Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone – Your Hub for Literary and Publishing Excellence

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, located in the UAE, offers a unique business hub tailored explicitly for the publishing industry.

As the world’s first free zone dedicated to this sector, established in 2017, it provides a nurturing environment for authors, publishers, and related businesses. With the support of the Sharjah Book Authority, the zone encourages entry into the UAE’s market, offering 100% foreign ownership and a streamlined process for company formation without the need for a local sponsor.

The infrastructure at Sharjah Publishing City is designed to facilitate collaboration and foster creativity within a supportive community. This commitment to providing a comprehensive platform is evident in its offering of various business activities, easy access to markets, and a range of services, from licensing to banking.

The availability of diverse business spaces, from trading to retail, adds to the attractiveness of setting up a business in this thriving economic area within Sharjah’s heart.

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone – Key Takeaways

  • Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is a pioneering economic area for the global publishing industry.
  • Comprehensive support services streamline company formation and market access for entrepreneurs.
  • A range of business activities and spaces bolster the free zone’s position as a vibrant commercial ecosystem.

Business Opportunities in SPC Free Zone

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC Free Zone) is poised as a strategic hub for your business establishment and growth, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your entrepreneurial needs.

Business Setup and Licensing

When you start your business in the SPC Free Zone, you benefit from a streamlined company formation process. The free zone lets you choose from over 1,500 business activities, ensuring your venture finds its niche. You can secure various licenses, from publishing and printing to general trading and e-commerce. The process is designed for convenience, allowing for a quick and efficient setup.

  • Ownership: Foreign ownership is permitted, so your business can remain yours.
  • Shares & Profits: You maintain complete control over your shares and the distribution of profits.

Trade and Investment

SPC Free Zone is a gateway to a rewarding trade and investment environment. With modern infrastructure and business-friendly policies, the zone is well-suited for small and large-scale trading operations. The strategic location in the UAE provides a competitive edge for your business in local and international markets.

  • Trade Opportunities: Engage in trade with diverse markets due to the UAE’s strategic global position.
  • Investment Benefits: Attract potential investors with facilities and services that support robust investment activities.

Entrepreneurs and Investors

For entrepreneurs and investors, SPC Free Zone offers an inspiring ecosystem encouraging innovation and growth. You will find a collaborative community conducive to networking and finding the right investment opportunities. With dedicated support services, setting up is not just about acquiring a physical space but also about integrating into a vibrant business community.

  • Access to Capital: Access to various investment channels and potential funding options.
  • Business Growth: Leverage the collaborative environment to scale your operations and profits.

Infrastructure and Services

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC Free Zone) provides an infrastructure and comprehensive services designed to support and enhance your business operations, particularly in the publishing, printing, and creative industries.

Office and Workspace Solutions

In Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, your business can benefit from various office and workspace solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you require fully furnished office spaces, warehouses for storage, or co-working spaces which offer a flexible working environment, you’ll find options equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Each workspace is designed to promote productivity and is adaptable to businesses of various sizes.

  • Fully-Furnished Office Spaces: Ready-to-use with all necessary amenities.
  • Warehouses: Ample space for storage and logistics.
  • Co-working Spaces: Modern and flexible, ideal for networking.

Printing and Distribution Services

You gain access to advanced printing facilities that cater to a vast array of needs—from small-scale to large-scale manufacturing. Handling everything from the printing of books to commercial materials, the equipment and technology available are cutting-edge and efficient. As for distribution, the strategic location of the SPC Free Zone ensures that your products can easily reach global markets. Essential services are provided to streamline the distribution process, including logistical support.

  • Printing Services:
    • Commercial-grade printing for various product sizes.
    • Access to the latest printing technology and equipment.
  • Distribution Services:
    • Strategic location for easy access to global markets.
    • Supportive logistics services to ensure efficient product distribution.

