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Sunset Mall Jumeirah(朱美拉日落购物中心)——迪拜的现代购物天堂

Sunset Mall Jumeirah is a distinctive shopping and leisure destination in the heart of Dubai’s upscale Jumeirah neighbourhood. Catering to a sophisticated palate, this mall offers a harmonious mix of high-end retail options, sumptuous dining venues, and vital daily services.

Its prime location on Jumeirah Beach Road, adjacent to Kite Surf Beach, provides easy access to a tranquil seaside ambience, enhancing your shopping experience with serene views.

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The mall’s design is notably enhanced by its glass façade, which bathes the interior in natural light, lending a cheerful atmosphere to your visit. With its blend of convenience, luxury, and location, Sunset Mall encapsulates the dynamic spirit of Dubai’s retail landscape, providing residents and tourists alike with a one-of-a-kind shopping environment that goes beyond mere transactions.

Sunset Mall Jumeirah – Key Takeaways

  • Sunset Mall offers a premium mix of shopping and dining in Dubai’s Jumeirah 区域。
  • Its design and proximity to the beach create an inviting shopping atmosphere.
  • The mall provides an array of services and entertainment options.

Sunset Mall Overview

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Sunset Mall offers a unique experience on Jumeirah Beach Road, nestled in the upscale neighbourhood of Jumeirah 3. You’ll find a curated selection of stores and dining options to provide a luxurious lifestyle experience.


  • 地点: Situated in Jumeirah 3, Sunset Mall provides easy access to the scenic Jumeirah Beach.
  • Stores: The mall houses a variety of high-end fashion boutiques spanning across two floors, catering to your desire for exclusive shopping.
  • Size: While it is considered a mid-sized mall, it ensures a bespoke shopping experience that matches Jumeirah’s distinct lifestyle.
  • 停車處: You can access ample free parking in the basement, making your visit convenient.

Dining and Cafes

  • 餐厅: Sunset Mall’s offerings include notable dining spots like Wafi Gourmet, known for its authentic Lebanese fare.
  • 咖啡馆: Alongside restaurants, casual cafes provide spaces to unwind after shopping.
  • Variety: Whether for a quick coffee or a leisurely meal, options suit all tastes, including a Carrefour Hypermarket for those everyday necessities.


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At Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, you’ll find a refined shopping environment that caters to your taste for fashion and necessity. This destination provides an exclusive array of shopping options.

Fashion Boutiques

Sunset Mall is lauded for its distinctive array of fashion boutiques. These boutiques offer an eclectic range of apparel catering to fashion enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking the latest trends or timeless pieces, the fashion boutiques within Sunset Mall offer a shopping experience that stands out in Dubai’s retail landscape.

Anchor Stores

The mall boasts a 家乐福 supermarket as one of its anchor stores, providing you with a comprehensive array of goods from groceries to electronics. This inclusion ensures that your shopping experience at Sunset Mall isn’t just limited to fashion but covers the full spectrum of retail needs. The presence of 家乐福 underscores the mall’s commitment to offering you a blend of convenience and variety under one roof.


Sunset Mall in Jumeirah offers extensive amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and safe shopping experience. Your needs are well catered to, from convenient parking options to robust security measures.

Parking Facilities

At Sunset Mall, you can access ample parking facilities to make your visit hassle-free. For your immediate convenience, complimentary outdoor parking is available on the mall side next to Jumeirah Road. For those preferring covered parking, the mall provides over 600 basement parking spaces, ensuring you can easily find a spot, regardless of the time of visit.


Your safety is a top priority at Sunset Mall. The mall has modern safety measures at every level, including comprehensive security personnel coverage and state-of-the-art surveillance systems. These measures are in place throughout the mall, ensuring a secure environment as you shop, dine, and enjoy various services.


Your visits to Sunset Mall in Jumeirah offer more than just shopping; they are enriched with various entertainment options and a dynamic events calendar that cater to your leisure and culinary preferences.


At Sunset Mall, you’ll find leisure activities that complement the shopping experience. You may partake in events throughout the year that transform your visits into memorable experiences. Keep an eye on the mall’s schedule for special events that may coincide with your visit, ensuring you don’t miss out on unique opportunities for entertainment and socialising.


When it comes to dining, Sunset Mall boasts an array of cafes and restaurants that promise to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy a casual coffee at local cafes or indulge in various cuisines at restaurants like Beestek, known for its healthy culinary options. Pappa Roti offers a cosy atmosphere for those looking for a sweet treat.

Additionally, the proximity to Kite Beach means you can easily combine your mall excursion with a seaside dining experience, where more cafes and casual eateries await.