Khalifa City Park – A Guide to Recreation and Amenities

Abu Dhabi, a city known for its commitment to providing high-quality recreational spaces for its residents and visitors, proudly welcomes the latest addition to its roster of family-friendly venues – the new park in Khalifa City.

This expansive area has quickly become a favoured destination for families looking to spend quality time together and for individuals seeking a peaceful retreat from the urban rush.

With its array of activities and tranquil environment, this park is a testament to the city’s dedication to enhancing the livability and well-being of its communities.

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The park caters to leisurely walks and relaxation and boasts exciting amenities. Whether you’re into sports, looking for a place for your children to revel in play, or a pet owner searching for dog-friendly spaces, this park provides.

With sports courts, a jogging track, and dedicated areas for children and dogs, everyone finds something to appreciate. This inclusivity and diversity in attractions highlight Abu Dhabi’s vision to create cohesive, versatile spaces for all its dwellers.

Khalifa City Park – Key Takeaways

  • Abu Dhabi enriches community life with the opening of a new park.
  • The park features diverse recreational options catering to all ages.
  • It serves as a communal hub for both residents and visitors in Khalifa City.

Key Attractions and Amenities

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Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi offers diverse attractions and amenities designed to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.

Murjan Splash Park

At Murjan Splash Park, your children can revel in the excitement of fun activities like the lazy river and water play structures, ensuring a thrilling and safe environment.

Leisure and Sports Facilities

You’ll find an impressive selection of sports facilities, including football, basketball, and volleyball courts. If you prefer indoor fitness, table tennis and climbing walls are available, with personal trainers to guide you.

Cultural and Educational Experiences

The park features a history museum and a cultural library, accessible via a scenic train ride that tours the park, deepening your appreciation for Abu Dhabi’s rich heritage.

Natural Features and Landscaping

Green spaces at Khalifa Park are meticulously maintained, with gardens, trees, shrubs, and water features such as ponds, mini waterfalls, and fountains, all contributing to the park’s tranquil ambience.

Family and Event Services

Providing a perfect backdrop for birthday parties or family gatherings, the park offers a safe environment with open auditoriums and reservation services to host your special events.

Food and Beverage Options

Various refreshments are available to satisfy your cravings, from light snacks to full dining options catering to family occasions or a relaxing day out.

Accessibility and Support Facilities

Comprehensive services ensure your visit is comfortable, including ample parking, safety features, and amenities to enhance your park experience.

Visitor Information

Park entry fees and opening hours are posted to facilitate your visit, with most services accepting cash payment. Information centres can guide you through all recreational space and leisure activities.

Public Engagement and Education

Umm al Emarat Park, Khalifa Park’s exemplar, spearheads public engagement with a particular focus on community growth and green initiatives.

Sustainability and Environmental Practices

Committed to sustainability, the park employs water conservation techniques, maintaining a balanced ecosystem that reflects Abu Dhabi’s investment in environmental innovation.

Future Developments and Expansions

You’ll witness the park continuously evolving, with ongoing investment into new attractions, facilities, and services to ensure an ever-improving experience for residents and tourists alike.

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