Reem Island, located just off the coast of Abu Dhabi, is home to the expansive and lively Reem Central Park.

Opening its doors in 2019, the park has quickly become a popular destination for tourists and residents. The million-square-foot recreational space offers a perfect blend of nature and modern amenities, making it an oasis of leisure and outdoor activities amidst the bustling cityscape of Abu Dhabi.

With its diverse range of sports zones, playgrounds, beautifully landscaped gardens, and serene mangroves, Reem Central Park is not just another park; it is a multifaceted attraction that appeals to people of all ages and interests.

In a city that values green spaces and outdoor activities, Reem Central Park is a premier destination where families, friends, and individuals can unwind, keep active, and connect with nature.

Central Park Reem Island – Key Takeaways

  • Reem Central Park is a popular recreational space in Abu Dhabi’s 雷姆岛.
  • The park offers a variety of amenities and facilities, catering to diverse interests and age groups.
  • Its accessibility and ongoing developments make Reem Central Park a must-visit destination in the city.

Park Overview

Central Park Features

Reem Central Park, located on Al Reem Island, is a one million square foot oasis built by Aldar Properties as part of its social responsibilities programme. The park offers many leisure facilities and activities, making it a perfect environment for relaxation and play. The park’s attractions include a skating arena, A city beach, and a beautiful canal walk.

Community and Leisure Spaces

Designed to foster a sense of community, Reem Central Park features various leisure spaces catering to all ages and interests. Among these is a community lawn where locals and visitors alike can enjoy picnics, outdoor yoga, or simply appreciate the surrounding nature. Additionally, the park houses a Miami-style retail promenade overlooking a waterfront oasis.

Playgrounds and Family Areas

Families visiting Reem Central Park will appreciate the dedicated 游乐场 and family areas that ensure a fun-filled experience for children and adults. The park includes a safe, vibrant playground where little ones can explore and expend energy. At the same time, parents can take a relaxing stroll along the canal, – making Reem Central Park an ideal destination for a family day out.

  • – Skating arena
  • – Community lawn
  • – City Beach
  • – Canal walk
  • – Retail promenade
  • – Playground

Reem Central Park is a testament to the importance of health, well-being, and community connections. From its leisure and sports facilities to its picturesque waterfront, it offers a range of opportunities for engaging with nature and like-minded individuals.

Residential Insights


雷姆岛, located in Abu Dhabi, has been gaining traction as a popular residential destination. The rental market on the island is diverse and caters to various budgets, preferences, and lifestyles.

A typical 公寓 in The Residence Central Park ranges from around 65,000 AED/year for a 1-bedroom unit to 98,000 AED/year for a more spacious 2-bedroom apartment.

Apartments in other popular developments like Arc Towers and Sun and Sky Towers offer various options for potential residents.

The island offers a mix of studios and 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, allowing potential tenants to choose the configuration that best suits their needs. Reem Island’s rental market is known for providing new and modern properties, with some offering fantastic amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, and recreational areas.

Residential Developments

There are several high-quality residential developments on Reem Island, which contribute to the island’s increasing popularity. One notable development is The Residence Central Park, developed by Aldar Properties. This property offers a stylish living experience and is situated in Shams Abu Dhabi, a sought-after location on the island.

Other prominent developments on Reem Island include the Arc Towers, which provides a range of well-designed apartments with top-notch modern facilities, and the iconic Sun and Sky Towers. The latter towers are known for their prime location, spectacular views, and luxurious amenities, making them a sought-after residential choice.

In summary, Reem Island boasts an array of outstanding residential developments that cater to different needs and preferences, making it an attractive destination for those looking to rent a property in 阿布扎比.


Sports and Fitness Options

Central Park has numerous sports and fitness options for everyone to enjoy. The park features various sports courts, catering to diverse interests. This includes facilities for basketball, football and other team sports. In addition, a comfortable gym is available for those who prefer indoor workouts. The park also offers children an array of playgrounds and recreational areas, ensuring a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

For those who enjoy outdoor sports, there is a beach just outside the central park with plenty of activities to keep visitors active and entertained.


Central Park boasts a retail centre that hosts a variety of shops and services catered to a wide range of needs. This prime location ensures easy access to essential amenities for residents and visitors.

When it comes to dining, foodies won’t be disappointed. Alongside the park’s impressive selection of restaurants and food trucks, you’ll find:

  • 800 Degrees Pizzeria: Known for its delicious, customised pizzas, made to order within moments using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques.
  • Urban Seafood: Discover the finest seafood with this eatery’s diverse and tempting menu.
  • Snatch: Get a taste of mouth-watering burgers and sliders, quickly becoming popular among visitors.
  • Taqado Mexican Kitchen: Bring some heat to your tastebuds with freshly-made Mexican cuisine, such as burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more.

