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Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi Location Map – Your Essential Guide

Al Reem Island is a natural island located just 600 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This island has positioned itself as a premier destination for residential, commercial, and leisure, extending over an area of approximately. Square, its square meters boast location. It is in the Gulf and is well-integrated with Abu Dhabi’s urban throughcape through a network.

And services. Al Reem Island is home to a diverse and multicultural community and offers a comprehensive range of modern amenities and services. The island’s master plan focuses on creating exceptional living spaces, upscale business districts, and world-class leisure facilities that cater to the growing demands of both local and international residents.

Notable landmarks and attractions on the island include iconic towers, lush parks, and waterfront promenades, which add further value to its impressive real estate offerings.

Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi Location Map – Key Takeaways

  • Al Reem Island is a prominent residential and commercial hub near Abu Dhabi’s coast.
  • The aisles mix modern amenities, leisure facilities, and business districts.
  • Providing a comprehensive living experience, Al Reem attracts local and international residents.

Geographic Overview

Al Reem Island Location

Al Reem Island is a natural island situated 600 metres off the coast of the main AbuDhabi island within the Arabian Gulf. The island boasts an area that spans approximately 6.5 million square metres and is connected to the mainland via several bridges. Due to its strategic location and planned development, Al Reem Island has transformed into a mixed residential, retail, and commercial building.

Proximity to Key Destinations

Al Maryah Island: Al Reem Ishares is close to Al Maryah Island, a premium business and lifestyle destination. This neighbouring island is accessible through a direct bridge, offering a seamless commute for residents and professionals alike.

Saadiyat Island: A mere 20 minutes away, Saadiyat Island is renowned for its cultural attractions, artistic institutions, and beautiful beaches. This cherished spot is easily reachable from Al Reem Island, adding to its appeal as a residential and commercial hub.

Abu Dhabi Naval Base: As part of the United Arab Emirates’ strategic military infrastructure, the Abu Dhabi Naval Base is instrumental in regional security. Al Reem Island’s presence within the broader Abu Dhabi area helps bolster the island’s significance: In terms of educational facilities, Al Reem Island is home to top-tier international schools, nurturing the next generation of scholars and opinions within a dynamic environment.

Distance from Key Locations:

Abu Dhabi City Centre5 kilometres
Saadiyat Island12 kilometres
Abu Dhabi International Airport36 kilometres
Dubai140 kilometres

Al Reem Island’s geographical positioning within the Abu Dhabi metropolitan area is genuinely advantageous, ensuring that residents, businesses, and visitors alike benefit from the island’s connectivity to key locations. With seamless accessibility to cultural, commercial, and transportation, it is a highly desirable destination in the United Arab Emirates.

Real Estate and Development

Residential Zones

Al Reem Island is a mixed-purpose community located approximately 600 meters off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi. The island boasts various residential zones, with high-rise towers and deluxe apartments available in 1 to 4-bedroom configurations. Notable developments include Shams Abu Dhabi, a large sub-community developed by Sorouh Real Estate, and MaSquare, offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

  • Sky Tower: The tallest building in Shams Abu Dhabi, Sky Tower stands at 389 metres with 83 floors, predominantly housing residential units.
  • Gate Towers: A distinct trio of residential skyscrapers providing modern living spaces and extensive amenities.
  • Sea View Tower: An elegant residential building within Shams Abu Dhabi, developed by Manazel Real Estate Company.

Commercial Opportunities

In addition to its residential areas, Al Reem Island offers a range of commercial opportunities. The island features various commercial units, retail shops, and busy catering to its occupants’ diverse needs its occupants. Developers such as Aldar Properties PJSC have contributed to the growth of the island’s commercial sector.

  • Radiant Square: A multi-tower mixed-use development by Radiant Real Estate, consisting of five towers and combining residential, commercial, and retail spaces.
  • Shams Abu Dhabi: Apart from residential towers, this sub-community also comprises commercial buildings catering to businesses and investors.
  • Dedicated exits: Al Reem Island is easily accessible from Shaikh Zayed Street, with its actual exit, making it convenient for travellers and commuters.

Skyline Landmarks

Al Reem Island’s skyline is graced with several remarkable high-rise towers, both residential and commercial. These landmarks contribute significantly to the island’s modern urban appeal.

