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Postal Code Reem Island Abu Dhabi – Essential Guide and Tips

Reem Island is a rapidly expanding residential and commercial area situated off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi. Recognised for its modern architecture and picturesque waterfront views, the island’s demand for postal services has steadily grown.

Like the rest of Abu Dhabi, Reem Island utilises a postal code system to help facilitate efficient mail delivery and improve navigation within the Emirates.

Understanding the postal code system in Abu Dhabi is crucial for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. Postal or zip codes identify specific locations within the city and ensure that mail is delivered accurately. Each of the city’s districts is assigned a unique postal code, and, as a result, the postal codes for Reem Island are distinct from others in the region.

Postal codes also play a significant role in the newly implemented Onwani addressing system, which aims to streamline addresses and postcodes throughout the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Residents and businesses on Reem Island can easily find their Onwani postal code and use it when required for online forms and correspondence, ensuring streamlined postal service delivery.

Postal Code Reem Island Abu Dhabi – Key Takeaways

  • Reem Island is a growing residential and commercial area in Abu Dhabi with unique postal codes.
  • Postal codes in Reem Island are essential for accurate mail delivery and navigation.
  • Reem Island’s postal codes are part of the Onwani addressing system, streamlining addresses across Abu Dhabi.

Understanding Postal Codes in Abu Dhabi

Definition and Purpose

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, are a series of alphanumeric characters assigned to geographical areas, making it easier for postal services to sort and deliver mail.

These codes are vital in identifying specific locations within a city or region, ensuring that mail reaches its intended destination promptly. In Abu Dhabi, postal codes are commonly used to improve the mail delivery system’s efficiency and address packages or letters.

The System in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, including Abu Dhabi, the postal code system is not as prevalent as in other countries. Instead, the UAE postal services rely on P.O. Box numbers for mail delivery. Each individual or organisation has a unique P.O. Box number assigned by Emirates Post. However, online forms and international shipping might still require postal codes.

Regarding areas like Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, some sources provide a postal code or a list of codes for specific regions. For example, according to a PDF from Parcelforce Worldwide, Al Reem Island has a postal code of “n/a”. However, using P.O. Box numbers is more common and recommended for addressing mail within Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

To summarise, postal codes in Abu Dhabi facilitate mail delivery and identify specific regional areas, although P.O. Box numbers are more prominent. For areas such as Reem Island, using a P.O. Box number is the preferred method for addressing mail, while postal or ZIP codes may still be required for certain online forms and international shipping purposes.

Reem Island Area Overview

Geography and Demographics

Reem Island, also known as Al Reem Island, is a natural island located 600 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi island. The island covers a mixed-purpose community, including residential, retail, and commercial units. As of 2015, Al Reem Island’s population was 13,941 people, with a population density of 1,579/km².

Key Districts and Neighbourhoods

Reem Island features several sub-communities and neighbourhoods. Notable among them is Shams Abu Dhabi, a large sub-community occupying 25% of the island. Developed by Sorouh Real Estate, Shams Abu Dhabi has numerous residential towers, offering deluxe 1 to 4-bedroom apartments with breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. The tallest tower in the area is Sky Tower, standing at 389 metres and having 83 floors.

Al Reem Island is one of Abu Dhabi’s first Free Zones, where foreign nationals can purchase property on a 50-year leasehold. The island offers stunning city and waterfront views, attracting residential and commercial activity.

Postal Codes Specific to Reem Island

Reem Island, a central residential and commercial hub in Abu Dhabi, has postal codes that differ from those in the surrounding areas. These postal codes not only help in efficiently delivering mail and packages but also assist in streamlining various services for residents and businesses.

23013 and 23036 are two prominent postal codes associated with Reem Island. These areas encompass a variety of residential developments, offices, shopping centres, and recreational facilities. Residents and businesses must use the correct postal code when providing their addresses for a seamless delivery process.

Another noteworthy postal code in Reem Island is 20300, which explicitly covers a particular district. This district houses a mix of residential towers, commercial buildings, and leisure spaces, catering to a diverse population of locals and expatriates. Utilising this postal code accurately is vital for efficient postal services within the specified district.

To sum up, using the correct postal codes, such as 23013, 23036, and 20300, significantly enhances the effectiveness of mail delivery and other address-based services on Reem Island. Awareness of the distinct postal codes for different districts ensures better service and a more organised community on the island.

Other Relevant Postal Codes in Abu Dhabi

This section will explore other significant postal codes within Abu Dhabi, focusing on two subsections: Mainland and Urban Regions and Suburban and Outlying Areas. Postal codes are crucial in efficient mail delivery and various online services.

Mainland and Urban Regions

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Al Bateen and Al Khalidiyah are essential parts of the city. They encompass residential, commercial, and diplomatic areas. The postal code for Al Bateen is 22223, while Al Khalidiyah’s is 42324.

Al Mushrif and Al Nahyan are known for their residential communities and parks, which are situated not far from the city centre. The postal code for Al Mushrif is 38888, and the postal code for Al Nahyan is 45111.

Suburban and Outlying Areas

Saadiyat Island, off the coast of Abu Dhabi, is famous for its luxury resorts and cultural projects. Its postal code is 41812.

Al Wahda is notable for its sports facilities and shopping destinations, attracting residents and tourists. The postal code for this area in Abu Dhabi is 45888.

To summarise, here’s a table of the mentioned regions and their respective postal codes:

AreaPostal Code
Al Bateen22223
Al Khalidiyah42324
Al Mushrif38888
Al Nahyan45111
Saadiyat Island41812
Al Wahda45888

By utilising the correct postal codes provided, one can ensure a smoother mail delivery process and more straightforward navigation within Abu Dhabi, both in urban and suburban areas.

Navigating and Using Postal Codes

Finding Postal Codes

Postal codes in Abu Dhabi, including Al Reem Island, help individuals and businesses send and receive mail efficiently. The area uses a specific set of codes to identify locations more accurately. Searching for these postal codes, sometimes called ZIP codes, can be done through various online platforms, such as getpostalcodes.com. An example of a postal code on Al Reem Island is 55589.

Postal Services and Delivery

The UAE and Abu Dhabi postal service systems differ slightly from other countries. They focus more on using P.O. Box numbers to ensure secure mail delivery to companies and individuals. All mail sent within the region must include a P.O. Box number to ensure it reaches the intended recipient. The Abu Dhabi postal system, known as the Onwani System, aims to name streets and number buildings per global best practices.

When sending a package or letter, include the postal code, area, and P.O. Box number, which helps facilitate efficient postal services and delivery within Al Reem Island and the other regions in Abu Dhabi.

Remember that using the proper format and including all necessary information, such as the postal code and P.O. Box number, ensures timely and accurate mail delivery in Al Reem Island and Abu Dhabi.

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