Central Park Reem Island is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a combination of modern amenities, sports facilities and dining options in a lively, welcoming atmosphere.


Reem Central Park on Al Reem Island offers various recreational activities for families, friends and individuals. The park has land-based and waterfront attractions, making it the perfect spot for visitors who want a genuinely engaging experience. It covers a vast area and houses diverse facilities and entertainment options.

Park Entertainment

At Reem Central Park, visitors can enjoy several sports facilities. For those who love football, pitches are available for a friendly game. Basketball enthusiasts can show off their skills on the designated courts, and skate park lovers will find a spot to practice their moves. The park also features a shaded playground for kids with slides and swings, ensuring that younger visitors have an enjoyable time.

Reem Central Park also has abundant open recreational spaces perfect for picnics, leisurely walks and family gatherings. The park contains water features, adding a touch of serenity to the scenery as people stroll through this green oasis. Moreover, beaches are nearby for those wishing to enjoy sunbathing or shoreline exploration.

Waterfront Attractions

One of the most distinctive features of Reem Central Park is its proximity to mangroves, which provide a unique experience for nature lovers. Visitors can indulge in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard tour among the natural beauty of the mangroves. This waterfront attraction offers an unparalleled glimpse of the region’s biodiversity, creating an air of adventure.

In addition to the kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding opportunities, the park sometimes hosts special events like laser light shows, delighting audiences with immersive waterfront experiences. With a wide array of recreational activities and the scope for adventure, Reem Central Park is a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy the beauty of Abu Dhabi.

Accessibility and Transportation

Access Points

Reem Central Park is conveniently located on Al Reem Island and is easily accessible by multiple access points. Visitors can reach the island by car via Al Salam Street, Al Maryah Bridge, 和 Umm Yifeenah Bridge. The park is near popular residential areas such as 滨海广场, Sun and Sky Towers, 和 门塔.

For those who prefer public transportation, the nearest bus stop to Reem Central Park is Al ‘Oud St / Union National Bank station, just across the street. Visitors can also park their cars at nearby malls like Reem Mall, 广场购物中心, 和 The Promenade – Al Maryah Island.

Access PointDistance to Reem Central Park
Al Salam Street4.1 km
Al Maryah Bridge3.6 km
Umm Yifeenah Bridge5.2 km
Bus Stop200 m

Navigating Reem Island

Once inside Reem Island, visitors can enjoy various healthy leisure activities and picturesque spots. The park boasts a 运河 beach walk, allowing residents and tourists to enjoy the scenic views and fresh air while engaging in relaxing strolls or energetic jogs.

Additionally, the island offers well-maintained walking paths and cycling tracks that meander through its lush green areas, facilitating smooth connectivity within the park. The park layout encourages visitors to explore attractions like the skatepark, playground, and city beach while enjoying the island’s natural beauty.

Please note that no entry fees exist to access Reem Central Park.

In summary, getting to and navigating Reem Central Park is a breeze, thanks to its strategic location, multiple access points, and well-planned transportation options. Visitors can expect a pleasant and convenient experience while exploring this beautiful destination by car or public transport.

Current and Future Developments

Al Reem Island Expansion

Al Reem Island, a prestigious development in Abu Dhabi, is rapidly expanding as a modern, urban, and spacious destination. The island is notably known for its skyscrapers and world-class amenities, including Reem Central Park, which encompasses an array of attractions such as a gallery and a mosque. Aldar, a leading real estate developer in the region, has been instrumental in the development of Reem Island.

2.4km Reem Island canal was flooded and opened recently, bringing waterside views, promenades, seating areas, and more to 35 plots within the master-planned community.

Moreover, there are plans to complete the Island Master Community Plan (IMCP), allowing developers to finalise their master plans for future development2. These developments will ensure Al Reem Island maintains the highest quality standards and meets current regulations.

Business and Economic Growth

Al Reem Island is poised for significant business and economic growth with increasing developments underway. Al Farwaniya Property Developments, for example, has released a list of major brands set to open on the island, including Virgin Megastore, Home Centre, Centrepoint, Stradivarius, Adidas, Ecco, Steve Madden, Bershka, Eataly, and Paul1. This influx of international businesses showcases the island’s appeal to local and global markets.

Furthermore, the construction of the Masaar residential project is in progress, featuring a “green spine” with 50,000 trees and 4,000 homes in eight gated districts3.

The first residential district, Indiana, is expected to be completed by the end of June 20233. The island’s appeal as a modern, vibrant, and eco-friendly destination will only grow as these developments continue.