arab world prioritises education, with numerous high-quality universities and schools available. The diverse range of academic disciplines offered and robust scholarship programmes make the Arab world an attractive place for higher education pursuits.

High Standard of Living

The Arab world offers a high quality of life, combining a low cost of living with relatively high salaries. Coupled with excellent healthcare and education systems, this region provides an ideal living standard thatโ€™s hard to match.

An Ideal Environment for Families

With high safety standards, quality education, excellent healthcare, and an enriching cultural environment, the Arab world is an ideal place to raise a family. The importance placed on family values and community relationships adds another dimension to its family-friendly appeal.


Is the Arab world an excellent place to work and live?

The Arab world is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for living and working, given its economic vibrancy, affordable living standards, rich cultural heritage, and excellent quality of life.

What job opportunities exist in the Arab world?

The Arab world offers many job opportunities in sectors including but not limited to IT, tourism, education, healthcare, finance, engineering, the arts, and entertainment.

What is the standard of healthcare in the Arab world?

Most Arab countries offer high-quality healthcare, with well-equipped hospitals and highly trained medical professionals. In some countries, healthcare services are provided for free or at heavily subsidized rates.

Is the Arab world an excellent place to raise a family?

Yes, the Arab world is an ideal place to raise a family. It offers excellent healthcare, education systems, childcare services, and a safe and enriching cultural environment.


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