The Best Suggestion For Influencing People In The UAE


Influencers on social media are all the rage right now, and brands want to work with them to reach more people and increase sales. On either hand, the influencers’ followers look to them for advice and suggestions.

Do you need to understand how you can become one? Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular, so it makes sense that people want to know how to become an influencer. Here are 16 things to do if you want to have an impact or be a thought leader:

Choose a specific niche and become an authority in that field.

The initial step to becoming an influencer is to pick a niche. You should pick a niche where you feel like an expert and want to share your knowledge with a specific group or target audience. My Lebanese friend decided to become a tour guide in Dubai because she knew a lot about the city and loved helping people and showing them around.

As the tourism business in Dubai is very competitive, she chose to focus on only people from Brazil who were going to Dubai and spoke only Portuguese. So, she became an important person in that group.

Choose which social media sites you will use to show how influential you are.

Most influencers only use Instagram because it is their most popular platform, and YouTube is the second most popular channel and is getting too crowded. There are already a lot of people who have a lot of influence on those channels.

If you think, “Okay, I have something unique, which is special, something that makes me stand out,” you can try to compete with those influencers in that niche and prove yourself. You could also try to find opportunities on platforms that don’t get as much attention and are less competitive, like LinkedIn. You can become an influencer on LinkedIn, where there is less competition.

Develop a Content Strategy

Think about your content strategy and how the content will be shared. Don’t just plan for the next week or month; plan at least three, six, or even the next 12 months in advance. One example could be: Every Thursday morning, I have to post a video (or an Instagram story) and do that every week.

People worry a lot about what to post. Think about your audience and always try to add something useful. Check out the website Type in one of your main keywords, showing what kinds of questions people are asking about that subject.

I think that’s the best way to find out what questions your target audience will already ask. Plan which queries are essential, and you’ll be able to answer them better. So, start making plans and content right away. Then, start planning it out so that you never run out of content or ideas for content because everything is already in line.

Interact with your followers.

Talk to those who follow you! It’s not just a way to send out information; don’t just think about sending out your content. Also, try to talk to those and anyone else who comments on your posts. 

Thank them and let them know you heard what they said. If someone has more questions, you can answer them in their comments. As an influencer, sometimes people will say bad things about you, and please don’t ignore them. You also have to talk to all those people and try to persuade them as effectively as possible.

Great Representation, Attractive Beginnings

I also think that your YouTube intro video should be good enough so that you can tell people what they’ll get if they follow you. Even if you have a profile on Instagram, it should look good enough. Explain why people should follow you. Think of exciting pictures, videos, information, analysis, or entertainment people want to see. It would help if you thought about this when making videos, taking photos, editing, or adding captions.


Storytelling is a great way to connect emotionally with your audience and give them a reason to confide in you, follow you, and get involved.

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags are essential, so choose yours wisely by thinking about who you want to reach. Don’t use too many hashtags; focus on valuable and popular hashtags. Use to get ideas for relevant hashtags and to find popular hashtags in Dubai or other places. Use hashtags wisely at all times.

Never buy phoney followers.

Don’t try to buy fake followers because people will know if you do. It’s dishonest and wrong to buy followers, so don’t do it. People will follow you and share your content if you post great content. All know when you buy fake followers, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When you employ fake followers, your account is at risk, and your account could be banned for life or temporarily shut down. If you don’t want to buy fake followers, you can use paid ads like those on YouTube, Google, Facebook, or Instagram to reach the right people.

Consider why someone would be required to track you.

To be honest, people don’t care about an influencer or their business. People care about their problems, challenges, questions, and other things that interest them. So, let’s say you solve their problems, help them reach their goals, make them happy, give them ideas, laugh, analyze, and entertain them. They feel closer to you when that happens and start to follow you.

Use Data Analytics

Try to focus on some analytics. If you use Facebook, use Facebook Insights. If you use Twitter, use Twitter analytics. Use Google Analytics if you have a webpage or blog. If you use Buffer, you can use Buffer Analytics.

I’m trying to say that you should look at what you’ve done in the past and figure out what kind of posts work best for you and what kind of content gets more likes, shares, and comments. Then, make more content to have a more significant impact and keep your followers interested based on what they like.

Talk about current, popular topics and your niche.

Use Google Trends at to find out what questions your audience is asking. Just type in a topic, and you’ll be able to see which countries search for it more and what kinds of questions are popular at different times. If you can answer these questions, your content will likely go viral, and you’ll have much more power in that industry.

UAE Culture and Traditions

One small tip is to talk about UAE culture and traditions in your events, etc.