Benefits and Incentives

In the vibrant landscape of the Middle East, Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone stands out as a beacon for your business growth, providing a host of competitive advantages and incentives that cater specifically to your enterprise’s needs.

Strategic Location Advantages

Sharjah’s Geographical Edge:

  • Middle East Access: You are at the crossroads of global trade, bridging East and West with unparalleled access to markets across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • Proximity to Key Markets: Your operations benefit from proximity to major economies such as India and Europe, opening diverse opportunities.

Economic and Regulatory Benefits

Financial and Ownership Incentives:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Full control over your business without needing a local partner or agent.
  • Tax-Free Environment: A lucrative tax structure with:
    • No corporate tax
    • No income tax
    • Exemption from import and export duties

Business-Friendly Regulations:

  • Ease of Business License Procurement: Straightforward processes to obtain your business license, allowing you to commence operations efficiently.
  • Incentives to Grow: Various incentives encourage investment and reduce operational costs.

By leveraging the strategic position and the economic landscape of Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, your business is set to flourish with these robust incentives.

Legal Framework and Procedures

The legal framework governing Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone is designed to streamline the process of business registration and compliance, ensuring that you can navigate the procedures. This framework supports many business license activities, promoting ease of business for entrepreneurs and investors.

Registration and Company Formation

When forming a company in the SPC Free Zone, you must select a business license that corresponds to your intended activities. Over 1,500 business license activities encompass sectors like publishing, trading, and information technology. The steps for company formation are as follows:

  1. Select your business activity: Choose from a list of predefined activities.
  2. Choose a legal form for your entity (Free Zone Establishment, Free Zone Company, etc.).
  3. Complete the registration forms and submit the necessary documents.
  4. Draft and sign the Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  5. Pay the prescribed fees for registration and licensing.

You’ll receive your trade license upon completion, allowing you to operate legally within the free zone.

Visa and Immigration Processes

SPC Free Zone simplifies the visa and immigration process to facilitate the residency and employment of foreign nationals.

  • E-channel Registration: Enrol in the electronic channel registration system to streamline your visa application.
  • Entrepreneur Package: This package includes eligibility for certain visas, depending on your chosen package.
  • Obtain Visas: Apply for employment and residency visas for yourself and your employees.

For visa processing, ensure you have:

  • A valid passport
  • Completed application form
  • Required fees

Step by step, your visa will be processed, which may include medical fitness tests and biometric capturing. After approval, you, your employees, and dependents receive residency connected to your Free Zone establishment.

By adhering to these procedures, you can establish and grow your business within a regulatory environment that is supportive and structured.

Business Ecosystem and Community

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC Free Zone) positions you at the heart of a vibrant business ecosystem tailored to the global print and publishing industry. Yours benefits from specialised services, a skilled workforce, and strategic global connectivity.

Publis in this community in Industry and Media

At SPC Free Zone, your venture sits amidst a thriving hub for the publishing industry and media businesses. The Free Zone is purpose-built to support your publishing needs, offering a platform for translation, distribution, and other related services.

The Sharjah Book Authority plays a pivotal role in this sectoral community, fostering the book industry and enabling your access to significant events like book fairs. By establishing your base here, you can benefit from synergy with the creative and skilled workforce committed to the literary and knowledge sectors.

  • Global Publishing: Utilise extensive networks for distribution and partnerships.
  • Media: Leverage the proximity to various media outlets, providing ample opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Global Connectivity and Partnerships

SPC Free Zone ensures your business is well-connected globally. Partnerships between businesses in the Free Zone and entities in Dubai and beyond extend your company’s reach, giving you the advantage of the area’s airports and transport links that facilitate easy access to international markets.

  • Airports: Benefit from the proximity to Sharjah International Airport and Dubai International Airport for efficient distribution and travel.
  • Partnerships: Engage with many enterprises and institutions via the Free Zone’s network, enhancing global connectivity.

Your business can leverage SPC’s strategic partnerships to bolster the book industry and champion global publishing through a supportive business ecosystem.

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