  • Sky Tower: As mentioned earlier, Sky Tower in Shams Abu Dhabi dominates the skyline as the tallest building, with residential units and commercial spaces.
  • Gate Towers: The iconic trio of skyscrapers is a recognizable landmark, adding visual interest to the island’s profile.
  • Campus: The island is home to educational institutions such as Repton, further enhancing its mixed-purpose community aspect.

In summary, Al Reem Island is a thriving mixed-use community that seamlessly combines residential and commercial spaces, providing its occupants with a vibrant skyline and an array of opportunities.

Living in Al Reem Island

Community Amenities

Al Reem Island is a mixed-purpose community approximately 600 meters off Abu Dhabi’s northeastern coast. The island provides a range of residential options and ample amenities for a comfortable and modern lifestyle. It is one of the first free zones in Abu Dhabi, allowing foreign nationals to acquire properties on a 50-year leasehold basis. This thriving island offers its residents attractive waterfront views and a well-planned infrastructure.

Residents can access amenities like Central Park, healthcare centres, and fitness facilities. The island also features walkways and green spaces for strolls and relaxation. With a family-friendly atmosphere, several towers in Al Reem Island include deluxe accommodations, ranging from 1 to 4-bedroom configurations, boasting splendid vistas of the Arabian Gulf.

Educational Facilities

Al Reem Island is home to well-regarded educational institutions providing quality school options for families. Repton School, a prominent British curriculum school, has a campus on the island, catering to students from primary up to secondary level. In addition to Repton, other reputable schools and nurseries are nearby, making island living convenient for families with young children.

Retail and Dining

Al Reem Island boasts diverse retail and dining options to cater to its residents and visitors. Boutik Mall is a major shopping destination on the island, featuring a range of popular shops, cafés and dining establishments.

Moreover, the upcoming Reem Mall promises to bring even more shopping and entertainment opportunities to the community. This retail hub will include an expansive offering of international brands, restaurants, and leisure attractions.

Leisure and Attractions

Al Reem Island is a thriving destination in Abu Dhabi, offering various leisure activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. This section will explore notable attractions like Reem Mall, Snow Park and the waterfront promenades.

Reem Mall and Snow Park

Reem Mall is an upcoming shopping destination located on Al Reem Island. It aims to provide diverse retail options and leisure and entertainment facilities for locals and tourists. Reem Mall is home to an array of popular international and regional brands, dining options, and, notably, a groundbreaking attraction – the world-class Snow Park.

The extraordinary Snow Park at Reem Mall promises to amaze visitors by offering a variety of snow-based activities and experiences suitable for all ages. It will feature different snow-based zones, catering to various interests and ability levels, making it a must-visit attraction.

Waterfront Promenades

Alongside the striking architecture and towering buildings, Reem Island boasts picturesque waterfront promenades. These promenades provide a refreshing escape from bustling city life and create a serene environment for residents and visitors alike to unwind and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Waterfront Promenades primary appeal lies in the vibrant atmosphere, accessible walkways and seating areas. They feature lush greenery water features and offer a range of outdoor fitness and recreational activities.

Overall, Al Reem Island combines retail, leisure, and recreational attractions that cater to varying tastes and preferences.

Business and Economy

Free Zone Benefits

Al Reem Island, a natural island located 600 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi, offers attractive benefits to businesses due to its status as a free zone. International companies can set up operations with complete ownership without needing a local partner. Various commercial units are available on a leasehold basis, allowing businesses to expand or scale down as required.

Among the many advantages of Al Reem Island’s free zone are tax exemptions, simplified registration procedures, and minimal import-export restrictions. These benefits make it an appealing destination for businesses looking to establish a presence in the Middle East.

Key Commercial Buildings

Al Reem Island has several iconic commercial buildings, providing state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure to support a thriving business environment. One such prominent structure is the Sky Tower Abu Dhabi. Standing 292 metres tall with 74 floors, this skyscraper offers commercial and residential spaces, making it a convenient location for companies and their employees.

Other significant commercial buildings on Al Reem Island include the Al Maqam Tower and Marina Square, providing modern workspace and amenities for various business sectors.

Al Reem Island’s strategic location, free zone benefits, and vital commercial buildings create a conducive business environment that attracts local and international companies.

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