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Zayed International Airport – Celebrating the UAE’s Visionary Founding Father in Our Gateway to the World

 As a lifelong resident of the United Arab Emirates, I am thrilled by the renaming of Abu Dhabi International Airport to Zayed International Airport. This change was announced in 2018, the ‘Year of Zayed’, to mark 100 years since the birth of our nation’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

More About Zayed International Airport 

Zayed International Airport is the busy transit hub that connects us to over 90 global destinations. As the home base of our flagship carrier Etihad Airways, it recently underwent major expansions to boost its capacity to over 40 million passengers per year.


For us residents, the new name Zayed International Airport celebrates the profound legacy of our beloved first president Sheikh Zayed. He spearheaded the unification of the seven emirates into one modern, tolerant, and globally ambitious nation.


From the vast oil wealth that powered the UAE’s economic rise to the glistening skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we owe much of our prosperity and progress to his visionary leadership. Sheikh Zayed’s name is synonymous with wisdom, compassion, and generosity.


As a cherished role model, renaming the nation’s second busiest airport after him feels deeply meaningful. It cements his inspiring legacy for younger generations of Emiratis who will pass through Zayed International Airport.


The rebranding also promotes Abu Dhabi’s global stature and ambitions. It harnesses the inspirational narrative and brand power of Sheikh Zayed to capture the world’s imagination.


When foreigners arrive here, they will immediately connect the name ‘Zayed’ with the incredible evolution of the UAE. It powerfully announces that Abu Dhabi is not just a stopover but a world-class destination inextricably linked to Sheikh Zayed’s success story.


As a resident, I cannot help but feel immense pride and inspiration each time I pass through the gates of Zayed International Airport, our new monument to a visionary leader. It affirms our identity and heritage while symbolizing the future aspirations of the UAE.

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