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Инвесторская виза в Дубай? – Ваш путь к возможностям для бизнеса

Time is indeed money, and in a world where global mobility and business opportunities are key to success, obtaining the right visa becomes crucially important. For those looking to invest in promising markets, Dubai offers an attractive proposition with its investor visa programs.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur aiming to establish a business or an investor looking to capitalize on investment opportunities, the investor visa in Dubai provides a gateway to residency and the perks that come with it.

Residence Visa for Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Living in the UAE

The Dubai investor visa program features various pathways tailored to different investment thresholds and types, including real estate, business ventures, and more.

With an investor visa, not only do you gain the right to reside and operate your business in Dubai, but you also enjoy the benefits of the city’s strategic location, robust economy, and tax-friendly regulations. Navigating the application process requires an understanding of the eligibility criteria, the necessary documentation, and the steps involved to ensure compliance and a successful visa outcome.

Investor Visa Dubai? – Key Takeaways

  • Dubai’s investor visa offers residency and business operation opportunities.
  • Several types of investor visas cater to diverse investment levels and interests.
  • Understanding the application process is key to obtaining residency in Dubai.

Право на участие и требования

When you’re looking to secure an investor visa in Dubai, understanding the право на участие и требования is fundamental. This will involve presenting proof of your investment, maintaining financial records, and navigating the legal documentation and approval process.

Proof of Investment and Financial Records

Before applying, you must demonstrate proof of investment. For mainland companies, this involves showing a Memorandum of Association indicating your shares worth at least AED 10 million. Additionally, you must provide a выписка из банка from the past six months supporting your financial stability.

Legal Documentation and Approval Process

The legal documentation required includes a copy of your passport and, if you’re applying as a company, your trade licence.

Additionally, you will require a No Objection Letter from your current sponsor and a Good Conduct Certificate to prove your legal standing. Approval involves a medical test and obtaining medical insurance for both you and any dependents. A comprehensive understanding of the approval process can be found on the official portal of the UAE Government.

Types of Investor Visas

Dubai offers a range of investor visas catering to different types of investments, each with its unique set of benefits. Understanding the distinctions between them is crucial for potential investors planning to establish ties with Dubai.

Property Investor Visa

The Property Investor Visa is for individuals investing in the Dubai real estate market. Investing in a property valued at not less than AED 2 million is an essential requirement. Holders of this visa are granted residency, allowing them to live in Dubai and manage their property. Notably, the property must be retained for at least two years. You may visit the official Invest in Dubai portal for more details.

Entrepreneur and Partner Visa

The Entrepreneur and Partner Visa falls under the Система «Золотая виза», designed for entrepreneurs and business partners involved in businesses within the UAE. This category necessitates approval from the relevant local authorities and adherence to the investment guidelines.

The visa grants long-term residency, permitting extensive business activities and investments in the region. For specific requirements and applications, refer to the United Arab Emirates’ government portal.

Long-Term Residence Visa

The Long-Term Residence Visa is an advanced option within Dubai’s investor visa system, offering up to 5 or 10 years of residency. This visa is tailored for those who invest in an accredited investment fund or similar financial instruments.

Requirements include a significant capital investment, and the visa’s length depends on the scale of this investment. It is a part of the Golden Visa system, a prestigious offering that signals Dubai’s commitment to attracting and retaining global investment talent. More information on the terms and how to apply can be found on the UAE Government’s official portal.

Procedure for Application

The journey to obtaining an Investor Visa in Dubai involves navigating through a series of specific steps with particular documentation required by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Initial Steps and Documentation

To kickstart your application, first ensure that you have all the necessary документация, including your заграничный пасспорт, Memorandum Papers of the companyи лицензия of the business investment. You’ll need to apply for an Entry Permit, which acts as a provisional visa, to start the process. This can be done through various application centres approved by the GDRFA.

Medical Fitness and Visa Stamping

Following the approval of your Entry Permit, you must undergo a Medical Fitness Test, which is mandatory for all expatriate residents. Once declared medically fit, you are required to proceed with Visa Stamping on your passport. For this, you will submit your passport along with your Entry Permit and medical test results to the GDRFA for the completion of your visa application process.

Benefits and Privileges

Investor visas in Dubai offer unparalleled opportunities, granting substantial benefits to those aiming to live and establish their businesses in the city’s prospering economy. Special concessions are designed to attract foreign investment, enriching the local market with global talent and capital.

Living and Working in Dubai

In Dubai, possessing an investor or partner visa allows you to enjoy the right to live and work in the city without the need for a national sponsor. This independence is a crucial advantage for entrepreneurs and investors alike. With this visa, you’re provided with:

  • Residency: A renewable permit to reside in Dubai, varying in validity from 2 to 10 years depending on the type of visa, such as the Золотая виза ОАЭ.
  • Work: The legal right to work within the UAE, facilitating business owners to manage their endeavours on-site.

Family Members and Dependents

The inclusivity of the investor visa extends to your family, ensuring that your loved ones can join you in your journey:

  • Family Accompaniment: It ensures that you can bring your супруг, дети, and other dependents to live with you in the UAE.
  • Education and Healthcare: Dependents are entitled to access education and healthcare services, establishing a stable environment for families.

By securing an investor visa in Dubai, you ensure a lifestyle that offers professional growth and personal fulfilment for yourself and your family. The facilitation of residency and work rights complements the city’s dynamic and diversified economic environment, presenting a lucrative canvas for investors and entrepreneurs.

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